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#1 2018-09-04 23:41:43

From: The Front Page
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The Mysterious Ghost Player

It was about time for me to finally relax working in what I like: My beloved towers. Specially, a secret tower that will be the prequel to my upcoming ultimate multiplayer climbing race bot-assisted level.

Nothing feels better than the pleasure of building what you like in your own world, specially when you're completely alone. All of this, would soon change, to what would become one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Everybody Edits.

Out of the sudden, all the privacy was lost, with the appearance of this mysterious player, called ZIGGZAGG. At this point, I knew, that my big project wouldn't be a secret anymore.

This old viking was enduring his skills in my brand-new Ultimate Swap Climb, a mini-game that would change the mind of all the players in the world of Everybody Edits.

It was all normal, until a second viking appeared from the shadows of ZIGGZAGG. It had the same exact face, and the same name as them. Who was this random copycat? Only time shall tell.

The great viking gave the best of his efforts to beat my brutal challenge. Meanwhile, this weird clone was idle, in the world's spawn point. Perhaps they were there to spy us, and reveal the biggest secret about our project.


It was about time for our viking to make their departure, and they did it with style, effectively being the first person ever to beat the Ultimate Swap Climb.

I thought that the departure of our great player would be the end of this mysterious clone, but it wasn't. After some time, I decided to take action against this clone, and it's where things started to get weird.

Absolutely nothing worked against this player. At worst, it was as if they didn't exist. There was only one choice remaining, and it was to use the brute force, and kill them. To my ultimate surprise, they died, but their name and soul were still present in the world. It turned out to be actually a ghost.

None knows what could be the true intention of this mysterious copycat of a ghost. This ghost could possibly be the beginning of an huge raid to our beloved world. Being unable to do anything about it, the only thing I can do, is wait.

The mystery remains.


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#2 2018-09-05 02:08:01

Wiki Mod (Formerly zyhrllos)
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Re: The Mysterious Ghost Player

how about you cut this down by 5 paragraphs and move it to bug reports

this post is incriminating someone i dont like.... haha,, woot!

cool collecion of fatman's sins:


#3 2018-09-05 02:40:55

From: The Front Page
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Re: The Mysterious Ghost Player

Jet wrote:

how about you cut this down by 5 paragraphs and move it to bug reports

This is a very old well know glitch. It's not, and it's never been that big of a deal. What's wrong with making a story out of it?

Plus, this will be useful for my upcoming Part 2 of my dark story about the reboot.

And lastly, I notified the staff about this as soon as I experienced it, and got a lot of details about the issue. So it's already reported.


#4 2018-09-05 06:36:21

From: Obvervable Universe
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Re: The Mysterious Ghost Player

yeah i somehow got a ghost clone of myself in my own world seriously im not kidding ~meow~
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