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#1 2015-02-12 18:36:58


Thuggishprune Tips and tricks to make artistic maps.

What's the fun of playing minigame maps? oh look hookjump! oh look another hookjump! Most players are refusing to play minigame levels because of this. Well are artist such as Tokebot, Ravatroll, MIHB, Mustang, Scythe, BEE, and many others. well you want a good art map? here are some tips in order to get a good art map.
Tip #1. Don't just do sprites and have minigames somewhere else.
Oh look its a minigame! but with half of the level cut off so people can draw a smiley that looks like a square! right? WRONG.
Tip#2. Find your style.
Look at any great artist on EE, they build with a style, like BEE for example. Experiment what you like to draw and practice.
Tip #3. Get advice from other players.
Woah before you make that tree that looks like a 2 year old with crayons drew that, you might want to fix it up, get adive see what looks good and looks bad.
Tip #4. Don't give up
IF your making a level and you mess up BIG TIME. use it as an advantage. make it so you can do something else. I did this in caverns of Nor. people told me not to do the cavern type style so i changed it to the underworld and back style.

Tip #5. Learn about shading!
oh please, oh please Learn about this, this is possible the most important thing about art. i cant explain shading well but if your making a soil texture, dont use one color use several. BEE has a great guide to shading.
Tip #6. Have a plan of what to make.
Have a picture drawn out on paint to show where and what people will do in each section of your level.
Tip #7. Try not to use black blocks, or and block that does not contribute to the art.
Many great levels use black blocks but try not to use the that often. when you use black blocks you take away attention from your prettyful (yes prettyful) art and focus on the minis more, when they should be equal.
Tip #8. Most importantly try your best.
Try your hardest to make the best if your not good at art do more of it! try to practice! Mozart wasn't good when he first sat down at a piano. and that brigns me to...
You must practice every single person who does art on EE practices. Don't feel sad because you arent good. Practice.

So there you have it try them out and see how well you do! Over time I will add more tips. and other things to help all the people who like and want to make art work.


#2 2015-02-12 18:36:57


Re: Thuggishprune Tips and tricks to make artistic maps.

No pics?

#3 2015-02-12 18:36:56


Re: Thuggishprune Tips and tricks to make artistic maps.

Where does tip #9 goes?

#4 2015-02-12 18:36:55


Re: Thuggishprune Tips and tricks to make artistic maps.

My computer wont do pics for some reason. Toshiba laptops cant do screenies on this, if i discover how to ill remake this topic, and yes there is no #9 xD

#5 2015-02-12 18:36:54


Re: Thuggishprune Tips and tricks to make artistic maps.

Maybe you should link to other tutorials for each tip, of there is a tutorial that focuses on that section. The shading, for example, can go with BEE's tutorial.

#6 2015-02-12 18:36:53

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Re: Thuggishprune Tips and tricks to make artistic maps.

#9 will always remain a mystery... They should make a forum for noob education.


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