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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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#1 2017-08-25 03:18:56

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when were game/graphics suggestions switched in position from index

I didn't like the big picture. Guess we're back to text.


#2 2017-08-25 03:22:44

Moderation Team
From: Shakuras
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Re: when were game/graphics suggestions switched in position from index

earlier today, like three hours ago

[7:34 PM] Zoey2070: … p?id=40367 DIFF LOOK AT MY TOPIC
[7:34 PM] OfficialDiff: how long has that been there
[7:35 PM] jkdrip: 2017-08-22
[7:35 PM] jkdrip: 02:10:41 EST
[7:36 PM] jkdrip: yw for the rhetorical answer
[7:36 PM] OfficialDiff: changed
[7:36 PM] Zoey2070: inb4 verbatim
[7:36 PM] OfficialDiff: also made game suggestions first because it wasn't
[7:37 PM] Zoey2070: ok is good

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