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#1 Re: Game Discussion » HTTP certificate expired » 2024-01-19 22:28:07

I agree with how Zumzila feels.  I actually am not even convinced there was ever a game at this point.  What does it matter if the EE Staff does or doesn't interact with us, when they don't have anything to show.

#2 Re: Game Discussion » The Pink Hatted Smiley » 2021-10-11 03:38:18

N1KF wrote:
D-rock2308 wrote:

It was originally supposed to be the New years' smiley but Chris changed it to green.

I know I'm like a decade late, but can somebody please clarify this? I've never heard of this and as an aspiring EE historian I must know!

Drock actually participated in the contest.  While not proof, I take him for his word.

#3 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits: The History of Minigames » 2021-10-10 16:14:08

I do feel like maybe the 2012 Pro Map era/movment should have been mentioned.  That directly inspired me to start working on minis before art, which then evolved into trying to come up with the movements the mini would take you

#4 Re: Game Discussion » My resignation » 2020-08-04 13:43:24

Xeno's snitch has quit 😯

Hey, remember a few weeks ago when you came onto the discord server to attack me personally?  Good times.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:55:48

Edilights wrote:
Koto wrote:

You ended your post, From your lord, Michelle.  No cult has ever labelled itself as a cult.  A crusade?  Please.

That isnt how normal people talk, hun.

Theoretic , he talk about our community . He said the truth . I agree with that. This man had a pressure by community as me as well. Just you can think about a door opening with a right key and found the true answer.

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

#6 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:46:49

You ended your post, From your lord, Michelle.  No cult has ever labelled itself as a cult.  A crusade?  Please.

That isnt how normal people talk, hun.

#10 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-11-30 00:18:04

I always wanted to make a music world in EE.  After how long it took for the guitar pack to be made, you'd think it'd be worth saving.  Ho honestly, I don't see why you don't include music zones as well as blocks.  You could have contests where people use the music blocks to create music that could then be made into a purchasable track for the ingame music zones.

#11 Re: Off Topic Discussion » US 2018 Mid-term election discussion » 2018-11-26 17:26:47

Master1 wrote:
azurepudding wrote:

You keep ignoring the fact this kind of claim is very hard to prove.  Someone can sexually assault or rape someone, with absolutely no proof to show it happened.

That's why you come forward as soon as possible so your body can be tested for traces of someone else's DNA, waiting 30 years isn't going to help anyone's case if they actually care about their sexual assault/rape. If she cared about the situation she should have come forward when it happened, not "conveniently" waited until he was about to get a job, and then "conveniently" disappearing after he got it.

Something tells me you've never been the victim of any sort of non-petty crime.

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » US 2018 Mid-term election discussion » 2018-11-19 00:37:51

You're right, that last sentence is worded bad.  Hopefully the sentance before that let you know that I don't mean you specifically, as I don't know the entirety of your views.  I have been paying attention to politics for a long time, and one thing that I can tell you is that this Kavanaugh guy is extremely unprofessional and temperamental.  Frankly, I don't see what the problem is in selecting another guy on the short list that Trump came up with.  I actually totally blame the Democrats for politicizing Dr. Ford's accusations, and well frankly, blowing it.  However, if Republicans had decided to push for someone else because of the negative media surrounding him, and the same thing kept happening to each candidate they pushed forward, then it would be easier to make the claim that the Democrats are creating flase these accusations.  However, Republicans dug their feet into the ground over this Kavanaugh guy.  Why?

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » US 2018 Mid-term election discussion » 2018-11-18 12:24:32

Master1 wrote:

@koto, in a normal job interview, you wouldn't have half the country screaming at you. Normally the employer would bring something up, and it would be between the two of you to talk. In this case, there's an audience that is constantly attacking him during the whole process, even going as far as to make death threats towards him and his family.  Any man that's going to sit there and take that doesn't deserve the spot, shows a lot of weakness imo. I would pick the one who has a strong back and stands up for himself and his own family any day. I personally don't care if he got aggressive or not. The aggression started elsewhere first.

I mean, there's a difference between standing up for yourself, and...

That's just his opening statement.  Also, to be fair, Kavanaugh was only questioned for a couple hours.  Hillary Clinton was questioned for 12 straight hours over Benghazi in a similar manner, without once getting a temperment.  The funny part is that Trump supporters are still calling for an investigation after that, and several other investigations have been done on her for that.  That's extremely hypocritical.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » US 2018 Mid-term election discussion » 2018-11-17 12:36:35

Kavanaugh had an attitude with the people whom were questioning him at the hearing.  Remember, this is not a criminal trial, there are is no 'Jury'.  That means this is more akin to a job interview.  I don't know about you, but if I werd in a job interview, and I was asked about something that popped up in my background check, reguardless if it were true or not, if I were to get an attitude at that interview, I wouldn't expect to get the job.

Reguardless of whether or not he did it (subject of another post), he shouldn't get a job because of the way he acted.  Judges shouldn't throw temper tantrums, let alone a Supreme Court Judge.  We should have higher standards.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Is EE political right or left? » 2018-11-16 12:25:22

EE should be Progessive Socialist.  We need to START protecting our workers, before they start getting shipped oversea's (Minecraft).  *Goes into full Bernie Sander's mode*

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Birthday list 2 » 2018-11-16 12:17:35

I'm June 14th.  I don't know if you'd want to add him since he isn't active anymore, but Drock2308's birthday is also June 14th.

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » US 2018 Mid-term election discussion » 2018-11-16 11:56:19

Azurepudding, have you seen the Documentary, "The Brainwashing of my dad"?  I havent seen it yet, but its on my short list of things to watch, you might find it interesting.

Edit 1: Master1, congrats, I think this is the longest I've seen a Trump supporter go without mentioning the Clinton's, or Obama.

However, the Kavanaugh hearing... That wasn't a criminal trial, that was a job interview.  I watched it live, and honestly, with the attitude he was having during it, he shouldn't have gotten the job.  I've seen people lose a potential job at McDonald's for less.

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » FREE GOOD GAME[s] -- SHANTAE & THE PIRATE'S CURSE » 2018-11-16 11:48:50

Destiny 2 is terrible.

I really wish I could play Daggerfall on my phone.

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » US 2018 Mid-term election discussion » 2018-11-16 11:44:28

Oh my god, Master1 is actually a Trump supporter, lmao.  He waa talking about bodyslammong a reporters ffs.  Trump is a terrible president, and he doesn't know anything about how the government works.  He couldn't even pass a basic High School level governmwnt class.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » This game is trash » 2018-11-01 15:39:04

I always viewed EE as a platform for which things can be done on top of, whether it be chat rooms, games (bots), levels (nonbots), art projects, etc.

#21 Re: Game Discussion » It's been a while » 2018-09-12 13:11:00

I joined EE when I was 17.  I'm 25 now, lmao.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » Should toxic waste be insta-kill? » 2018-08-29 23:59:21

How about an instakill liquid, and a timed kill liquid, and then backgrounds that changes the liquid from lava/acid/whatever?

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Should toxic waste be insta-kill? » 2018-08-29 18:56:05

Hey, when the reboot happens, I feel like Lava should be insta kill, amd fire should be a slow 3-4 second kill.  Going into fire amd then lava wouldnt kill you because your on fire.  You'd die from the fire, not tue lava.

#24 Re: Game Business » Toxicity & Poison! » 2018-08-29 11:00:45

Oooh.  Let's hope this transefers over to Universe.

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