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The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

So I went back to that old story Arceus64 wrote a while back and looked at the posts. I saw the following:

Arceus64 wrote:

For the last time to everyone.




Challenge accepted.


The tyranny of bots had ended, but a new menace was rising. Players were constantly vanishing at an alarming rate. For some reason, they were sent away from EE to random places around the internet. People did not understand what was going on...

We lost many good players such as Pyromaniac, EENinja, Nou and many more. A few players were nearly lost but they powered against the force trying to push them away from EE. Sensei1 is an example, being pushed away for a while but managed to stay. Buzzerbee also left for a while, but luckily came back.

Over time, the people of EE became more and more concerned, and eventually found a pattern.

At the time people were disappearing, there were a lot of people complaining about recent updates in the game. Actually, it was one person it particular that people didn't like.

ABC Boy wrote:




Shift wrote:

I hate MrShoe SO MUCH. I shall keep saying it in that Update Discussion room.

This is the tyranny of MrShoe.

The greatest, most absurdly brilliant everybody edits story ever: The Sequel

HELVI: "Hey guys!"

AOITENSHI: "Helvi you're back!"

DEETZ: "Oh, what a wunderful sight!"

KRUBBY: "What...what's going on..."

ARCEUS64: "Come on Krubby, look it's our friend! It's Helvi! Aoitenshi, I still can't forgive you for breaking Krubby's mind."

AOITENSHI: "Oh don't worry, it's probably just temporary."

zoey2070: "isn't that what you always say?"

AOITENSHI: "Well, I assure you it's true!"

Then a sewage lid thingy opened behind them and out emerged skullz17, minimania, patience is key, Kirby, Squad, Drykirby6, Urban and Bimps1002.

SKULLZ17: "Whew, well that was fun."

BIMPS1002: "Wow. How long have we been inactive to EE then?"

PATIENCE IS KEY: "I don't know. I don't really care how often I'm on EE."

ARCEUS64: "Aren't you guys supposed to be dead?"

SKULLZ17: "But I've always been dead. I don't look alive, do I?"

SAINTCOOL: "I don't think he can die twice, Arceus64."

ARCEUS64: "Okay, whatever, but I can clearly remember you guys went to WWW HQ and never came back. Where have you been?"

DRYKIRBY64: "They captured us..."

SQUAD: "They wanted my brain!"

SKULLZ17: "Apparently, it's weird for me to be a walking skeleton, so they wanted to find out how I could be living."

PATIENCE IS KEY: "It's because of my morality; patience is key. They didn't agree with it and tried to kill me."

KIRBY: "Kirby is not liked around the internet."

URBAN: "I was captured too. Simply for amusement."

BIMPS1002: "And I-"

ARCEUS64: "Sorry Bimps I'm just getting bored now. Krubby is already asleep."

Krubby woke up suddenly.


AOITENSHI: "I swear it won't last long!"

SKULLZ17: "Er...what happened to Krubby?"

ZOEY2070: "Don't worry, it's a long story."

DEETZ: "But a wunderful story!"

Suddenly a hand came out of the open sewer and grabbed Drykirby64.


SKULLZ17: "Oh. Poor guy."

BIMPS1002: "Meh, never liked him."

NUMBER1KIRBYFAN: "Aw I liked him...well I guess there are plenty more Kirby in the Universe."

KIRBY: "But I thought I would be unique now!"

SKULLZ17: "Okay someone died. Big deal. I've been dead a while. It's not that bad."

ARCEUS64: "Heartless monsters!"

SKULLZ17: "I've been heartless for a while, lost mine after my skin and muscle rotted away. Anyway where's Nou?

SAINTCOOL: "He seems to have vanished."

SQUAD: "How could he have vanished?"

zoey2070: "nobody knows. it's been happening to a few people recently."

DEETZ: "There's a rumour going round that it's MrShoe!"

KRUBBY: "MrShoe...!"

SKULLZ17: "I miss the old Krubby."

Shift appeared out of no where with a bunch of leaflets. He handed each of us one leaflet.

SHIFT: "Come to the 'Speakers of EE Hall' and we will talk about this crisis!"

SAINTCOOL: "Should we go there?"

NUMBER1KIRBYFAN: "I trust Shift."

ARCEUS64: "It's tomorrow. Yes, we should go."

So we visited the next day. Shift was at the mic.

SHIFT: "Good afternoon, people of EE. We are here today to discuss the crisis of disappearing players. I believe the cause of this is MrShoe. All evidence point directly at him, and people have been complaining about him around this time, the same time that people are vanishing. It is almost definitely him. We must come up with an solution and a plan."

A few people shouted: "KILL MrShoe!!" and some said "BREAK INTO EE HQ!".

SHIFT: "It seems most of us want to break into EE HQ and kill MrShoe. I suggest we try to figure out if it really is MrShoe, and perhaps try to reason with him, if possible."

Other people shouted: "JUST LET US KILL HIM ALREADY!!"

SHIFT: "Okay, okay. We will break into EE HQ, but we won't kill MrShoe straight away. We will threaten him to stop this chaos or else we will kill him. If it wasn't him, then we won't have to kill him and he may give us information on who it really is. Agreed?"

At that moment, there was a gunshot and Shift fell to the ground, dead. There was an explosion and the walls started to collapse.

KRUBBY: "It's...HIM...!"

ARCEUS64: "Come on lets get out of here!"

Of course, Saintcool escaped with style and the most amazing parkour."

DEETZ: "Woah that is some wunderful skill Saintcool!"

SKULLZ17: "Hmph. Show-off."

zoey2070: "well I think she's just taking advantage of what she can do, whilst we are working to our own limit, so in other words-"

HELVI: "Please Zoey, now's not the time. I haven't forgotten you."

Eventually, we got out and watched the destruction from a distance. A man standing next to the building had a jetpack on, and flew away."


ARCEUS64: "Calm down, Krubby!"

DEETZ: "So Krubby's story was right?"

AOITENSHI: "I told you it wasn't that bad!"

zoey2070: "so he's not crazy?"

KIRBY: "Wait, who's that in the distance?"

HAPPYKAT: "Hey everyone!"

SKULLZ17: "Er, who are you?"

HAPPYKAT: "Oh sorry, didn't mention, I'm Failgirl101!"

SAINTCOOL: "Obviously this is another one of your accounts you made to avoid being banned, right?"

FAILGIRL101: "Yes, of course."

URBAN: "So are we still going to carry out Shift's plan?"

SKULLZ17: "Well we can't let his death be in vain."

ARCEUS64: "In honour of his death?"

PATIENCE IS KEY: "Yes, in honour of his death."

BIMPS1002: "It's settled then?"

SQUAD: "It's settled. We should wait a little before we perform this task."

PATIENCE IS KEY: "Well patience is key."

Everyone came back the next day, and bimps1002 had come up with an idea on how we are going to break into EE HQ.

BIMPS1002: "So here is what we will do-"

SQUAD: "I don't expect much..."

BIMPS1002: "We can't just break in. Otherwise we will be almost definitely caught. We must sneak in, knock out a guard, strip them naked and then run away with their clothes. Then we come back and do it to most guards. In the confusion, we go and kill MrShoe."

PATIENCE IS KEY: "That idea sucks..."

BIMPS1002: "What? It's a perfect plan!"

PATIENCE IS KEY: "No it's not."

SKULLZ17: "Hey are you calling Bimps an idiot?

BIMPS1002: "Come on, you guys think it's good, right?"

zoey2070: "er..."

SKULLZ17: "Sorry Bimps."

DEETZ: "Not so wunderful."

SAINTCOOL: "Would never work."

SQUAD: "Knew I was smarter."

ARCEUS64: "Why don't we just negotiate with God?"

Everyone except ARCEUS64, zoey2070 and SAINTCOOL: "No."

SQUAD: "I've got an idea. We completely destroy one part of the building with a bomb. We will use this as a diversion and then go in to kill MrShoe."

BIMPS1002: "My idea is WAY-"

Everyone except SQUAD and BIMPS1002: "Great idea!"

URBAN: "Where do we get a bomb?"

KIRBY: "I know where to get a bomb. Leave it to me."

SKULLZ17: "Okay...we'll trust you."

ARCEUS64: "We should split into two groups. One group works on getting the bomb planted unnoticed. At least if only some of us get caught, we will still have a chance of getting to MrShoe."

zoey2070: "the other group should have the detonator. they should start moving towards EE HQ before they detonate."

SQUAD: "Tomorrow then?"

Everyone: "Agreed."

The next day we met up and sorted out the two groups.

SKULLZ17: "Got the bomb Kirby?"

KIRBY: "Yep. Plus the detonator."

ARCEUS64: "So who wants to plant the bomb?"

Everyone: "I WANT TO!"

ARCEUS64: "That's new..."

SQUAD: "Me, Arceus64, Saintcool, Kirby and Deetz will go."

zoey2070: "aoitenshi should go as well. krubby shouldn't be in the same group as aoitenshi.

ARCEUS64: "Yeah that's probably a good idea."

AOITENSHI: "Yay! I wouldn't have hurt Krubby anyway. I swear."

SKULLZ17: "Okay whatever. Our group will wait on a hill where the EE HQ is visible from."

They all made their way to EE HQ, and Skullz17's group found a hill whilst Squad's squad started to walk towards the building.

Skullz17's group, on the hill:

zoey2070: "i don't trust you with the detonator Skullz17."

BIMPS1002: "Neither do I. Let me have it."

URBAN: "No, that's a bad idea. I should have it."

FAILGIRL101: "Why? You might drop it."

PATIENCE IS KEY: "I don't really care who has it. But Failgirl101 doesn't sound promising."

FAILGIRL101: "What? Let's just let Krubby have it."

SKULLZ17: "What if he tries to get revenge on Aoitenshi?"

PATIENCE IS KEY: "My name is Patience Is Key. I'm the perfect one for the detonator."

Everyone: "I don't care."

Squad's squad:

SQUAD: "Don't give up now, we've still got...another mile to go."

ARCEUS64: "I wish there was some kind of express train or something. Hey who's that over there?"

DEETZ: "I see someone too. I think they're on that wunderful train you're talking about."

ARCEUS64: "This seems familiar..."

SAINTCOOL: "Sounds like that time on Mountain Whatever."

SQUAD: "No you're just hallucinating from tiredness."

Everyone pinched themselves.

ARCEUS64: "Oh. You're right."

On the hill:

SKULLZ17: "Okay then, so Krubby is having it.

Everyone: "Agreed."

BIMPS1002: "I still think I should have it."

FAILGIRL101: "Shut up."

HELVI: "So what do we do now?"

SKULLZ17: "Just wait."

HELVI: "I'll make some art while I'm waiting."

BIMPS1002: "What kind?"

SKULLZ17: "Nude women obviously."

HELVI: "Hey they're ALMOST NUDE women; not the same thing."

SKULLZ17: "It's still the same sort of thing; perverted."

URBAN: "Don't diss his awesome work!"

Squad's Squad:

zoey2070: "omg is that the front gate?"

SQUAD: "Whew. We're here. That wasn't so bad, was it?

SAINTCOOL: "I'm not even going to answer that."

DEETZ: "I'm tired...wunderful."

ARCEUS64: "For a second I thought he wasn't going to say wunderful."

AOITENSHI: "When pigs fly..."

DEETZ: "Flying pigs sound wunderful!"

KIRBY: "So how are we going to do this?"

ARCEUS64: "That depends on which part we want to blow up."

EE HQ was a deep blue coloured dome-shaped building with a chrome silver tower protruding from the middle. It was surrounded by five tall towers.

SQUAD: "Blow up one of the five towers."

DEETZ: "The wunderful dome in the centre!"

ARCEUS64: "The tower that is going up from the middle of the dome."

SAINTCOOL: "That's a stupid idea..."

zoey2070: "yeah how do you expect us to climb up there?"

KIRBY: "Guys, my bomb is an K1RPL0D3-1337."

ARCEUS64: "Er...what?"

KIRBY: "This bomb could destroy the whole thing."

SQUAD: "And kill MrShoe with it..."

DEETZ: "This is wunderful!"

ARCEUS64: "So where do we plant the bomb?"

SQUAD: "At the base of that tower in the middle of the dome. If the bomb is power full enough then it will destroy everything."

ARCEUS64: "Yay!"

On the hill:

*Lololol, Skullz are kewl! Lololol, Skullz are kewl! (ringtone)*

SKULLZ17: "I'm getting a call from Squad. Hold on."

BIMPS1002: "What the heck is with your ringtone? It should contain more vulgar words."

SKULLZ17: "Just shut up a second."

SQUAD(on the phone): "The bomb's in place. Begin making your way here. When we give the signal, hit the trigger."

SKULLZ17: "Got it."

Skullz17 put his phone in his pocket.

BIMPS1002: "My ringtone is WAY better than yours."

SKULLZ17: "I don't care. Let's go."

PATIENCE IS KEY: "Let's be patient."

HELVI: "Yeah, let me finish my art!"

Everyone: "No."

They started going down the hill and started to make their way towards EE HQ.

Squad's squad:

SQUAD: "If this explosion is going to be as big as you said it would be, then we better stand back."

ARCEUS64: "Let's head back and meet the others halfway."

SQUAD: "Good idea."

They then started to head back towards the others. Eventually, they met halfway.


SQUAD: Krubby, hit the detonator.

Krubby spams the button multiple times and breaks a nail.

Nothing happens for a moment. Then there is a faint sound of an explosion.

The explosion was not seen very well, and EE HQ did not seem to be damaged.

Skullz17 took out some binoculars and looked through.

SKULLZ17: There is a crack in the middle tower.

KIRBY: Oh, that must have been the N-00b Scrap 3000. Oops.

SAINTCOOL: MrShoe is alive and the building is still intact.

DEETZ: I expected it to be more wunderful.

zoey2070: what now?

ARCEUS64: MrShoe is alive so... we kill him?

SQUAD: We should split up and sneak in.

BIMPS1002: Storm through the front!

Krubby takes out a gun and shoots bimps1002.

SKULLZ17: I think we should sneak.

PATIENCE IS KEY: I think we should BE PATIENT.

Krubby then shoots patience is key.

A random spring of water comes out of the ground and like all springs, it's made of rainbows. It happened to appear beneath Krubby and sent him flying towards EE HQ. He seemed to crash through a window at the top of the tower. Everyone else decided to do the same. However, some people landed on the roof of the tower.

On the roof:

GUARD: Hey! Why are you up here? How did you even get here??

SAINTCOOL: Magical spring, of course.

There were all kinds of wires and cords on the roof all connecting to the room below, making it easy to trip over. Urban had already tripped over.


He tried to shoot them (Saintcool, Urban, Arceus64 and Skullz17), but he couldn't handle recoil, and ended up stumbling and tripping over wires. Saintcool went over and punched him round the head, knocking him out. Urban took some pliers from him and cut some wires. Arceus64 took the wires and tied them to both wrists of the knocked out guard, and tied the other end to a satellite on the edge of the roof.


It was like a spider's nest. There were wires everywhere, entangling the group, making it hard to move around. Then, someone came out from the back of the room. They knew straight away who it was.

MrShoe: Hello! Do you like my lair?

HELVI: Why do you have a giant spider's body? It's kinda creepy.

MrShoe: Oh, this is not real, it's just... not sure. By the way, why did you have to jump through the window like that? You could have just knocked.

MrShoe looks out the window and suddenly A FRICKIN BODY COMES HANGING DOWN!!!

Everyone inside the lair gets blown away by the epicness and awesomeness and ends up flying out the window. However, MrShoe stays in the lair because it's too early for him to be defeated. Krubby luckily lands on the magical rainbow spring of water thingy and gets shot right back up. Deetz gets up and jumps on the rainbow spring but is disappointed because it does not shoot him up. The rainbow spring is out of juice.

DEETZ: Aw... not wunderful //

In the lair:

MrShoe: They ALWAYS have to be SO aggressive...

Saintcool, Skullz17, Arceus64, Urban and WHOEVER ELSE WAS ON THE ROOF slide down the wire and jump through the window (Using the guard's body to jump off).


ARCEUS64: MrShoe! Why are you making players vanish?

SKULLZ17: Oh my god, where is everyone?? WHAT DID YOU DO??

MrShoe: I don't know... They just went flying out the window!

SAINTCOOL: Sounds plausible.


ARCEUS64: Then how come so many players are now gone? Like Nou.

MrShoe: I have no idea! I swear I didn't do anything.

URBAN: I believe him.

SKULLZ17: Yeah me too, mostly because I just remembered a story from way back when I was alive. And that's a long time ago.

ARCEUS64: Yay story time.

SKULLZ17: There was this evil monster called Boredom. If it slapped you in the face, then you would vanish. The monster can turn invisible, so you wouldn't notice. However, if you vanish, the monster holds a force back on you, but some are able to push back.

URBAN: Why didn't you say anything earlier?

SKULLZ17: Well this monster has been asleep for hundreds of years. I believe MrShoe has woken it up.

MrShoe: What?? I don't even know how to wake it up.

SKULLZ17: You make horrible updates, that's how. One weird thing though, Boredom doesn't notice things like this unless someone tells it the news.

SAINTCOOL: So you're saying that someone acted as a courier and passed the message?


There were sounds of footsteps coming from behind MrShoe. MrShoe's lair was so dark it was hard to tell who was there. Then, a flash bomb went off and all they could see was My Little Pony.


The effect wore off after a minute.

Everyone was disorientated for a moment, and Krubby was breathing very heavily. They then saw the distinct shape of MrShoe's half spider body. There seemed to be someone behind him with two hands around his throat.

URBAN: Is it... It can't be!

ARCEUS64: Drykirby64!!

DRYKIRBY64: Yes, it's me. I have come to take MrShoe's head.

MrShoe: WHAT??

DRYKIRBY64: That's right MrShoe, time to pay for killing our beloved players!

MrShoe: I didn't kill anyone!

SKULLZ17: Wait! It wasn't MrShoe who killed them!

DRYKIRBY64: Of course it was!

Just then, someone came out from the darkness, unnoticed in all the confusion, and backhanded Drykirby64 with a baseball bat. Drykirby64 fell to the ground, unconcious.

ARCEUS64: Echo!??

ECHO: We don't need him anymore, he made his distraction.

SKULLZ17: Distraction?

ECHO: Yes, MrShoe must stay alive. Drykirby64 never understood our intentions. He was simply a servant to use at our will. Now to finish this...

Echo barged past MrShoe, took out a knife and swiped at Urban. He dodged, but fell to the floor. Saintcool grabbed Echo's wrist before he go down to kill Urban, and twisted it.

ECHO: Agh!

He dropped the knife and Saintcool let go, letting him drop to the floor. He quickly got on one knee and spun, kicking the knife towards Urban. It hit Urban in the ankle.

URBAN: Ouch! My ankle!

Krubby decided to grab Echo's feet and pull of his shoes while he was on the floor. Because why not.

Skullz17 took one shoe from Krubby and threw it at Echo. Echo deflects it and it hits Skullz17 in the jaw, making a cracking noise as it hits his hard skull.

CHUCK TESTA: Just Chuck Testa!

SKULLZ17: Wait what.

ARCEUS64: Er...

Apparently Skullz17 did not actually get hit in the jaw.


The shoe that was deflected by Echo flies into the wall and gets stuck. Echo finally scrambles to his feet and gets hit by his other shoe, thrown by Krubby. He staggers back and hits the wall.

Urban tries to get up but Echo shoulder barges him and Urban ends up flying out of the window. It is so powerful that he ends up where Deetz and the rest are.


URBAN: Hey...

In the lair:

Saintcool swings her leg for a kick to Echo's jaw, but Echo grabs her leg and throws it. Her leg hits Skullz17 in the ribs.



Arceus64 goes in and gets a punch in Echo's ribs, making Echo stagger slightly, and then follows it up with a kick to the shin. Echo loses his ground, but rolls away before he gets hurt further, and then grabs Skullz17's leg.

SKULLZ17: Agh what are you doing?

Echo tugs and Skullz17 falls over. He then pushes Skullz17 out the window.

MrShoe suddenly decides to join the fight and tries to grab Echo from behind with all his legs. He manages to pull it off and Saintcool takes the chance to punch Echo in the face. Echo manages to break free from MrShoe's hold and stumbles away towards the window. He has one more trick up his sleeve.

Echo jumps onto the hanging body and climbs up the wire onto the roof. He undoes the knot between the wire and the satellite, and instead ties it up with more wire until it's long enough. He takes the end of the long wire and hooks it round the satellite and then jumps down off the roof.

He lands on the dome, where Skullz17 had fell earlier. He uses an extremely heavy screwdriver and stabs the dome surface until it gets stuck there. He ties the end of the wire to the screwdriver. Then, he climbs up the wire. Skullz17 was lower down the dome, so he didn't notice.

When Echo gets to the top, he realises this is going nowhere, so gets back to the roof to think of a plan. Arceus64 and Saintcool jump onto the wire and start climbing up towards Echo.

ARCEUS64: We found you!


Echo throws a smoke bomb and easily pushes both of them of the ledge. They fall and meet Skullz17.

SKULLZ17: Hey I just found something!

SAINTCOOL: That's that thing that Echo created for no reason.

SKULLZ17: No look, you can use it as a lift!

ARCEUS64: How?

SKULLZ17: Grab the wire, I'll show you.

Echo climbed down the wire and back into the lair to deal with Krubby.

ECHO: Your turn to die!

Just then another flash bomb went off and this time, everyone in the lair could just see the horrors of Jetpack Man.


On the dome, everyone was at the wire, holding tightly. Skullz17 kicked the heavy screwdiver, making it come out of its place. The weight of the guard's body above forced the wire down, making their end go up. They were holding on to the wire, so they went up with it, all the way to the roof.

Once the effect of the flash bomb wore off, Krubby saw Echo's dead body beside him, and a man wearing a jetpack with a gun pointed at MrShoe.

JETPACK MAN: I'll be in charge of updates from here. I can no longer rely on you to make them bad, MrShoe. The latest updates, world portals, invisible portals. These people don't deserve that.

Skullz17, Arceus64 and Saintcool climbed down the wire and into the lair, seeing the situation.

ARCEUS64: What's going on??

SAINTCOOL: Echo is dead. Good job.

Jetpack man pulled the trigger. MrShoe was dead.

KRUBBY: Jetpack man... JETPACK MAAAAN!!!

Krubby charged at Jetpack Man and pushed him and Jetpack Man stumbled. Krubby grabbed him and threw him towards the window. Jetpack Man fell over, on the edge of the window. Krubby picked Jetpack Man up by the throat and covered him in custard, to put him in shame. He then took out Krubby's Best: Chocolate Pudding and stuffed it into Jetpack Man's mouth. His head exploded and then he disintegrated into dust.

MRVOID: Hi everyone! I'm a new mod.

SAINTCOOL: How convenient.

SKULLZ17: So everything is back to normal then?

ARCEUS64: Yeah, but with a new developer and a few dead people.

They used some of Krubby's Best: Hot Sauce to propel them back to Deetz, Helvi, Kirby and the others, just like that rainbow spring. They all met up and Arceus64 shared the story.

HELVI: Hmm I'm not sure about this new mod.

SKULLZ17: I'm sure he won't be too bad, if at all.

HELVI: I'll see if he's good.

ARCEUS64: If not?

Suddenly there was an explosion coming from EE HQ.

HELVI: ... I'll give him another chance.

*outro music*


DEETZ: What a wunderful ending!


That was my sequel to Arceus64's story called "The greatest, most absurdly brilliant everybody edits story ever".

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.

Credit to Sensei1 for playing the outro music.

Leave a post and some feedback if you can.

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

This reminds me of when Lucas decided to leave Star Wars and Kershner replaced him to do The Empire Strikes Back.

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

27th February*


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

If the second is already like this I can imagine the pain 3 will be to come out. Interested to see it, anyway.


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

I am looking forward to reading this, I hope it's better than the first, but that's gonna be quite a challenge.
Anywayz, good luck wiv it. //

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Thank you.

I will work on it from now and hopefully will be finished by the end of the day.

EDIT: I won't finish it tonight //

No definite release date anymore. I can't keep my promises. Maybe very early March.

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

k. make me have a more important role. and drykirbys one of mah best fwiends on ee :c. I BLAME YOU ARCEUS D':<


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Bimps1002 wrote:

k. make me have a more important role. and drykirbys one of mah best fwiends on ee :c. I BLAME YOU ARCEUS D':<

Okay, you can have a more important role.

Also Drykirby has a very important role.


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Oh noooes! I don't want my brain to get shoe-ified! <span class="postimg"><img src="" alt="WevBh.png"/></span>

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL


That hurt.

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

So it's a risky mission to kill Shoe? With bombs? I could never have been trusted with bombs, it's great that I get another chance!

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Haha, just seen this thread.



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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Ha, glad you liked it.

Sorry Echo!. Maybe I'll manage to fit you in somewhere later. Actually I have a perfect idea of where you can be.

For the people who weren't in the story, the people who come out of the sewer at the beginning are people who posted about not being in the first story. So basically, if you're not in the story yet, then post here and I'll find a place to add you later on.

And someone tell Zoey2070 to look at this. I wonder if she notices what I did.

It seems I have to extend the deadline yet another time because of my laziness.

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL


Because half-term holiday is over for me, I'm back to school and I don't really have much time to write since I have homework and stuff. Unless the story were to take up all of my spare time.

So I'm extending the deadline AGAIN(-.-) all the way to the 12th March.

Sorry everyone!


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Great story so far! May I be in it please?

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Kentiya wrote:

Great story so far! May I be in it please?


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Sorry, when I add people into the story I want to be able to use their personality. For some of the characters I was just being empathetic that they weren't in the first story by Arceus64.


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

skullz16 wrote:

Sorry, when I add people into the story I want to be able to use their personality. For some of the characters I was just being empathetic that they weren't in the first story by Arceus64.

That's okay. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. EZUli.png

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Are you suggesting that it's unlike me to spontaneously shout about jetpack men?


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Of course it's like you. Just no one else can believe that.

No more deadline. Too lazy to be able to work to a deadline, unless it's set by someone else.


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

20th!!!!!! Are you happy now //

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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Oh yay, I'm an example //


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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

Nope. It's my story and I take away your rights to create deadlines.

I take away everyone's rights to create deadlines



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Re: The greatest . . . story ever (Arceus64's story): THE SEQUEL

I'm not in either story, even though I am a freaking goddess.


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