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#2 Re: Off Topic Discussion » EE Minecraft Server » 2015-12-28 05:01:59

Could I please get added to the white list? I was in the server for a few minutes then you had to reset it.

My Minecraft name is: kingbrodie5

#3 Re: Game Discussion » update history » 2015-04-14 17:30:50

i came across this website that lets you see what a site looked like before.
2010 and 2011 are the most interesting

#4 Game Discussion » update history » 2015-04-14 16:20:37

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This is a history of some of the updates, dating back to august 2010.

Febuary 20th

New shop interface
Polished lobby interface
XD Smiley (beta)
Bully smiley (beta)
Glass pack (beta)
Polished graphics (energy icon, fan smiley, yellow factory block)
The ultimate fan smiley now write the users username in the description text.
Changed a few of the admin commands (Uhh!)

Febuary 1st

Fixed bug the minimap would be rendered wrongly for coins etc
Changed how secret passages / blocks works
Fixed graphical errors in the shop
Added terminator smiley
Read A LOT of postcards

January 23th

I have used the past days fixing bugs, this is the first bug-fix release in a series to come

Fixed bug where you could be permanently stuck in the beta payment screen (The screen now has a logout button.)
Fixed bug where other players would not correctly exit god mode when a key was changed
Reworked the key handler to help fix the sticky keys issue some people have.
Added logic to stop the game sending pointless updates to the server.
Updated a few graphical updates.

January 20th

Fixed bug in the game that prevented some users from getting banned.

January 19th

Fixed bug where edit rights would not be lost when a key where changed.
Fixed bug on the server that could results of people getting kicked from rooms.

January 18th

You now have a more than a one in one trillion chance of finding a magic coin. (Wooops)

January 16th

The login system has been recoded and now works much better.

January 14th

The shop now shows how many coin-doors you have correctly.
Coin-doors have been bumped from 5 to 10 per purchase.
Keys are now twice as precise (Still not perfect but better)
Did something with more magic.
It is now impossible to get Magic in a coin farm.

January 12th

Added Coy Smiley.
Added a little bit of magic, who will be the first to find it?.

January 11th


Fixed bug where new coin doors would not appear on the minimap.
Basic bricks can now be drawn on the level edge in saved levels.
You now get 5 coindoors for 1000 energy
Great 400x200 sized worlds are now online for beta members.
There is now a fully black brick in the beta energy shop.

January 10th Part two

Released Coin Doors for beta members (We are still testing them)

January 10th Released

Text selections are now visible in the chat sidebar
Fixed bug where people who where in god mode when a room key where changed did not teleport when /reset was called.
Switched to new and much better model for handling changes to the world! Drawing should now be MUCH smoother.
Public admins are now marked with orange in the in the game, userlist and chat to make admin impersonation harder.
Fixed bug where coin count would not be reported correctly after Clearing or Loading Levels
Coins and coin count is now reset when /reset is called.
Fixed bug where /reset could not be called before a level had been saved.
There is no longer snow in the loading screen and Lobby.

January 8th

Help decide the winner of the New Years 2010 / 2011 competition. Vote for the top 10 here today!

January 4 (2011)

I am doing some fairly large changes to the internals of the game. As part of that I am doing a lot of bug fixes.

Fixed bug where coins in the quick bar would not work after a room change.
Fixed bug where decorations and spawn points would appear as empty black squares in the quick bar after room change.
Fixed bug where Green and Blue keys could not be toggled if the Red key where toggled.
Fixed bug where you could not call /reset or /loadlevel before you had saved your level at least once.
Extended auto ban times after kick from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
Entering a level and /loadlevel should now be faster.

December 29

Fixed issue where non beta members could not chat!
Added New Years 2010 Special!
Fixed bug where decorative items would be drawn on top of the last dragged item in the quick draw menu.

December 28

Re-enabled Gambit for getting gems
Extended the Christmas Campaign to the 1st of January

December 23 2010

It's Christmas so I discounted the Beta and lowered the energy/gem prices for levels. Read more on the blog

December 21 2010

Added the ability to have more saved worlds

December 20 2010

Merged the beta and free clients back together!

December 17 2010

The ninja smiley is now almost invisible on the Minimap
Added a female smiley per popular demand

December 16 2010

Non chatting members are now gray in the userlist

December 15 2010

Fixed bug where the scrollbar would not work in the shop.
Fixed bug where facebook login would fail to open
Added Gambit as yet another gems source!

December 14 2010

Today I added parental control to the game chat. I know this is not a popular decision! My arguments for doing so can be read here

December 13 2010

Added Christmas decorations.
200 max energy for everybody!
When kicking a user from a room they are now automatically banned for 5 min.

December 12 2010

Fixed small physics bug

December 11 2010

Fixed bug where clearing your level would result in your spawn points getting lost.
People in god mode no longer teleports on a /reset
To prevent abuse you can now only be connected to the same room twice.

December 10 2010

The load level from storage is now called /loadlevel
The /reset method now resets people to spawnpoints
Commands are no longer affected by the spam filter (You can kick people more than 4 times)
Chat length is now limited to 80 characters everywhere.
Adding energy is now much faster.
Added spawn points
Added new :-o smiley

December 9 2010

Fixed yet another jump bug.
Crown now renders ontop of the smiley
Fixed bug where you could get stuck behind a lock wall, even though you yourself is surrounded by keys.

December 8 2010

Fixed bug where people would not get their smiles when using energy.
Added the Big Spender smiley
Fixed bug where you could jump on arrows

December 7 2010

Added 3 new smilies

December 6 2010

Fixed 7 bugs today!
Switched to new internal physics model that should be better syncornized.
The game should now be more responsive to keyboard input.
Search filter now works in the beta as well.
Fixed issue where blue coins would count wrong.
Fixed issues where rooms contaning badwords would show in the lobby list.
Fixed issue where none beta rooms would sometimes appear in the beta.
You can now toggle the minimap by pressing m.

December 5 2010

The beta client is no longer compatible with the normal client. Thus only beta rooms can be played using it. You can however still play your old saved levels with everybody at

December 4 2010

Fixed bug that would result in people kicking them self when trying to kick other people.

December 3 2010

Added highlighting to messages with your name in it in the chat.
World owners can now kick people by typing /kick name
You can now quickly type usernames by typing in the first few letters of the username and pressing TAB
Reset your world by typing the command /reset into the chat. Real UI will come later!

December 2 2010

It's December so it's snowing!
All beta members now have a special beta only private room

November 30 2010

There is now a chat bar on the right side of the game
Fixed bug where the game would forget saved passwords
Changed visual style of scrollbars
Chat is now hidden per default. Hold shift to show the chat.

November 23 2010

Text in chats are now centered.
Chat bubbles now stay visible for 15 secounds instead of 10.
Holding shift will now result in names and chat being shown while moving
Fullscreen now uses bitmap smoothing (things look better in fullscreen)
New title screen showing off some of the new features

November 22 2010

Beta now has an in game chat!
Members who have saved worlds can now clear their worlds by clicking a single button.
The change level popup will now show the current name of the level.
Fixed bug that would make the game loose focus when using the UI bar.
Fixed issue that resulted in facebook pro members logging into not getting beta features.
Fixed bug that resulted in new beta members not being able to use their beta bricks and smilies in some rooms

November 15 2010

Time to get back to Everybody Edits! First item on the todo will be chat. You can see a preview of how it will look here

September 17 2010

You can now download the game to your computer

September 7 2010

The new game interface is finally here!
Added 6 new tiles for beta members
Fixed bug where people would not exit god mode when the edit key where changed

August 23 2010
You can now see a list of the most played saved worlds here
Fixed bug where saved facebook sessions would be cleared if a login with a basic user happened.

August 20 2010

Saved worlds are here!

August 19 2010

You can now login without having a Facebook account.
Fixed bug where you would draw on the world when clicking the share world textfield.
Made the beta use the public room database again. This will change when compatibility breaks.

August 18 2010

The game now has a mute button
Beta users now have their own set of worlds
The game now has an in-game pre-loader
The Beta game is now integrated with the Beta website.
You will be prompted to login before joining a direct url game.

August 17 2010

Beta members now receive the Smiley package as well as full Beta access when entering the Beta program.

(this topic is useless LOL)

#7 Re: Game Business » Official Everybody Edits Loading Screen Contest! » 2015-03-01 01:11:50

team name: fazeup
members: kingjamstar
world: PW2cP_JZCOa0I
I know this is after the deadline, but I did post a few days ago and was never added to the list.

#8 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2015-02-21 02:59:43

ee username: kingjamstar
verification token: 367bc9728f7c7b2034e82d750f196347
old forum username: kingjamstar

#9 Re: Game Business » Official Everybody Edits Loading Screen Contest! » 2015-02-20 06:21:30

team name: fazeup
members: myself
world: PW2cP_JZCOa0I

#10 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:44:11

The tutorial worlds are always down the bottom of the room list now, People probably already knew just thought i would post it here.

#11 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:43:11

Todays Update:
Tanned smiley Hmqis.png
Sand blocks 94xMj.png
Summer pack 2012 3S7Je.png
and also friends list is out to everyone

Last edited by kingjamstar (Jul 6 2012 3:31:41 am)

#12 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:41:30

Fiendish Llama wrote:

New Update!
Soldier Smiley and new shop design!

Also chat now costs $3 and you get 50 gems in return.

Last edited by kingjamstar (Aug 17 2012 1:51:53 am)

#13 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:40:45
This is the new stuff in todays update, also there were a few bug fixes
The link one and the portal.

Image wasn't working.

Last edited by kingjamstar (Aug 23 2012 5:21:33 am)

#21 Re: Game Business » The top 10 levels are up! Vote for your favourite on the blog now! » 2015-02-14 23:51:27

i would like to ask chris can i go advertise everybody edits in games i play

#24 Re: Forum Business » New Moderators » 2015-02-14 23:21:11

Congratulations BEE, JadElClemens, SupaDorf24, and TakoMan02.
Better to have more than less //

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