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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Remake in C++ » 2022-09-09 18:31:08

there has already been a ee remake in c++ for years it was just not published

#3 Re: Compost Bin » Best Exchange EDB to PST Converter » 2022-01-18 10:22:57

let's be honest
of all ads you've seen this one is the worst

even if i read the whole thing i don't think i would've understand much

#4 Re: Game Suggestions » NFT smiley integration » 2022-01-12 11:13:39

Zoey2070 wrote:

AI-generated smiley NFTs WHEN


#7 Re: Game Discussion » Who owns the data, and server for everybody edits? » 2021-12-02 18:53:18

the amount of effort which needs to be done for the flash version to be live with 3rd party server is tremendous:
1) you need to setup playerio server
2) you need to configure all of the playerio settings (and there are a lot of them)
3) you need to bring back all flash connection functionality
4) you need to write server code from scratch

And all this for a discontinued platform (flash) on which a dead game runs?

if you are willing to make such move and spend your time and money. I suggest making a remake.

sidenote: if muse didn't delete ee playerio entirely (and i don't have any reason to believe she did), she can enable online ee with few clicks.

#8 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Crimbus cardz » 2021-11-28 10:05:17

Tomahawk wrote:

three blue keys


#11 Re: Game Discussion » "The Square" by Toop and Badoosh is ruined forever » 2021-10-12 20:06:02

you can just add a rotating hand that does a full rotation every 24 hours
this way, if hour hand shows 12, but day hand shows 6, that means it's 12 pm //

#13 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2021-10-08 22:10:30

someone needs to archive it before all image hosting websites stop working

#14 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Offline: Project M (1.0.9) [FESTIVAL OF LOVE!] » 2021-10-03 16:00:01

Minimania wrote:

That's a great idea, I'll have to figure out how and Id need help but I'll try to implement this

It's actually stupidly easy. (code lines might be not exact)
src ->

bp = new ui.brickselector.BrickPackage(, blockArr, this, ItemTab.BLOCK, pack.tags, Global.blockPackageTitlesVisible, Global.blockSelectorCollapsedMode ? 1 : 0);

src -> ui -> brickselector ->

this.visibleBlocks = visibleBlocks > 0 ? Math.min(content.length, visibleBlocks) : content.length;

as you can see, if you provide an integer instead of

Global.blockSelectorCollapsedMode ? 1 : 0

to the BrickPackage constructor, it will change the length of the pack.

to change the settings page go to
src -> ui ->

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Offline: Project M (1.0.9) [FESTIVAL OF LOVE!] » 2021-10-01 21:22:32

you might want to consider this as a counter in settings or in the blocks menu itself … p?id=40393

it's getting pretty clogged

#16 Re: Game Suggestions » Movable Blocks & Collectible Decorations » 2021-09-22 06:03:28

honestly i mean i think it might be worth your time to learn actual programming and make a game instead of spending your time doing animations for no one

I wouldn't implement this in ee-like game because this is a bit of a diversion from the main concept of the game, it's too complex
making your own game with these mechanics might be cool

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Intro » 2021-09-14 14:08:18

Tomahawk wrote:

reply to this post

i dare you

i double dare you

ok i tried but tdhd9Mc.png

#19 Re: Game Suggestions » To all you veterans out there. #GivePeopleBlocks » 2021-09-05 20:04:42

you sense that the world is in despair, voilence is thrithing, rasicsm and it's in a sorry state in general?
there is only one reason for that: you didn't give people blocks //

#20 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2021-08-20 13:35:33

Let's be honest. This is the perfect ee remake that we all should've just stuck to and continue developing. This was amazing in 2017, it's 2021 and we still don't have a good reboot.

#21 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-08-15 21:10:48

I am an admin of a dead russian ee group on that dates back to 2011
here are some photos from that group

#23 Re: Creative » Smileys sliding into boxes v1: » 2021-08-12 09:54:36

can we get boxes sliding into smileys

#25 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits! Interview with Lead Dev ☆ » 2021-06-09 19:17:04

will new site be called

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