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#1 2016-03-11 17:39:39

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Worlds Tab: List & Minimap + New Features

This idea is a little combination between my old idea for Profiles Redesign Topic, and similar to Badges Tab Topic, but mainly, it is a part of the World Open - action menu Idea, and basically Falk's suggestion (so thank you Falk!).

So this is about how we view worlds in the profile.
Now we have only the minimap-type view, but we should have an orginized list like in the lobby ("Mine" tab) too.

Beside the 2 world view options we should also have a sorting system: plays/likes/favorites/world size/...
And I added the Info area - basic information about your worlds (total: ...)


#2 2016-03-11 19:51:54

Formerly maxi123
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Re: Worlds Tab: List & Minimap + New Features

wow this is amazing
good work
dont let this topic sink guys

signature by HG, profile picture by bluecloud, thank!!
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