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#1 2018-05-20 16:48:49

From: Russia
Joined: 2015-03-15
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22nd Everybody edits discord server (Community edition)

me and marten created a new discord server.

It has Watchful bot (#forums channel)

And you can also get admin help with ee-related issues using Electron bot. e!new <subject> will give you a private chat with admins.
You can report your issues there and get you can be sure admin won't miss it.


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#2 2018-05-21 12:57:06

From: root
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Re: 22nd Everybody edits discord server (Community edition)

Every edition is a community edition?

I haven't entered the discord for quite along time and therefore I don't know what happened in the meanwhile. I knew that it was majorly run by persons from within the moderation staff of EE.
So we have two discords servers modded by EE admin/mods now?

Everybody edits, but some edit more than others

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