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pls donate

#1 2016-01-10 14:44:49

From: The Dark Web
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Starter Pack

Starter Pack (packs):
- Mineral Blocks
- Glass Blocks
- Checker Blocks
- Plastic Blocks
- One-Way Blocks
- Window Decoratives
- Normal BGs
- Dark BGs
- Checkered BGs
- Canvas BGs
- Pastel BGs

What I am suggesting is giving the player to buy the starting packs separately or all together 10% off. If the player already bought one of these packs inside the Starter Pack, then the Starter Pack will disappear from the lobby.

This is a false statement.


#2 2016-01-10 14:59:25

some man
From: New England
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Re: Starter Pack

i think that's a bit too much
maybe take out canvas, plastic, checker blocks, glass, and mineral

some man/ncrecc/bill33


#3 2016-01-10 16:54:05

From: Index
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Re: Starter Pack

All blocks for a month. (Basically BC)

And to avoid people creating new accounts only for BC, all the blocks you get except the now default ones are for your worlds only and still can be bought in the shop.



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