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#1 2016-12-24 19:13:05

Joined: 2015-04-20
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All of Smileys in Tab Disapear

I recently completed the last map, getting the Grinch smiley for the second time. Although after I got the Grinch, all other smileys in the tab disappeared.     (Still don't know how to put images in here...)

I decided to exit the world and check a new one out, when I open the tab all the smileys are back. Then after I open it again, all of them are gone.

Although after I left the world and checked another few out the bug stopped. It my be a good idea to try and fix this anyways because it might spook a few players if they don't know what to do.


#2 2016-12-24 19:28:40

From: ̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍
Joined: 2015-02-19
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Re: All of Smileys in Tab Disapear

grinch stole all of your smileys /s

but yeah it should be fixed


#3 2016-12-24 21:57:33

From: need to find a new home
Joined: 2015-02-15
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Re: All of Smileys in Tab Disapear

To do images, you need a website that can add .png/.jpg/.gif at then end. Click the IMG button above the textbox and put the link in the middle

zsbu6Xm.png thanks zoey


#4 2016-12-25 22:54:48

From: tert
Joined: 2015-07-21
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Re: All of Smileys in Tab Disapear

guess it's time to reinstall windows



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