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#1 2015-02-12 12:57:11

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A few EE ideas

1- Blue Coin doors and gates- right now, the blue coins are useless. I asked MrShoe once about what are they for, and he said they were bonus coins. If thats the case, then these doors and gates would be useful for a secret path or someting.

2- Colored Portals- Allow players to change the portal colors, which can be useful for a few things when making levels.

3- Switches- Currently, the switches only affect you. How about keeping these switches but also making another set of switches (different color) that affects everyone?

4- Potion Mixes- What if you could use different aura potions at the same time to get a different aura color? Example- Use blue and yellow for green aura.

5- Crown Doors- Its like the coin doors/gates, but they switch when you have the crown. How about making one for the gold crown and one for trophies?

6- Potions- High gravity potion- Increases the gravity acting on you.
Low gravity potion- Decreases the gravity acting on you.
Speed Potion- Makes you move quickly for 30 seconds.
Also, level owners should be able to choose which potions to disable/enable.

*Annoying Bug* Lag kick is just HORRIBLE. If you're a victim of this (like me), then you get booted off a level when theres alot of people. It's annoying and unfair, because I can't play any of the good levels (or any guestbombed level). This bug has been around for a long time. Why doesn't MrShoe bother to fix this?

I think thats enough ideas for now.


#2 2015-02-12 12:57:10


Re: A few EE ideas

Most of them already have been suggested, if not all.
At first, the switch would affect everyone, but it turned to be an horrible idea and it would cause major switch spam.
The potions that you suggested were already said to be included in some other update..
So yeah.

#3 2015-02-12 12:57:09


Re: A few EE ideas

I agree blue coins should have some use but I think they need to be something else than just what normal coins can do 9except they aren't magical).

Colored portals.. don't see why it's needed.

Mr. Shoe said he made the change for switches as they weren't really useful.   I can see a world-switch useful for co-op levels but I've only seen one throughout the hundreds of levels I've gone to.

There will be more potions to come.

You can do this by putting a coin in the win room.. then you have access to that secret place.

Increase of gravity sounds more like a de-buff and not anything useful.   Low gravity.. well I think the jump potion is similar to this.   Speed will probably come eventually.

I hate lag kick.   You can tell when you're about to be kicked when everyone stops moving, and when key door blocks will remain opened, and the opposite for gates.

#4 2015-02-12 12:57:08


Re: A few EE ideas

Very Good !!!

#5 2015-02-12 12:57:07

Alex X18X

Re: A few EE ideas

Blue coin door? For what? Already have the coin door ...
potion mixes cool door (= nice

#6 2015-02-12 12:57:06

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Re: A few EE ideas

If we get something, like a blue coin door, then we should get a third coin, for bonuses.



#7 2015-02-12 12:57:05

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Re: A few EE ideas

Why would a blue coin door be useful? Why can't you use a yellow coin that opens a secret passage?


thx for sig bobithan


#8 2015-02-12 12:57:04


Re: A few EE ideas

Bad Ideas
Colored Portals-Place blocks nearby the portal to show.
Switches-People trolled the switches, so it was changed to activate it yourself.
Potion Mixing-More potions to come. Besides, it's a coding nightmare.
High/Low Gravity Potions-Low gravity worlds, a down gravity block to hold you down, bot not like boost.
Bug-If that could be fixed, it would be. You don't get everything you want.

#9 2015-02-12 12:57:03

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Re: A few EE ideas

These are okay ideas. Portals make a "sky blue" color on   the minimap, and different colors make art more better.
Switches dont really need it... More trolling. We have around 10 potions already, I would not ask for more. That bug can or cant be fixed. If it is not, deal with it.


#10 2015-02-12 12:57:02


Re: A few EE ideas

Trolling switches? Don't you have the same problem with keys? Sure, you can put gates around keys. Put gates around the switches.


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