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#1 2016-12-28 03:07:03

From: Everybody Edits
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Kessiope's Art

Hey, Today i propose you to view and perhaps even learn to reproduce the wonders of the world as i do.

Firstly, i post a few illustrations to show you what i'am able of and also show you  what i can do. Then i will post pictures of the monuments in-game to show you that already (it's me who did it eh...) and also to show how it happens in-game or rather on EEditor (yep). And finally, a tutorial that i hope will help you to reproduce the same monuments without problems.

So, first here is to begin, the easiest monument to reproduce :


In-game now :


For this, some tricks to reproduce the Tower of Pisa.

1. Search a pic of the real Tower of Pisa,

2. Open EEditor and open a 300x300 or a 200x200 (if you want space),

3. Start to reproduce the Tower straight, not lean,

4. Try to start from the bottom and to reproduce the tower with the most details but only with matching blocks, such as black, gray, white and for Romanesque style, grey marble.

5. Try to reproduce the Tower in its cylindrical form. In my case i didn't do it cause as my tower is made, i wanted to leave like that, but after that it isn't necessary to make it in cylindrical, but it is as your choice.

6. And try as in the beginning, to reproduce the tower identical as possible by reproducing the form of pillars, architecture... and do not forget the flag tongue !

OK, i guess it's all for that Tower... heeeh, don't forget to use software to tilting the tower as soon as you finish it. To do this, take a photo (from your PC) of your Tower seen from the map and save the image, do not forget to enlarge the image, cause yea... then you will rotate the image with your software, and finished.

OK for finish, here is the most difficult and ... it's long to make (or not)

Here is guys, BIG BEN :


So, the difficulty was (the color? lol) no, just the architecture (ancient, royal)...


So making that perfectly (like mine) :

1,2,3,4 (same as the Tower of Pisa. Use black, white, grey, marble and gold blocks !).

5. Same, try to reproduce the tower same as the real.

6. For the roof, does not make it too rounded, made it in the form of step of 3x4, 1x2 and 3x4 for the 2nd roof (down), 2x2 and 2x4 blocks (two blocks between the steps of blocks of 3x4). If you don't understand, tell me.

OK, so that was all for the tutorials, for now. I hope you understand a little cool

I will surely publish other monuments later. But for now and because i just made the topic, i'll just put that 2. If you want help for these 2 then send me a pm.

Alrighty, i hope firstly that i can post that type of topic. I hope it will be useful too, and i hope that i will make you shine your eyes with all this, that you will no longer have to seek a way to reproduce such or such monuments. And i mostly hope you enjoy this topic. Oh and why i do that? well, cause at the beginning my monuments i started it for fun then it was after, it's go... And i also wanted to make you share my monuments that i reproduce when i want.

And for my EE Bros Project, i'm still working on it. I am creating the 7th level of the world on /12 levels. And after i end the levels, i will have to reproduce everything in-game... so...

Oh and i probably make worls with my arts in ! but for now, here is a link for see ALL my arts i make for EE :

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#2 2017-01-08 00:11:44

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Re: Kessiope's Art

I like your initiative, but here, i'll give you some constructive criticism. First of all, if you want to illustrate real architectural wonders in pixel art you need to keep count of the lighting and depth perspective too. It's basic shading 101, parts that are further in the back will be darker, parts closer to the viewer are lighter.
Also, the clock shape on Big Ben is supposed to be round, you made it too stretched.
Tower of Pisa is not giving me the feeling that i'm looking at a cylindrical piece, but more of a basic rectangular building. To make the curvature effect try using darker colours on the exterior, then going lighter as you approach the middle perpendicular axis of the tower. Same goes for the windows, they should be  the darkest elements of your tower, reaching the peak darkness on the edge-most ones.
If one of your buildings has an element that protrudes, it will definitely cast a shadow on the pieces underneath.

Keep up with the good work, and I can't wait to see more greater buildings soon big_smile Keep practicing!

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