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#1 Re: Creative » I just released my first game. Play it now on Kongregate! » Yesterday 12:37:14

I thing i would like to be changed
if you haven't collected any checkpoints and you die, please make it so you would spawn at the start of the level with 0 deaths and time reset.
Because it is a little annoying to press escape and R if you die right at the beginning, just to reset the timer and death count

#3 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What pseudo-random number generator is the best? » 2019-06-15 11:12:02

Why do you need the best pseudo-random number generator?

As long as they give pseudo-random numbers and don't start repeating numbers too soon, you are fine

#4 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2019-06-12 16:27:31

ЛСП — «Лабиринт отражений». Вечерний Ургант.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Ever Noticed Something Slightly Off with the Camera? » 2019-06-10 18:29:15

Slabdrill wrote:

Pretty commonly known, I think.

It's a little annoying because sometimes I'd be able to have a block less dead space if it was done properly.

screen is 640 pixels wide
640/16 = 40 blocks
you are able to see 40 blocks.
20 on the left of you
19 on the right of you
and 1 you are in.

imagine shifting the camera 0.5 blocks to the right (exactly in the middle of the smiley)
you would get this:
blue line - previous center location of the camera
cyan line - new center location of the camera
green arrows - corner blocks you would be able to see

that means that if you align the camera exactly in the middle, you would be able to see 1 extra block. So you would waste even more space!

#6 Re: Game Suggestions » Custom Font in Chat or Signs » 2019-06-10 13:47:10

I dislike this idea, the game should look uniform in this regard

#7 Re: Game Discussion » Game is dead, forums are dying. So, what’s the plan now? » 2019-06-09 11:47:23

Zumza wrote:

The current administration is simply dishonest or is dream-drunk regarding funding, progress, and greatness of EEU.

Because xenonetix dismissed anyone who refused to be like that (like him in this regard)

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Game is dead, forums are dying. So, what’s the plan now? » 2019-06-09 10:22:50

guys guys guys what's all this about? be chill, they are working on it, please motivate them by donating them on patreon, only our support can move this game forward! - Peace

#9 Re: Game Discussion » A review of Everybody Edits » 2019-06-08 11:57:27

peace wrote:
Gosha wrote:

You know you are **** when the only person left to unironically  defend you is peace

NOU/NVD: were makign unitEE!
players: ok nice idea
players: ...
players: ...
players: ...
xenonetix: weremaking a reeeboot called EEU!
players: ok nice idea
xenonetix: ours plans will be...
players: ok ok
xenonetix: MORE PLANS!
xenonetix weve launched an patreon so we can mor easy afford tehe fund fo rboth severs ect
players: nto bad idea'
some players: *starts joinign patreon tiers*
see the diffrence EEU is gonna be a thing im 99% sure unityEE is not gonna be a thign im 99% sure

NOU: were makign unitEE!
players: ok nice idea
NOU: unitEE is finished, but it's ****, it still lags like flash ee, so what was the point of that?
NOU: ...
NOU: ...
players: ok, you are clearly doing nothing and you are lost, let's move ownership to another person who is more capable
NOU: ok
*let's skip NVD part*
Xenonetix: hello there
Adobe: um, hi, flash dies in 2020 deal with it
Xenonetix: oh wow gotta do ee remake now.
early spring of 2018 Xenonetix: ok guys, i plan to rewrite the entire lobby for ee and once that is done we are going to do EEU! Should be done in January i think, we have a lot of time.
Gosha: ok, let's do this
June Gosha: holy ****, i've been working like a horse on this lobby overhaul, i am completely burnt out, gotta go to my planned vacation
Xenonetix: well ****.
Early Fall Xenonetix: Why did you leave and didn't provide us any code you have been working on for lobby overhaul, so others could continue your work, that sounds like a **** move?
Gosha: um, hm, yes hi, i've pushed all of my code to github and you had all of that code available all this time
Xenonetix: picapica.png
Xenonetix: *tells josh to start developing eeu as a leading programmer (josh doesn't know typescript and has to learn it first)*
Xenonetix: so are you gonna do the lobby overhaul?
Gosha: why, there are only few months left until January, shouldn't we just focus on that and leave current ee behind, since programming lobby overhaul takes days and days of working that could be spent on eeu?
Xenonetix: well, people kinda expect lobby overhaul, EEU can wait
Gosha: But it will dramatically delay eeu, we should focus on eeu!
Xenonetix: So are you gonna do lobby overhaul?
Gosha: no. it's pointless, when there will be delay for eeu people won't care about the lobby overhaul, they will demand eeu. let's do eeu
Xenonetix: yeah, no. We are going to do lobby overhaul.
Xenonetix: *Forces Josh to do it*
also Xenonetix: *doesn't allow neither me nor luke to make contribution to eeu*
Josh: jesus, i am burnt out completely, why we were doing that again?
Lobby overhaul: lol i am fake lobby overhaul, i didn't actually improve any aspect of the game and i wasn't "overhauled", some parts of lobby were just moved around to make it seem like it's a overhaul
Gosha, luka: Xenonetix, let us contribute to eeu.
Xenonetix: ask josh, he is a leader
Gosha, luka: Josh, share code so we can work together
Josh: well yeah, um, i think it's quite undone, when i am finished with basic stuff i'll share
Gosha, luka: that's fine, working together will boost the process
Josh: nah, i like to work alone, i'll share when i'm finished.
*December of 2018*
Gosha, luka: Josh, share code so we can work together
Josh: well yeah, um, i think it's quite undone, when i am finished with basic stuff i'll share
Gosha, luka: Josh, share code so we can work together
Josh: well yeah, um, i think it's quite undone, when i am finished with basic stuff i'll share
Gosha, luka: Josh, share code so we can work together
Josh: well yeah, um, i think it's quite undone, when i am finished with basic stuff i'll share
Gosha: i suspect you don't have anything to show because it's very hard to learn a new language and program a new game at the same time, that's fine, you can share it and we will help you
Josh: no.
Xenonetix: people are waiting too long without any news, let's give them more promises about all of the stuff we are going to add to eeu!
Gosha: holy ****, you know that it is not that easy to make all of the stuff you promised, it only delays eeu further!
Xenonetix: that's fine
Gosha: Xenonetix, wtf, January is right around the corner, can we like help josh make it, no?
Xenonetix: ask josh, he is a leader
Gosha: we all responsible if we don't deliver EEU in January, make him share it!
Xenonetix: no.
Gosha: what the **** is this ****, you promised EEU to be done by January, there is not even a working prototype, people are going to get mad, let us work in eeu for **** sake!
Xenonetix: lol i never intended you to work on eeu, noob
Gosha: **** you, i quit
*January of 2019*
Xenonetix: Yes, we promised to release eeu in january, but there were some difficulties.... We are going to release it in Early 2019!! (privately talks about Early 2019 being late may, since it still counts Early)
Gosha: No way you gonna do that, i suspect eeu will be out, if really lucky, in late summer or later. Totally not "early 2019"
Xenonetix: that's fine.
Many bad decisions and false promises later, and now we are here.

As you can see, xenonetix is not better than any other owner in "promises and doings*
This whole story is only about eeu, as you might imagine, there are much more ways he **** up the situations, so there are reasons to be salty at him and not trust any word that comes from his mouth.

#10 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-06-08 11:19:56

peace wrote:
Gosha wrote:

Maybe you should limit maximum width of the minimap
Either compress it or add a slider to view the whole map
Because when the minimap is too big, you can't view it, it gets cut from the right side

try 9 9 wont work i teste dwith prevoeuw and 9 wotn show an img anymore

literally what

#11 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-06-08 03:28:07

Maybe you should limit maximum width of the minimap
Either compress it or add a slider to view the whole map
Because when the minimap is too big, you can't view it, it gets cut from the right side

#12 Re: Game Discussion » A review of Everybody Edits » 2019-06-08 03:25:01

You know you are **** when the only person left to unironically  defend you is peace

#14 Re: Game Discussion » Early April btw » 2019-06-06 10:22:41

peace wrote:

they probabbly didnt kne whow hard it woudl to think of their own code to make the same thign work

oh no, poor them :c

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Early April btw » 2019-06-06 06:20:17

Zumza wrote:

I did not expect such a stall in development, and I don't really see what caused it.

I told you about it in January. Building the game from nothing is not an easy job. EE might seem easy to program because there aren't so much elements. But once you get into it, EE has a lot content (even if you don't see it).

Combine that with the facts that real development started only in mid january and josh was still learning about typescript and you get a recipe for this stall in development when it took josh almost a week to develop just a fully functional blockbar. (i'm not showing off, but it took me 2 days to make all UI support for EEjs including blockbar. And although it doesn't support "scrolling", it still shouldn't take so much time)

a bonus

#16 Re: Graphics Suggestions » peace's graphics dump (ussing ee(u) blocks and worlds) » 2019-06-05 20:51:11

peace wrote:

idk if i went too far but an BIG extesnion for dark/normal/checker bg's pic only shows gray its madein an massive world 24*24 so its made for EEU

Looks like JPEG compression patterns
(we don't really need all those variants)

#17 Re: Questions and Answers » Flash Ending in 2020? » 2019-06-05 11:23:55

LukeM wrote:

^ Not quite
First, installing Flash on your computer doesn't mean it will work in browsers, most browsers have said that they are going to prevent users from installing Flash plugins, so it will become very difficult to play a Flash game from your browser.
Also Adobe have said that they will no longer be distributing the standalone Flash Player, so although you could technically get a copy from a third party, it will become increasingly difficult if you don't have the standalone player installed already, and you'll likely be making yourself vulnerable to Flash security problems.

tl;dr: You'll probably no longer be able to play EE in your browser or install the standalone Flash Player from Adobe (you'll need to either have it installed already or get it from a third party).

well, yes, i meant all that, perhaps should've been more clear

If you install Flash (outside of Abode site, it stops supporting it -> stops delivering it) you will be able to run .swf (flash) files on your pc.

#18 Re: Questions and Answers » Flash Ending in 2020? » 2019-06-05 10:13:56

peace wrote:

wasnt this already the case and that in 2020 it will actualy die? i dont get what this means

EE is built on flash. Abode is a company that works on Flash. It releases new updates, fixes bugs and helps users with their problems.
Many sites need flash because some things (like games or tools) are also built on flash. That's why Browsers like Chrome have flash built-in.

Abode announced that it will stop support for Flash in 2020 (won't be releasing new updates or have anything to do with it). That's why everyone should change their systems in a way that it doesn't require Flash. For example, Facebook removes all flash games in favor of html5.
Browsers will stop supporting natively flash. If you want flash programs to work again, you have to install flash on your pс.

Flash won't disappear out of existence, people will just ignore it in favor of better alternatives. But if you really want you can still play flash games

i hope it makes everything clear

#19 Re: Questions and Answers » Flash Ending in 2020? » 2019-06-04 18:34:58

Flash is very insecure and outdated, that's why Adobe decided to stop developing it and release bugfixes.

In 2020 Abode will stop support for flash, but it doesn't mean that it will "die"
It's not like 1 day you wake up to the computer and you aren't able to run .swf files

You still will be able to play EEO (a flash game) after flash "death"

#20 Re: Game Discussion » EE 8 Bit Sound Client » 2019-06-04 05:00:51

Pqwerty wrote:
Music Man wrote:

That level is so much better in 8-bit. Also, how did you make this client? Same way you would do graphics hacks?

decompile the client with JPEXS, replace sounds

#21 Re: Forum Discussion » The longest period between 2 warnings. » 2019-06-03 03:46:27

Xfrogman43 wrote:

thanks HANK for contribuioton

hanktribution (sorry)

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Wondering when EEU will release » 2019-06-02 10:51:25

I told you in January that it's impossible to release EEU "in early 2019"
I assume they have basic functionality done/almost done. But they still have to develop all of the things xenonetix promised that would take another several months.

So they will either release raw EEU without many content that xenonetix has promised in near future, or develop the game to the degree they promised originally  (that would be Fall of 2019 i assume?)

#23 Re: Game Suggestions » arithmetic in signs » 2019-05-31 19:18:39

at this point we can creature our own languagEE lol

#24 Re: Game Suggestions » arithmetic in signs » 2019-05-30 18:11:37

Koya wrote:

eval is bad

Yes, eval is terrible for production. It might lead to some very nasty security holes

#25 Re: Game Suggestions » arithmetic in signs » 2019-05-30 13:26:30

just saying, that would be very hard to implement
you would have to built a string interpreter that analyzes different tokens and stuff
i am not saying that it is impossible, but it's sure hard

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