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#1 2018-11-18 16:37:53

Design Team
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Request - Bot for switches numbers

I am looking for a bot that modify the number of the switches on a map.
For example I have 7000 switches with the number from 0 to 400 and want to increase all their numbers by 500, so I get those switches from 500 to 900 respectively.

Is there a bot that could do that?

Note for EE moderators: I allow the introduction of any of my worlds for any official campaign.


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#2 2018-11-18 17:12:08

From: Obvervable Universe
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Re: Request - Bot for switches numbers

For your question:  There is currently no bot that could do that. ~meow~
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#3 2018-11-18 17:17:52

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Re: Request - Bot for switches numbers

here you go

// This is a simple example of using jsparse to store the blocks of a world!
// In this example, we'll read every sign out to the console!
// ~by SirJosh3917/ninjasupeatsninja

var parseSigns = function(e) {
	// jsparse(e) will parse out the world, and we'll only accept anything that has id 385 ( signs )
	let switches = jsparse(e).filter(b => == 113 || == 467); // credit to
    let on = 0;
	// for every sign
	switches.forEach((i) => {

		// log it to the console
		if(i.args[0] <= 400)
		    setTimeout(() => {
		        connection.send("b", i.layer, i.x, i.y,, i.args[0] + 500);
		    }, on * 50);

	if(e.type == "init") {
		// send init2

connection.addMessageCallback("init", parseSigns);
connection.addMessageCallback("reset", parseSigns);


run it with EEJSIDE

if it doesn't fit exactly to your standards, contact me on discord (SIrJosh3917#7234)

if you need to target gates/doors, just add "|| == <block id of gate/door goes here>" in addition to this line here "let switches = jsparse(e).filter(b => == 113 || == 467);"

you may need to run it a few times to get all the switches depending on your internet

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#4 2018-11-18 17:57:01

Dev Team
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Re: Request - Bot for switches numbers


The 'Builder' plugin, !selection map #id# args 0 from #from min# - #from max# to #to min#

You can put multiple IDs if you want to do doors, gates, and switches at the same time (!selection map #id1# #id2# ...)

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