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Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

The Tales of UwU

Who haven't seen yet, Luka has been releasing funny stories about the 3 most amusing people on this forums! Me, peace and Nightmore. Forum Moderator, please don't lock this, and give the creativity of his stories a flow in this topic. Let's laugh together a bit and later forget we ever had this split in the community.

Attention! All the stories are made by Luka. If you don't trust this user, leave. All stories are funny, but the humour can be misunderstood, as it is offensively directed to 3 forum users. I am one of those 3 people, and asking you to try keeping the topic clean.

Chapter I

Anatoly had just returned from his 3-minute long departure from the game. A new record for him. Despite the pathetically short time he was away, he found it unbearable to distance himself from this community for so long, as if he was a dog tied to a tall pole. No matter how long the dog waits, it's always happy to see its owner.

Anatoly was never well liked within the community. He wasn't as handsome as the other guys. He would often cry and beat himself up over it.

"I'm not a joke!" - he suddenly screams to his computer monitor - "I'm... I'm Not a joke..." - he proclaimed again, softly.

He fell onto his dusty wooden floor, covered with empty chocolate wrappers and an unopened condom. He curled up in a fetal position, wiping away the tears running down his face.

An hour passes. He hasn't moved an inch.

"Come on Anatoly, snap out of it. You're better than this." - He suddenly thought to himself. - "Hey, why don't you go make some stunning graphics? No one is going to berate you when you have some slick 16x16 blocks to show to everyone."

He stood up.

"Yeah. Yeah! I'm gonna show those losers!" - He confidently claimed.

Finally, feeling like he's drank 10 cups of coffee laced with cocaine, he quickly grabbed his chair and opened MS Paint. It's time to begin working.

Chapter II

Anatoly let out an accomplished sigh as he dramatically wiped off the sweat dripping down his face. He finally finished recoloring the graphics that were already in the game. It was time to post them. The days of being a laughing stock were over. All the girls would now swoon by merely being in his presence. A sly grin formed on his face.

He logged into his forum account, went to his open topic and posted his .png files for all to see and behold. Now, all he had to do was wait, and the woots would pile on and on.

He turned off his computer and went to bed. He let out yet another sigh, smiled, and closed his eyes. He couldn't wait for tomorrow.

30 minutes later...

Anatoly started rolling around his bed anxiously. His room felt so hot, and his mind so clouded. All he could think about were the topic.

"Surely it wouldn't hurt just to check once, right?" - He thought to himself.

He grabbed his phone and went to the forums. Still no woots. No biggie, he just recently posted it after all. It just takes a bit more time. He put his phone back to charge, and closed his eyes for the second time. But he still couldn't sleep.

"Okay, I just have to check one more time, just to make sure" - He justified to himself.

He checked again. One woot. A huge wave of relief and pride flowed through his body. This was just the beginning of something larger. He put his phone away, and tried to sleep once more.


He suddenly jolted straight up. He rubbed his eyes fiercely, and looked at his phone. 3 in the morning. He yawned deeply, noticing his tired and baggy eyes in the reflection of his dark phone wallpaper. He took this chance to check the forums once again. He had three woots now.

Anatoly was relieved, but sort of conflicted. It took him 3 hours just to get 3 woots. He wasn't sure why it took so long to get so little.

"Everyone is probably just sleeping or doing something else. I shouldn't worry about it." - He thought doubtfully. He decided to not stress over it and to get some shut-eye instead.


10 in the morning. Anatoly finally wakes up, and he instinctively grabs his phone and checks the forums. Still 3 woots.

Anatoly wanted to shout loudly, but before he could, he heard his doorbell ring. Someone was here to see him. His eyes widened as he saw who it was.

Peace. She had come to visit him.

Chapter III

Peace was wearing a light pink dress with the peace symbol engraved on the front of the dress and an elegant sash ribbon tied on the back. Her silky brown hair flowing in the gentle breeze like a field of wheat on a windy day. She didn't wear make-up, as her natural beauty was more than enough to dazzle even the pickiest of boys.

Just like Anatoly, she had a passion for graphic design, however she will likely never be as skilled as he is. She found most cutting-edge programs like MS Paint to difficult to work with, so she settled with making her graphics using worn-out sharpee and paper torn from her chemistry notebook. She never liked chemistry, so she had more paper to use than she could ever ask for.

She had always admired Anatoly's graphics, and would always be the first one to woot every one he'd post on the forums. Last night was no exception.

Peace really hated writing. Every time she was supposed to jot down notes during class, she would often use the time to draw cute cubes or that weird "S" symbol that can be found written on most school tables and chairs.

If she was ever forced to write something, she would put the barest minimum needed to do so. This usually resulted in her words being practically impossible to read for anyone else. She would often put spaces in weird places or switch the position of two letters.

Lately though, she also seems to talk in the same way she writes. This infuriated a lot of people, as they were aware that peace could communicate well if she would just put in the effort, but no matter what, she refused to do so.

However, Anatoly had always found this part of her to be endearing. Many found issues with the way Anatoly talks, and he was always looking for some reassurance, most of which he found in Peace. They were like two jigsaw puzzles that fit perfectly with one another.


Upon noticing that his dear friend was at the door, Anatoly's anger and concerns had quickly melted away. She always had this effect on him. Anatoly quickly grabbed semi-clean clothes hanging on his chair and put them on. He rushed to the door, slightly adjusting his hair and checking his breath before opening the door.

Just as she was about to ring the bell once more, the door suddenly swung open, revealing a shy-looking Anatoly.

"H-Hi P-Peace" - He nervously muttered.

"h anatoly" - She said said while biting her lips cutely.

Despite knowing her for almost a year, Anatoly still struggles to initiate a casual conversation with her. Her unmatched beauty was always a delight to see, but at the same time it was intimidating.Having the cutest girl standing in front of you would bring anyone to a nervous sweat.

He gulped noticeably.

"Uh... Come... Come on in, Peace..." - He fumbles with his words.

"thank sanatoly" - She says as she fabulously walks through the front door.

Anatoly hesitated for a second before closing the door. He took a deep breath, and followed behind her.

She took off her shoes and neatly placed them in a corner. She spun around before continuing to walk to the living room. Anatoly gulped again, and followed her there.

"anatoly you rhouse loks great!!!" - She proclaimed as she gazed curiously around his house.

"Thanks P-Peace... I put a-a-lot of effort in my... interior des-" - He spoke before being cut off by peace grabbing his shoulders. Anatoly blushed nervously as Peace looked at him with a serious look on her face.

"anatoly, we need talk"

Chapter IV

Anatoly felt lightheaded. He alternated between looking her in the eye and looking somewhere else. Peace's focus cut into him like twenty eight sharp butter knives. His lips quiver for a bit, before he starts speaking.

"Y-Yeah? what's u-up P-Peace...?"

Peace paused for a second before putting her arms behind her back. Anatoly felt like a weight has been pulled off of his shoulders. He exhales quietly. Peace turned around for a second and mumbled something to herself. Anatoly noticed as Peace put her hand inside her bra to pull something out. She turns around again.

The blush on Anatoly's face deepens as Peace hands him a weird flyer. He felt so embarrassed to hold it while Peace had a completely neutral look on her face.

He looked down on the flyer to read what was on it.

The flyer was about a contest... But that's the only thing that Anatoly was able to decipher. He noticed a few words he understood, including a large "No woot" text on the bottom of the flyer, but most of the words made no sense. Even though he skimmed through the flyer in 10 seconds, he pretended to read through it for much longer.

He nodded and gave the flyer back to Peace.

"so wat yo uthink anatoly" - She said with a patient smile, awaiting an answer.

"Oh um.... It's.... Interesting..." - He said with uncertainty.

"it's a conetst and its host by Carrie Dover" - She proclaimed excitedly. - "do yuo know her???"

Anatoly had no clue who she was talking about. However he didn't want to disappoint her, so he decided to bluff it and hope he makes it.

"Oh yeah~! She's my favorite.... singer...?" - He said.

Peace shot him a confused expression - "no shes te vip owner o fseveral world faomus nigth clubs"

Anatoly felt his face becoming flushed. That was clearly the wrong answer and he just embarrassed himself in front of her. He already feels he'll look back on this incident in 10 years and cringe.

Quickly trying to recover from his awkwardness, he spoke - "O-OH! Yeah... Um... I was thinking about.... someone else..."

Peace ignored him and continued - "yeh so Carrie Dover is hsoting ac ontest for best oufit of teh centry" - Peace said with excitement beaming in her eyes - "i plan to participate"

Anatoly tried speaking again - "That's grea-" - before being cut off by Peace.

"i ned your hel panatoly"

Chapter V

This was the second time Peace cut Anatoly off as he was speaking, which kind of annoyed him, but his curiosity peeked through.

"Uh... Sure? what do you need help with Peace?" - He asked quizzically.

"i ned new oufit that samazing" - She said with a slight raspiness to her voice.

This shocked Anatoly. Peace was well known for her extraordinary taste in fashion and style, most girls could only dream of looking half as elegant as her. If she needed help with clothing, then Anatoly must have something that not even Peace has. A dumb-founded look formed on his face.

"i need u to desig nme a oufit" - She said while blushing deeply.

Design... Of course. But, as amazing as Anatoly was at creating minuscule blocks for a stupid smiley game, he has never designed an entire dress. He felt nervous, he wasn't sure if he was up for the challenge.

"Gee, Peace... Uh... I don't know..." - He states while sweating profusely. - "I... I'm...I don't kn-"

He got interrupted by a strange noise. No... It wasn't just a noise, it was a song. He could tell that Peace had noticed too, as she spun her head around in the direction of the noise. The song got louder and louder, like it was approaching their house. Anatoly's face lit up.

"Is that... The Sailor Moon intro song? In Japanese!?" - He shouted excitedly.

"oh blerg" - Peace muttered with a disgusted look on her face.

Ignoring her, Anatoly ran out to see where the song is coming from. Peace slowly followed behind him, her dismissive expression still sitting on her face.

They watched as a long white limo pulled up in front of Anatoly's house. The speakers on the top of the limo are still blaring Moonlight Densetu in Japanese. Anatoly is amazed at how long this limo is, he couldn't even see the end of it. He notices as a car door suddenly flings open with white fog coming out. He sees a dark figure in the mist and a high heel stepping out in a dramatic fashion.

Anatoly felt a rush of excitement explode throughout his body like a bath bomb in a toilet being flushed. He could barely contain himself.

As the dense fog clears, Anatoly started seeing more and more of this mystery person. He saw a beautiful crimson red dress which heavily complimented the dark red shoes she was wearing. Her gorgeous legs were unbelievably long, almost twice as long as her torso. She had a black Gucci handbag hanging off her right shoulder with a chihuahua peeking out of it, and a single ruby gem necklace sitting around her neck. Her pale white skin contrasting her silky dark hair.

The fog had fully cleared and Anatoly could finally see her face.

It was Nightmore.

Chapter VI

"Nightmore, of course!" - Anatoly thought to himself. - "There's no one else that could possibly own such a long limo and have such great taste in music."

Nightmore was a celebrity, well known for her deep love of the colors red and black. Admittedly, it was a killer combination. She's been on the cover of many award-winning magazines such as "Girls and Corpses". You couldn't meet a single middle school kid that didn't know of her and didn't deeply admire her. She was often regarded as "too perfect for this world".

Anatoly tried to snap back to reality, but being in the presence of a literal supermodel made that almost impossible. Peace, on the other hand, wanted to gag from the strong smell of fancy perfume in the air.

"Are you... an anatole?" - Nightmore spoke in her seductive voice coupled with her charming accent.

"U-U-Uh.. YES!... Y-Yes... I am..." - He said while licking his lips nervously.

She chuckled quietly and smiled faintly.

"Are you also..." - She paused to look down at a piece of paper in her hand - "...the graphics design?"

Anatoly felt his heart beating a mile a minute, his armpits started feeling wet from his anxious sweating. SHE knew who HE was. How was it possible? He answered her almost instantly.


"Aha... Say... Are you know of the contest by Carrie Dover" - She said with a sly grin on her face.

"I... I am aware... Yes" - He whispered.

"Great, you will make for me the best dress you've ever done. I'll gladly payment you with more exposure than you can ask" - She spoke while still looking down at her piece of paper, reading off of it. - "Is that the fair?"

Anatoly spoke - "Y-Yes... I'll gl-" - before being cut off by Peace stepping in front of him. She looked Nightmore right in the eye and spoke confidently:

"what? hell mkae MY dress not yours!" - She proclaimed.

Nightmore felt stunned for a second, but she quickly grinned maliciously before speaking.

She looked over to Anatoly, completely ignoring Peace. - "Do you... Associate with this animal, an Anatole?"

"whAT!?" - Peace yelled as she felt her initial confidence faltering.

Anatoly moved to stand between them, hoping to stop them. He felt fierce anger  coming from one side and bloated smugness from the other. He had a feeling this wouldn't end well.

Chapter VII

Anatoly has found himself in quite a predicament. Two ladies fighting over him. He always dreamed of this happening, but experiencing for real is another story.

Peace, still fuming, exclaimed: "loo khere anatoly siad hed make my dress"

"Ha Ha HA..." - Nightmore started laughing, turning towards Peace - "Do you think as he is going to spend his time you?"

"of corse were friends!" - She insisted.

"Ha." - Nightmore spoke, grin widening. - "He of his prestige won't spend the time with cattle like yourself."

Anatoly turned his head towards Nightmore, in shock after hearing what she just said. She looked to him and winked before turning her heads towards Peace again.

"You think I don't know of you Peace? I know everything of you. Your annoyed and envious face every time you see me. I remember well. You're just jealous little girl." - Nightmore spoke.

"no... im not... jealous..." - Peace whimpered.

"Don't lie, you know too. Everyone loves ME, not you. You'll be forgotten, if anyone bothers remember you, that is. You're nothing" - She spoke, with an almost sadistic enjoyment sitting on her face as she did. - "And even your 'friend' here seems to agree." - She pointed to Anatoly as she said that.

Peace couldn't listen to her anymore. Not after that last remark. She turned around and covered her ears, trying to tune out Nightmore's cruel words. But the thoughts kept spiraling in her head.

"i... i AM a jealous nobody..." - She thought to herself. Her vision started to get blurry as she felt two streams of water flowing down her cheeks and falling onto the ground. She quickly put her hands on her face to stop anyone from seeing her in her most pathetic state.

Anatoly put his hand on her shoulder. - "Peace, don't cry please" - He begged, but as soon as his hand touched her, she turned around and slapped it,

"go away!!" - She yelled while waving her arm around, trying to shoo him away.

"Hah... She's crying now..." - Nightmore spoke once more, looking at Anatoly. "So... About dress..."

Chapter VIII

Nightmore started speaking about the dress she wanted Anatoly to make for her, but Anatoly didn't pay any attention to her. All he could focus on was his dear friend sobbing nearby.

Suddenly, memories started flooding to Anatoly's head. So many lovely moments he shared with Peace... So many times her presence calmed him down... So many times her support reached him personally... All of the woots she'd given him throughout the years...

"Am I... Just going to abandon her? Like this? After everything she's done for me?" - He thought.

But then he remembered the situation he was in. A literal super model offered him to make HER dress. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He could always mend his relationship with Peace later. After all, they've had numerous quarrels before and they were always able to resolve them with time.

"But... I don't know... This... Feels different." - He argued with himself. - "Can I even expect her to forgive me if I accept this offer?"

His loyalty for Peace clashes with his aspiration for fame...


"So, is that the fair deal" - Nightmore spoke again. Anatoly snapped back to reality, noticing her hand reaching out, waiting for him to shake it.

"I... I-I..." - He spoke as his trembling hand starts moving on its own towards hers.

Two sides of his mind are fighting for control. - "I can't... I have to... She's my friend... She'll forgive me... Just do it Anatoly!"

He gritted his teeth, still sweating like a leaking pipe. Just as he was about to touch her hand, he swiftly pulled back. - "I... I can't."

Nightmore was taken aback by his response. - "Excuse me!?"

Anatoly had made his choice, and regardless of what happens, he won't regret it. After hearing what Nightmore said about his best friend, he just couldn't work for her. She doesn't deserve his talents, no matter how much money or exposure she would have given him.

Anatoly felt a huge weight fall off his chest. He felt the chains wrapped around his heart shatter into a million pieces. His nervousness and anxiety started turning into courage and confidence. He stomped his foot down and spoke.

"I will NOT work for a pompous stuck up thot like you, Nightmore." - He spoke with determination beaming in his eyes. He turned towards Peace, who was watching this scene unfold with her teary red eyes, and grabbed her hands.

"Peace... I'll make your dress. You can count on me".

Chapter IX

Nightmore has never had anyone speak to her like that. She didn't know what to do.  His sheer fearlessness was more than enough to bring her to a sweat.

"I... i..." - She started yelling - "Aete!... Sono yōna kitanai kotoba o tsukatte watashi to hanasu koto wa dekinai!"

In her rage, Nightmore didn't even realize she wasn't speaking English anymore. Anatoly had no clue what she said, but knowing he struck a nerve in her made him smile. It was time for the final strike.

"You heard me perfectly Nightmore. I won't work for you. Now get in your fancy limo and get off my property." - He spoke as he pointed to his right, signifying for her to leave.

"You will kōkai this!" - She spoke with noticeable agitation in her voice, stepping back into her limo. She closed the door and the limo started driving off.

Peace and Anatoly stood there for a minute, holding hands. Peace blushed and put her head on his shoulder. - "are you serious anatoly? will you make my dress?" - She spoke, her voice sounding so fragile after crying.

He leaned his head on hers and closed his eyes. "Of course, Peace. I'm sorry for almost accepting Nightmore's offer... I... wasn't thinking clearly, but now I am."

"it's alright anatoly, i forgive you" - She closed her eyes too.

They stood like that only for a few minutes, but Anatoly felt like he'd spent an entire lifetime with her. His body felt warm, and his mind was clear. He knew he made the right choice.

He opened his eyes, kissed the top of her head and told her - "Alright, let's go make that dress."

"yes, thank you so much anatoly... i don't know how i could ever repay you for your kindness..." - She replied.

He smirked and held her hand tightly as they walked back into his house. It's time to begin working on the most important project of his life. No matter what, he'll make sure Peace looks better than anything Nightmore might bring.

Chapter X

They stood in his house for a solid minute, dumbfounded on what to do next. Anatoly fiddled with his hands, realizing that he hadn't thought this through and just reacted on impulse. Still, he refuses to regret shooing Nightmore away for Peace's sake.

Peace also had no clue what they should be doing, and stood around in silence hoping that Anatoly would say something.

Anatoly finally decided to try and break the ice. - "Alright, let's try to address the elephant in the room. I have no materials or tools to make a dress with. None."

Peace nodded in agreement, but after a second she got a brilliant idea. She smiled and turned towards Anatoly. "hey i think i might have those! theyre at my house." She proclaimed.

"Oh that's... Convenient... But also great!" - Anatoly replied. - "You can grab them from your house and return here. In the meantime, I'll brainstorm a couple of ideas for the dress."

"good idea anatoly!" - She said as she grabbed her shoes and put them on. She gave him another quick hug before leaving. - "thanks for the help"

Peace left Anatoly's house and rushed to her own. Provided that she doesn't get distracted, she should return in about an hour. Anatoly looked at his wristwatch. It was 11 o' clock at the moment.

He took a deep breath and sat in front of his computer, still having no clue how to make a dress. But then a sudden realization got into his head. He hasn't read the daily forum news!

"Eh, I have no ideas, and plenty of time anyway, so I should just browse the forums for a while and an idea might pop in to say 'Hello!'" - He justified to himself.


The first topic to catch his attention is titled "Local citizen dies from seizure"

'A child presumed to be age 13 has just recently died in the town square from a severe seizure. The people that witnessed this unfortunate incident report that the child screamed Roblox memes and other random garble at the top of his lungs before falling to the ground and twitching uncontrollably. Most people chose to ignore him and leave him there, and he was found alone by emergency services. He was found clutching a Kirby plush that was stuffed with a ton of cream. He was named 'Kirby boi' by the populus.'

Anatoly felt bad for a second before completely shrugging it off. He clicked on the next forum topic to tickle his fancy. "Citizen changes gender 10 times this week"

'"I just keep questioning my gender" They told reporters upon being asked. Psychiatrists are currently studying this phenomenon, saying that it was fascinating to see someone like that. Video footage of the person's house shows a couple of fascinating decoration choices. Multiple copies of the Bible in each room coupled with Kirby plushies next to them. Authorities are investigating the relation between this individual and 'Kirby boi'. So far no correlation has been found.'

Anatoly's face was fairly neutral and detached, so he decided to look at the last topic that he found amusing. "Little girl arrested for wire fraud"

'Do not be fooled by her cute appearance, this girl is stone-cold. It has been recently discovered that she is on the FBI's top 10 wanted criminals list. It doesn't stop there. She actually has the top 5 spots on the list, all which belonged to her alternate accounts. Her real name is unknown, but when the police busted down her door they found her wearing a winx costume, dancing to the transformation music. She's being charged for scamming people for thousands of dollars of their money, and it's believed she's done much worse than that.'

Anatoly felt a relieved that such a dangerous criminal has been put behind bars. He looked at his watch again and realized that he had wasted half an hour just looking at stupid news articles. He had to get back on track, otherwise he'll end up disappointing his dear friend.

He closed the forums and went to a new site, fairly begrudgingly as it was a site that only girls would visit. He shoved his pride aside and typed into the address bar:

Chapter XI

He was desperate and he knew it. No one had to know of his shame, he just needed ideas for a dress. He suppressed the urge to gag and he clicked on the first game on the site with a 4.9 average. He looked at the dress options, and realized he had a lot to go through.

"This dress is too plain." - He thought, and clicked to the next one.
"The color palette is all off in this one." - He grumbled.
"This one is too revealing."
"This one would be impossible to make in real life."
"Does this even qualify as a dress?"

Anatoly cycled through the dresses, none of which he felt would look good on his lady. He spent almost 20 minutes looking through all the subpar dresses and finding a flaw in each one.

He had no idea what he was going to tell Peace. - "Hi Peace! Thank you for all of the materials, I did absolutely nothing!" - He thought. If he had told her that, he wouldn't be able to down her disappointment.

There has to be something he could do. Suddenly, a light bulb turned on in his head.

"Maybe if I..." - He thought

He took a screenshot of the first dress in the game and pasted it in MS paint. He grabbed the pencil and paint bucket tool and started coloring over the dress. His eyes focused solely on his work, he had no time to waste.


He was finally done. Phew. He took a deep breath as he relaxed in his chair. And just as he did that, he heard the front door swing open and he turned his head to look. He saw Peace carrying 4 identical looking stuffed backpacks. Sweat covered her entire body and it even managed to stain every part of the dress she was wearing. She dropped the all of the bags and a loud thud echoed in Anatoly's hallway.

"Peace? You didn't have to run so much, especially when you're carrying so many things!" - He loudly exclaimed with a concerned look on his face.

"i know its just that i didnt want to let you down" - She said as she looked to the floor. - "by the way do you have a towel? i need a shower so badly"

"Yeah uh... lemme go grab a clean one for you." - He walked to his closet, grabbed a towel and threw it to her. "Here you go Peace"

"thanks anatoly" - She spoke as she rushed to the bathroom with the towel.

He heard Peace lock the door. He walked over to the backpacks to inspect their contents. One of them contained the tools needed for cutting, sewing and tying fabric together, while the other 3 backpacks just contained a large variety of Peace's clothes. They all differed in color, size and style. There was no clean fabric in sight, just attire.

Anatoly searched all of the backpacks, but he couldn't find any material. He yelled to Peace from behind the bathroom door. - "Peace! There's no fabric here!"

"what!? yes there is! i brought 3 backpacks of them!" - She yelled back.

Anatoly turned his attention back to the clothes. - "Does... Does she seriously want me to cut her clothes to use as fabric!?" - He thought to himself.

"cut the clothes and use them as fabric!" - Peace yelled again.

Anatoly stood there for a minute, before sighing and picking up the clothes.

"All right, let's see what we have here"

Chapter XII

Anatoly looked at his computer screen again to gaze at the dress he designed in MS paint. He turned to the clothes again and realized that he had more than enough material to make his creation a reality. He felt excited. He grabbed all of the tools and clothes he would need and started to work.

He took one of the dresses from Peace's backpack and measured its size to know how large his dress needed to be. He measured the size of the decorations he'd add to the dress to calculate how many of them could be placed on.

He grabbed most of the single colored dresses and cut them in individual squares, and tied them together in the shape of cubes. He took his base dress and stuck the cubes on top of the shoulders, cutting off any excess fabric.

Peace had a lot of yellow dresses, so Anatoly cut them out in the shape of numerous smileys, and plastered them across the dress. Finally, he cut an elegant white dress into the peace symbol, and tied it to the chest area of the dress.

The dress was finished. He grabbed the shoulders and started turning the dress around, admiring his own creation. As his focus was fixated solely on the dress, he felt someone grab his shoulders from behind and whisper to him.

"that dress is amazing!"

Anatoly was startled and spun around, only to find Peace standing behind him with only a towel to cover her body. Anatoly blushed deeply.

"Ah! P-Peace! Don't scare me l-like that again!" - He spoke in a commanding voice.

"sorry its just that i had nothing to wear lol" - She responded.

"It's f-fine" - Anatoly spoke, still flustered. - "I f-finished your dress, so go tr-try it on!"

Peace smirked and grabbed the dress, and walked back to the bathroom to put it on. Anatoly looked at his watch once more, it was 1 o'clock currently. Carrie Dover's contest was supposed to start in 6 hours from now. They had more than enough time for Peace to practice everything she was meant to do at the contest.

Peace walked back, wearing the dress.

"how do i look" - She spoke with confidence beaming in her eyes.

Anatoly paused for a second, he couldn't believe what an amazing job he's done. The dress suits her perfectly, nothing could compare.

"You look stunning, Peace.

More coming soon, right, Luka?


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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

Lmao ok

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Luka504 wrote:

Lmao ok

No, really, these stories are great, I want to hear more - tried doing a chapter, a day? I want to hear more, they're, seriously, epic. Do more.



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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

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what k

Gasai is the name of NightMore

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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

is this a new coping mechanism

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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

I guess at the end Anatoly will make a 3D smiley on their dress



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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

Chapters VII, VIII, IX added.



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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

Chapters 10+



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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

This is the greatest piece of fiction I have ever read.


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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

Could you maybe use spoilers?


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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

Sorry, too busy right now; please ask diff to update the topic, or any moderator;

got to go, sorry



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Re: Luka504's Stories Topic - The Tales of UwU

Anatoly wrote:

Sorry, too busy right now; please ask diff to update the topic, or any moderator;

got to go, sorry

Wow, you a lazy bum or what? You started this topic so you should take responsibility for updating it rather than delegating it to moderators...




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