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#1 2018-11-29 15:27:21

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When your teacher makes you write a story

When the Mexicans were crossing the border, there were a few invaders that gave the country huge debt with their humongous appetites. They ran 200 MacDonalds out of stock and stole people’s phones to take selfies.

Alexander Hamilton rose from his grave and made a YouTube video asking people to come to Washington D.C. to fix this problem. The Splash Brothers came and tried to add their faces to the American flag by doing three-pointers and got kicked from the meeting. Alexander Hamilton brought George Washington from the dead, who said: “Shuddap I gotta sleep.”

Then Alexander Hamilton made a Golden Retriever pee on him, and he came to the meeting. Donald Trump came because the Golden Retriever looked like him and acted like him. Whoever Steph Curry is, he came and tried to advertise his salad dressing. Kim Kardashian twerked into the battle! And Logan Paul died.

They talked about the invaders from Mexico and how to stop them. Trump said to murder them all, since if there is no one to hide in the invaders would be found. Alexander Hamilton said to let them all in because they can. George Washington said to let him sleep. Steph Curry said force them all to watch all my games, then let them in. And Kim Kardashian said: “I’m snobby!”

Everyone argued for almost the entire 30 minute meeting time, but they decided they needed some outside advice.

They asked the Supreme Court for help. All the justices said they should tear the Constitution apart and bring back the Articles of Confederation. Then they removed the 1st Amendment, and put in a new amendment which said no one could talk unless they had a license for it. The Electoral College got salty and voted to burn down Davidson University and the White House.

Then the Electoral College made some friendship bonds with Russia and nuked the US. The explosion had an RBG color scheme.

The only people who lived were me, Xenonetix, the other EE staff, and all the players that played ee. EEU came out and America was renamed to Everybody Edits Universe Land. EEU came out, and everyone fanboyed/girled. Gosha gave us a 500 year old bond to rebuild. EEU has better servers than fortnite now. >:P

lol do u like it? only the red part is important lol


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