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#126 2019-01-04 05:48:00

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Re: EE Universe - What To Expect?

gab3786 wrote:

Oh i have more ideas for EEUniverse, is can be true some day.

(WARING: if are wrong something, please don't say bad things for me! im a brazilian and i leaning english //

- Tools
Is hard to make things like a Underground map or just make a perfect ball on EE, with tools, you can use things like the pencil, Square, Sphere, Bucket, Line and etc like on Paint.
For avoid chaos and Doom, Owners of the map can use things like bucket in your way, but players on the map, can use the bucket for limit of a 10x10 area.

- Music Blocks (Boxes) !
Okay Okay, we go have the Music Zones, but if you can make your own music widout many space for Music Blocks?

If you put a "Music Box" or "Music Block", you can open like a studio with things like Drums, Piano things, Guittar and orther things, if you put this in a Music zone, the music go starts plays on this zone!

- Texts blocks for everyone.
Sometimes you don't like signs for things like tutorials for something in maps. i think the name explain that.

- Invisible things
more Invisible things like Effects, Spawns, Portals, Owner things (like God mode or Map effect), Boosts and etc.

- Open the lobby widout exit a map!
Just open a Little menu to switch the level or just go see the number of players online in your world, 1 click on Lobby button to open the "Compact Lobby", Orther click for "Full Lobby" and go exit the world.

- Admin Things
Give Permitions for Friends, Ban players from your world, Mute a player for everyone on map and etc!

- Full Screen client.
Seriously, play with a HUGE Black borders is bored, soo open the full window or just tap F11 for full screen mode.

- Save Slots (for players)
Save your status on a map, like in a MiniGame Map and etc.

I have a Imense List for Ideas, this is not the only ideas! i have More for the game!

If something of this ideas goes added on the game, i go be very happy //

    Where are you getting these ideas?? Just like i've never thought of them before, do you have any inspirations from these ideas, Please Share!


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#127 2019-01-05 22:26:21

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Re: EE Universe - What To Expect?

PiotrGrochowski wrote:

I hate the idea of 24×24 blocks, it would make the game larger which would look dumb. What would be the resolution of the new game? I have a 1366×768 screen and EE's resolution of about 850×500 looks nice on it.

An arbitrary zoom feature would be nice.

Edit: Here are the features I'd like to see:

Customize foreground and background colors for the user interface. This way it's possible to configure a dark theme or a light theme which would be visible in chat and lobby.

Allow more colors for everything. For example, they could make every block type have those 32 colors:

Does it? The game is pretty bad on 1900x1080 and I had to squint at times. I'd like to see it in 24x24.


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