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Metroid Prime 2D

World ID: PW8KhJgfO9bkI

I had started working on this a long time ago, then lost steam when I got to Chozo Ruins. It wasn't until the low jump update that I got back into it. I would appreciate any feedback on how I'm handling this map, especially those who may remember the original game more than I do. Unfortunately, some connecting rooms had to be cut due to the limited space, but I'm trying to keep all the important rooms in.

Current overall progress: 100%

Space Frigate Orpheon: 100%
Tallon Overworld: 100%
Chozo Ruins: 100%
Magmoor Caverns: 100%
Phendrana Drifts: 100%
Phazon Mines: 100%
Impact Crater: 100%

EDIT: Updated Magmoor Caverns using the new Poison effect to allow for Varia Skip. Have fun with that; you only have 7 seconds to live. //



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