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#1 Re: Off Topic Discussion » how the heck do you create a username » 2021-02-27 12:41:40

Just see what people eventually start calling you, i've started changing my username to Norwee recently. Much more concise, rolls easy off the tongue and sounds good.

#2 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: Satanya's Next Sacrifice ☆ » 2021-02-21 09:14:56

If a new EE releases and i can just bring my old worlds over i will be happy.

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion - Is the new owner trolling us? » 2021-02-17 17:32:49

Yo dawg i heard you like EE. So we dropped EEU and we’re making EE, but don’t mistake it for EE which is the old version but a new type of EE that’s going to be like EE but it’s not actually EE.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion - Is the new owner trolling us? » 2021-02-17 17:30:58

mutantdevle wrote:
NorwegianboyEE wrote:

So EEU is scrapped but a new EE using the original’s source code is being made? Is that what’s going on?

The new EE! will not use the original source code. It is EEU that used some original source code. EE! will be made entirely from scratch with no legacy code being used.

So a brand new EEU without the U?

#6 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion - Is the new owner trolling us? » 2021-02-17 15:31:25

So EEU is scrapped but a new EE using the original’s source code is being made? Is that what’s going on?

#7 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion - Is the new owner trolling us? » 2021-02-15 17:41:56

Era wrote:

EE was never about the physics, EE was about the social aspect, you beeing a part of a bigger world, playing levels all together, stairs weren't fun because the concept was so inovative, stairs were fun because you could try to beat kentiya (:p) climbing the stairs together, and seeing who gets there first.

Stairs was fun because you get to see who get’s there first? *Supressed snort*
Yeah right.

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Nontopic Worthy Game Discussion » 2021-02-15 09:26:10

I am slowly witnessing the rebirth of the EE experiment into a romhacking community.

#9 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Picture of Yourself. Updated [13 oct 2018] » 2021-02-13 15:02:37

Because this topics most recent post prior to yours was in the middle of 2019 and now we’re in 2021

#12 Re: Game Discussion » yo check this out » 2021-01-15 03:21:24

Kira wrote:

I don't think the community is asking for an entirely new game tbh and we never did
all we wanted was new content and features to begin with and/or just a laggier platform

That probably brings up the one thing i missed about old EE. It used to not be a laggy piece of ****, and i could play much better. But when i played it in later years it got so bad with choppiness and kicking me out because of slow loading times. It was such garbage. And EEU didn't seem to improve that aspect at all when i tested it long time ago.
I think what most EE players would have really wanted is just a fresh reboot with the same game and how it's performance/style was during 2011/2012 with keeping the good features and getting rid of the garbage addons that sucked in later updates. Sure some of the new blocks allowed more complexity in art style, but eventually the block toolbar got so bloated it blocked half the **** screen. It got annoying and almost made it harder to make creative levels. Sometimes less is more and more is just unnecesarry crap.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Thank you for 10 years EE » 2020-12-31 11:35:55

LOL Blackmask.
That’s the funniest thing i’ve read all day.

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Thank you for 10 years EE » 2020-12-31 02:29:17

Such a huge amount of people that were lost along the way.

#17 Re: Game Discussion » I didn't get to download every world I wanted. » 2020-12-31 02:21:16

Also i think someone said LukeM downloaded all the worlds? If you give them a name of the world they might have it.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » I didn't get to download every world I wanted. » 2020-12-31 02:12:59

Your own worlds?
You really should have taken some time to do so bud. There was ample opportunity.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » How does EE offline work? » 2020-12-31 01:23:02

Who is Slawthe? You took backup of their worlds NoNK?

#21 Re: Game Discussion » My final moment of EE » 2020-12-31 01:09:58

NoNK wrote:

I was in that world, there was 42 people

I shed a few tears irl and someone called me a ****

Did you really?
I just kinda laughed at the absurdity of it all.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » How does EE offline work? » 2020-12-31 01:06:54

NoNK wrote:
NoNK wrote:
NorwegianboyEE wrote:

Did you take a backup of Ipwners profile btw? I can't be assed to go through all those worlds in his profile.

Of course I did, bro. There's a tool capasha made that downloads everything for you. I have an archive of a lot of the big names in EE. Your profile and his profile are some of the only few that stand out amongst the sea of garbage grassy-land-cave-tunnels-art-first-minigames-second-arrowcrap worlds that we didn't realize weren't fun until like, 2017.

all the note blocks and team blocks and some effect blocks are broken in these because the downloader wasn't configured right

That's EE's management for you. Even at it's moment of closure they find some way to screw you.

#23 Game Discussion » My final moment of EE » 2020-12-31 01:00:08

Replies: 7

Logged into a world with 32 people when it was 2 minutes until game would shut down. Immediately got booted out because of lost connection when trying to type something in chat and it was stuck loading ever since.

10/10 moment of true beauty and a proper goodbye to the game.

#24 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2020-12-31 00:55:45

If i just downloaded directly from EE are worlds still saved correctly?

#25 Re: Game Discussion » good player accounts to download for eeo? » 2020-12-30 11:29:11

Bluecloud wrote:


Why does EVERYONE spell this wrong.
It’s "norwegianboy"

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