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#1 2017-04-18 18:05:33, last edited by Master1 (2017-04-18 18:06:18)

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Permanent/24 hour Campaign Save Points

You know that feeling when you have to leave one of those near impossible campaign maps, and you're almost to the end. Yeah that sucks, can we extend the rejoin time to 24 hours or just make it permanent please?

Yeah this was suggested before and denied, but that was when Nou owned the game. Hopefully Nvd is fine with this, since Nou never really gave a logical answer as to why he wouldn't allow it.

Legit disconnected right under the trophy of TTL: Spike Edition, and just BARELY made it back in time to win. Had I been 1 minute later I would have had to redo the entire map. 15 minutes is not nearly enough, fix pls.

*edit* I guess it should also come with some sort of a reset command so people who actually want to start over still can.



#2 2017-04-18 18:51:32, last edited by Kirby (2017-04-18 18:52:05)

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Re: Permanent/24 hour Campaign Save Points

It's understandable to not have permapoints for the endurance campaign, as that's the entire concept of it, but I can't understand why they'd be a bad idea otherwise.

Also, permapoints already TECHNICALLY exist, but aren't available for everyone. Some people can leave their computer on for AGES, allowing them to stay in whatever level they're in for a very long time (I remember Megalamb was in Tech Terror for 4+ days straight before he beat it). Since this game doesn't kick you for idleness, the "beating the level in one go" excuse doesn't really work.

If the staff really feels like they need to preserve the "do it in one go" feel, they could add 1 permapoint per level, in harder campaigns. For instance, mini 12 in naos, mini 9 in SA, mini 70 in TTL, etc.

or just extend the save timer from 15 minutes to forever that'd be better


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