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#1 2016-06-25 04:46:33

From: Brazil
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Would you accept a betrayal?

I did this topic specially for you that must be dating, but if this isn't the case, this maybe be the case for your future relationship. So in this thread, I want to discuss about "betrayal" and see if you guys would accept a betrayal or not.

~My opinion:

No, I wouldn't accept a betrayal cuz it's not a mistake, it's a choose. If you wanted to kiss another person when you're dating someone, then you don't like your gf/bf anymore, you like another person. So if you want to kiss another person or have some feelings for him, it's better say to your gf/bf that you don't like him anymore than breaking a relationship in a bad way.

Any thoughs?


#2 2016-06-25 06:51:30

From: need to find a new home
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Re: Would you accept a betrayal?

So basically cheating.

People are not tests, DON'T CHEAT

That's all I have to say

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#3 2016-06-25 06:59:27

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Re: Would you accept a betrayal?

i think that people need to stop being stupid whilst in a relationship and this will never be a problem


#4 2016-06-25 12:47:17

From: The United States of America
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Re: Would you accept a betrayal?

I would totally not release my anger that I saved if they betray



#5 2016-06-25 12:55:46

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From: The island with those Brits
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Re: Would you accept a betrayal?

Cheating on someone is disgusting, my older brother's current relationship started with him banging her on the first time they met (as adults, they vaguely knew that each other existed while in school - he is 2 years older; my brother's bed was the next floor up directly above me) while her boyfriend was in Austria completely oblivious. When the Austrian boyfriend came over to collect some things my brother was really defensive and angry at him.
My brother also doesn't trust his girlfriend as my other brother found all of her ex-es and she just hops from one to another around the world and leaves.

I'm expecting her to cheat on him and it will crush him.

I'm an asexual so I'm not aware of what sexual attraction is like but it must be extremely strong to do something so stupid for such a short amount of time.


Thank you eleizibeth ^


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#6 2016-07-02 16:01:24

From: My mother's womb.
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Re: Would you accept a betrayal?

Ive yet to find love //

If i was betrayed in other ways (leaving a team, etc.) I would totally hate my life. NO in my opinion.

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#7 2016-07-04 11:48:43

Formerly Diana2003
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Re: Would you accept a betrayal?

I would not accept it because I will be envious.



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