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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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#1 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2021-01-02 13:30:38

peace wrote:

the salami lid aint gon fit

woah your english is improving

#2 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2021-01-01 21:04:27

well satanya is not xenonetix which is good enough for me i hope this goes well //

#8 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » 2020-07-09 15:28:56

Sticksam wrote:
(It's like watching the world burn...)

i see you're a fellow fan of the color orange


#9 Re: Game Discussion » EE Death Pool » 2020-07-07 19:06:00

Xenonetix wrote:

Neither have actually left yet...

it's the man himself, Xenonite Crystal

#10 Re: Game Discussion » EE Death Pool » 2020-07-07 08:28:37

in case you were wondering what game i chose

#13 Re: Game Discussion » EE Death Pool » 2020-07-06 21:48:06

Pqwerty wrote:

The winners for the predicting when the Stone brothers leave goes to...

Daneeko and SirJosh!

SirJosh predicted the closest day to Joshua leaving without going over in post #62!

SirJosh wrote:

criobite quits june 13th 2020

Daneeko predicted almost to the day when Kentiya would leave in post #67!

daneeko wrote:

Kentiya quits - who's kentiya? July 3rd 2020

Congratulations you two!

*insert grian timelapse music*

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Off-Topic chat thread » 2020-06-29 21:53:19


#19 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2020-06-07 09:49:26

(Remember when you had to PAY in order to actually chat?)

#20 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » 2020-05-14 09:07:21

excellent, lets not do that again

#21 Re: Game Discussion » How has Everybody Edits impacted your life? » 2020-05-14 06:35:08

ive gotten to know some good friends and stuff
also C# is cool

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