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Christmas Calendar Campaign Level (CCCL)

Dear Everybody Edits Staff,
  I have recently completed a small world I was making (25x25) and I would like permission to publish it in the Christmas Calendar 2017 Campaign.
  In spite of the size of the world, I was able to edit it into a merry, fun and interesting world. The topic is about an iceberg with wind blowing on it and you have to climb snowflakes in order to reach the sun, because you are slowly freezing to death. Moreover, water is deadly because it is the lowest temperature there--there are spikes on the water background--.
  In my opinion, it would benefit for the reason that people can see that even the tiniest of worlds can become interesting, fun and sometimes even hard. If this world gets chosen, I am going to keep on making worlds, larger or not and even if it does not get chosen, I will still continue since it is not the end of the world.
  I hope you take my suggestion into account when deciding on this matter.
Aygoustinos Karofyllakis-Vozniak

Here is the direction to get to the world if you would like to check it out:

Keep It Up! //

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