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xmas ideas: snowball smiley and animated firework

you have diffferent fireworks deco's to place and you set hihgt in blocks and color(s) of fireowkr that come sout an alos be random or rainbow the fireworks can pop out inside blocks too so they will be shwon on top then ofc since its not part of block anymore you can also set time to when every firework pops out time will be set with every 0,5 sec so aste s is 0,5 sec up to 99,5 sec block hihgt will be limited to 999 jk no need to limit colors will be just all normal colors poss no hex cuz fireworks is not 1 exact color it has shades light ect ect

nvd wrote:

fireworks sounds cool ; )

also a snowball smiley just a white snowball as a smiley to wear //
actulay maby also a firework smiley a guy hwo loves fireworks ans has protected glasses

aslo it will be nice too have fixed fireworks placed thes ehwo arent animated can come in much colors and even parts (if fire work is a bit bigge rthen 1 block and a bit rounded orso)

(if someone is lazy he/she may make graphics)


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell


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Re: xmas ideas: snowball smiley and animated firework

Nice idea!
I like it //

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#3 2017-11-01 16:45:51

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Re: xmas ideas: snowball smiley and animated firework

I like the firework idea.:)


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Re: xmas ideas: snowball smiley and animated firework






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