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#1 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2019-07-25 21:28:48

double E
long one oofie


#2 Re: Game Discussion » explain, staffs » 2019-04-26 15:38:39

I suddently started remembering that first time i asked xenonetix he told me to email EE... I did it, but nothing happened. Sad!
EDIT: Thanks a lot for the help!
EDIT2: Everyone that comes from Romania (and I'm from Romania too) except Andy777 had to make an alt in
For example Edilight2003 made an alt in called Edilights... PERMANENTLY.
Even Quitin lost his main account!

#3 Re: Campaign Suggestions » Time Travel » 2019-02-24 16:18:30

Swiggity sWOOTy
I am goin' to click WOOTy

#5 Re: Worlds » Erevia - Beta » 2019-01-28 20:39:04

already beat it along with Orangecrix and Somemutealt

#6 Re: Game Discussion » I can't play EE » 2019-01-26 19:52:06

Zoey2070 wrote:

We're looking into this.

Got it!
Imma just play campaigns in until that gets fixed

#7 Game Discussion » I can't play EE » 2019-01-26 19:46:36

Replies: 3

I can't play EE!
I play it on Facebook of course. I went to play EE, but a message appeared which said that the page might be deleted.
I looked everywhere. Shortcuts, my games... NO EE! If this can't be fixed, I might just transfer my account to but the thing is both of my accounts (facebook and have the SAME email and SAME password.
Edilight2003 can't play EE either, as he also plays on Facebook!

#8 Re: Game Discussion » OFFICIAL Everybody Edits Time Trials Leaderboards » 2019-01-25 20:53:00

Adventure League

#9 Re: Campaign Suggestions » A *long* campaign, literally. » 2019-01-25 14:23:14

KirbyKareem wrote:

Long campaign = Endurance campaign


Endurance 2 you mean right???


#10 Campaign Suggestions » A *long* campaign, literally. » 2019-01-24 14:06:13

Replies: 7

suggest pls

Are you ready to waste your time?


Tier 1
Cave Story Part 1 by AK712
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Bronze - 20:00.00
Silver - 15:00.00
Gold - 13:30.00
Diamond - 12:00.00
Minimap: Cave_Story_Part_1.png

Tier 2
Enter The Robot by Lictor
Difficulty: Hard
Bronze - 10:00.00
Silver - 7:30.00
Gold: 6:00.00
Diamond: 5:00.00
Minimap: Enter_The_Robot.png

Tier 3
The Parva by Luka504
Difficulty: Hard
Bronze - 40:00.00
Silver - 30:00.00
Gold - 25:00.00
Diamond - 20:00.00
Minimap: The_Parva.png

Tier 4
EXPEDITION by Gnarled Valence
Difficulty: Hard
Bronze - 18:00.00
Silver - 15:45.00
Gold - 14:00.00
Diamond - 12:30.00
Minimap: EXPEDITION.png

Tier 5
Robot Wants Fishy by cristiantentu crew thing
Difficulty: Hard
Bronze - 20:00.00
Silver - 16:45.00
Gold: 13:30.00
Diamond: 11:00.00
Minimap: A9atcDBSw1wuwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.png

#11 Re: Campaign Suggestions » Power-up » 2019-01-13 18:45:51

I didn't expect you to put my world in your campaign suggestion. It appears you did. You really like my Robot Wants Fishy world?

#12 Re: Game Discussion » The Most Impressive Thing You've Done » 2019-01-10 22:57:59

helping jorc with the campaign vids kek
getting bRuSh lI NpC kek
having 4 magic bricks kek
beating all campaigns except perpetual frustra and trial'n terror kek
beat alesmile at blind race (blind = not literally blind, by that i mean first-time) in Everlasting Frontier by Veelmoth (which is now closed and that gives me a sad life) kek

#14 Re: Campaign Suggestions » Speedrun 2 » 2019-01-09 09:22:43

Slabdrill wrote:

Description: "These levels are cool on their own, but finding the fastest path is another matter entirely!"

Potential levels:
AFriKa by kirby & friends (easy-medium)
Explorer's World by keyouman (medium)
Ocean Diving by koland12201 (medium)
Aquatic Blitz by kirby & friends (medium-hard?)
Luminous Labyrinth (or one of its sequels) by keylimepie (medium-hard)
Hunt. by unau & slabdrill (medium-hard)
GRNub Super Mario 64 by master1 (hard)
Abstract Art Puzzle by mutantdevle (hard)
Keyo's Labyrinth by keyouman & slabdrill (hard)

I'm too lazy to get level IDs for these levels. The profile that the worlds should be on is the first name listed on each of the level credits.
My potential levels were pulled from my favorites list, but I'm sure there's more worlds you can think of.
I'm considering inverted hourglass by rocktheworld314 and me but that world isn't complete and there's already a lot of worlds i helped make on this list so i didnt include it.
Another potential level was actually loee aquatic sanctuary as there's a few stupid skips, but that didn't capture the theme well enough.

Aaand there goes my campaign suggestion streak. RIP

#19 Campaign Suggestions » Campaign: Worse Than The Worst » 2019-01-06 16:12:21

Replies: 8

Worse Than The Worst

The title says it.


Tier 1
Alesmile's Toturial by Alesmile
Difficulty: Insane
Minimap: PWPpEDiedib0I-minimap.png
Reward: nothing

Tier 2
CompleteTheMonument by Master1
Difficulty: Insane
Minimap: PWrrA_Kc1mcEI-minimap.png
Reward: nothing

Tier 3
Bad EE Level 5 by Master1
Difficulty: Insane
Minimap: PWE3Gq__rhcEI-minimap.png
Reward: nothing

Tier 4
Mount Helix by Ruins
Difficulty: Insane
Minimap: PWVynFmtKXcEI-minimap.png
Reward: nothing

Tier 5
Pee Land by Ruins
Difficulty: Insane
Minimap: PW5kw0fJmwcEI-minimap.png
Reward: +superman smiley +bubble aura +big spender smiley +500 gems

#20 Campaign Suggestions » Campaign: Another Adventure » 2019-01-06 16:05:26

Replies: 1

Another Adventure


Medium - Hard

Tier 1
Grinning Vulture by Three Musketeers
Difficulty: Medium
Minimap: PWlm6Vuk4zcUI-minimap.png
Reward: +200 energy

Tier 2
Twin Moons by Stagecrew
Difficulty: Medium
Minimap: PWnNWGtj1GbEI-minimap.png
Reward: +500 energy

Tier 3
An Open Door by Luka504
Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Minimap: PWcuc8cemwcEI-minimap.png
Reward: +5 max energy +energy refill

Tier 4
A World With No Name by Lickagoat
Difficulty: Hard
Minimap: PWh6AVGRCdb0I-minimap.png
Reward: +3 gems

#21 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2019-01-06 15:54:53

unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png more coming soon roflol

#23 Re: Campaign Suggestions » Campaign: Originality » 2019-01-05 20:12:21

EEJoranasc wrote:
Pipec wrote:
EEJoranasc wrote:
Pipec wrote:
cristiantentu wrote:


Yeah, no.

ur bad at hookjumps then

I'm aware I'm pretty good at them, so please keep your malicious insults for someone else.

You are misunderstanding what am I talking about, it's not an insult, you are complaining at people suggesting to add hookjumps world in campaign when there are annoying minis out here in campaigns. It's interesting to add hookjumps world in the campaign because of difficulty.

If I did say "malicious" insults at you, it is because of what you did in the past which isn't obviously my fault, I'm gonna stop.

hookjumps are best ever hahuehhahahahaha just kidding

#24 Forum Games » Quotes, quotes quotes. » 2019-01-05 20:08:50

Replies: 1

Quote this message.

Alright, for example Pipec quotes my message, then Jorc quotes Pipec's message, then Peace quotes Jorc's message, then Anatoly quotes Peace's message and so on so forth.
Don't post two times in a row, please!

(any forum moderator pls dont ban or warn me for this i dont know if this is against the rules)

#25 Campaign Suggestions » Campaign: Adventure » 2019-01-05 19:24:17

Replies: 0


Another adventure cuz why not?


Tier 1
Jump and Run by Tokebot (Trophy must be added)
Difficulty: Medium
Minimap: mZ0wbMIm2wkAAAAASUVORK5CYII.png
Reward: +250 energy

Tier 2
Mission Cave by Mrmatsboy
Difficulty: Medium
Minimap: 6fpB2ozFYIoAAAAASUVORK5CYII.png
Reward: +500 energy

Tier 3
The Mansion by Stagecrew
Difficulty: Medium
Minimap: we0FjnCbtgfKAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.png
Reward: +5 max energy +250 energy

Tier 4
Jungle Idle by Rgl32
Difficulty: Medium
Minimap: wFbRDX77l84lQAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.png
Reward: +energy refill +green dragon smiley

Tier 5
Polar Opposites by Luka504
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: +frozen smiley +fire demon smiley +3 gems

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