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#1 Before February 2015

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Huge Bug That Just Started Happening

So I enter my world and start to make some stuff and after about 30 seconds I could no longer place blocks or erase them. God mode and smiley changing all worked fine but every time I go in a world I can only place blocks for about 30 seconds before it stops allowing me to edit. Is this happening to anyone else?



#2 Before February 2015

EE Homeboy
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Re: Huge Bug That Just Started Happening

Is not a time limit, is a block limit that when places 100 blocks it stops and doesn't let you place more.

Also this bug came with the anti-crash update and might be fixed



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Cyclone or Meredith

Re: Huge Bug That Just Started Happening

Already a topic for this,

And even then this is in the wrong forum.


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