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#1 2017-03-10 21:50:29

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Quarter Blocks as Decorations

Every time I'm trying to do art, I really wish we had quarter blocks (blocks of a given color that only take up 1/4 of the normal tile size), and I had an idea. Why not just do them as decorations.

They could sit on the decoration layer (meaning that it would not be a problem for 3/4 of it to be transparent), and they would not be anything you could stand on, and best of all, you could layer them on top of the existing checker and solid backgrounds. I mean, we already have the checker blocks and half blocks, this would just make sense. PLUS, they are decorations, so you don't even need to figure out hit detection! And, as a final coup de gras, make them morphable so that you can choose what corner.

You could even make small groups and pair them along with their matching sets - Normal, Dark, Pastel, Neon, etc. That way, you could choose the palette you would work with, and I have NO problem spending gobs of energy on a bunch of sets, if I see the use for them.

I dug through the first 10 pages, and didn't see anything similar. Please tell me if this has already been suggested.




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