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#1 2015-02-12 08:30:29


Is It Possible?

1. IPhone Version??!? (99.9% Not Happening //
2. Project Drafts (Without the User In it You can Edit The WHOLE map then you can save it to the saved box.)
3. Signs. (shows a wooden sign and when player goes near it a bubble appears with text[Probably Said Already])
4. Chat: Diffrent (Enable Chat to EVERYBODY but!!! Only can say these Specific Words. Its Like Club Penguin Canned Chat where you can only say:
Hello,Yes, No, Nice to meet you, Can I help?, Please, Hahahaha, Up, Down ,Left ,Right ,I Rule , Want to Play. etc.)
5. Powers. (Buy with energy for only 1 time use can only be used if the world accepts powers //

And Yea, Thank you for your time for Reading. Yes, Some are already said.
Please Comment on it thanks //

#2 2015-02-12 08:30:28


Re: Is It Possible?

1. Flash doesn't run on the iPhone, so probably not.

2. You mean like an out of game level editor? Probably possible, but unless it's developed by Chris you probably won't see it. This community is too young to have much of a modding scene.

3. Coming soon I think.

4. I like being able to actually talk to people, so no thank you. Maybe people who don't pay the 1 cent to unlock real chat can have access to that gimped chat? Of course, they'd only be able to talk to each other and see each other's chat. It's kind of amusing imagining a bunch of smilies running around who can only say "Hello" to each other.

5. Pretty vague, but I can see a scenario where level makers can enable certain abilities in their rooms to facilitate certain game modes.

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#3 2015-02-12 08:30:27


Re: Is It Possible?

It seems buying chat is pointless when you can just go to Kongregate. ._.

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