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#1 2018-11-17 17:48:14

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These type of people violate nature. We are supposed to be OMNIVORES, but they choose to have a horse-like diet of herbivore life. Not only that,  but they also think non-vegans are pieces of ****. They think they are the king and they should pollute into the whole entire human rce. Can't they at least just have a vegeterian diet so the job is easier for farmers? If their plan succeeded,  we would all starve to death. They are like others are bloody CARNIVORES. ~meow~
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#2 2018-11-17 17:59:21

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Re: vegans

Everyone violates nature. We're not supposed to have marriage or clothes or houses or internet or cars or googly eyes or hair dye or spoons or deodorant or wrapping paper or windmills or teddy bears or ways of expressing lists beyond basic physical communication. But we do because we involved the intelligence to gain self-awareness that allows us to make conscious choices beyond what our biology, nature, or natural instincts dictate. One could argue though that since this intelligence comes from nature that EVERYTHING we do is natural for humans.

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#3 2018-11-17 18:04:47

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Re: vegans

This topic seems to imply that the "Vegan who hates everyone who eats meat" stereotype applies to every. single. vegan. in. existence.
Now I won't deny that those types of people exist, but I am 100% sure that a majority of vegans don't mind/care if others are or aren't vegan.
Just let people do something they want to do, you have no right to dictate what is natural for someone to do and what isn't.

In short, stop this.

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