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#1 2016-02-05 15:42:28

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Random suggestions

Random Suggestions

Some smaller suggestions that I don't think deserve a new topic for each. Maybe I'll add here more suggestions over time.

World Information

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Very rough and quick graphics, just for an example.
I'm a little concerned how would this work with some worlds that have extreme dimensions (tall, ultra wide).
-Players can set a difficulty level to their worlds (just a thought, probably not that gr8 idea)
-Players can set a status of their worlds. By status I mean whether the world is Complete/Finished or Work In Progress/WIP. I hope this won't get confused for campaign's status: complete/incomplete [ … p?id=33136]

World Permissions


-Seperate: Show this world in lobby and profile
-Players that can join this world: everyone/noone/friends only
-I didn't add this in the image but: An option for players to be able to view minimap (if the minimap is disabled) after players win the world

Hover over options
Ability for world options to open just by hovering your cursor over the button - open the options without clicking.


#2 2016-02-05 15:58:49

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Re: Random suggestions

Dont show URL of the world if it is closed. People can use bots and see secret undone maps*


#3 2016-02-05 20:06:41

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Re: Random suggestions

cool, we can pick difficulties

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