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#1 2017-08-04 05:34:16

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1. It's a concept crew.

2. Sandboxers will only have one world that they work in, but it will be an ever changing world of mystery and wonder.

3. All members of Sandboxers should be ready to make contributions to this world with the expectation that their contributions will wither with age, but not without leaving an important impact on its structure.

4. It's a 300x300 world, currently almost entirely blank.

5. You're allowed to use any tools you have at your disposal: coin doors, portals, spawn points, whatever you want.

6. Build off of each other's work. Expand it. Improve it.

7. Fundamentally alter each other's work.

8. Never erase all traces of other people's creations entirely, be it by making something completely different over it or literally just erasing their work.

9. Any change you make to a non-empty area should be based in some way on what was originally there. (don't worry too much about staying true to the minutia of the minigames already present though because of how precisely built they can be)

10. This world is intended to be playable, it's not just a scrapbook. Not that it needs a beginning, middle, or end, but in some way it should be something enjoyable to play, because you're good level designers.

11. Nothing built in the world is sacred. If this project goes on long enough, everything made will eventually altered in some way, and if it goes on even longer, it won't even be recognizable from iterations of old.

12. If for any reason I need to be contacted, just mention me on the EE Discord, since I have phone notifications enabled. I'm @towwl#8539

13. Because this concept relies on trust in the members of the crew to keep to the honor code, I'm only going to be letting people join by my discretion. 

14. Sign up below by saying you're interested and linking either your profile or some world(s) that you're proud of and how you contributed. I'll woot posts for ppl I'm inviting to the crew.

15. Since this is currently an entirely new thing there should be emphasis on getting more material in the world at all, but still feel free to make changes to what already exists. So far I've made a platform, a pillar, and a crappy cloud. Go nuts.

16. Also disclaimer I haven't really been too active in EE for a while so I don't exactly know how crews work but I'm pretty sure it enables us to do stuff like this.

17. Also ask me clarifying questions if you want because I'm sure I didn't go over everything in as much detail as is necessary.

18. That's it.



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