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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Reported » 2022-05-18 09:59:48

reported was no match for "my brother is benjaminsen he can ban u"

#2 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2021-10-30 01:52:01

dannyzee2021 wrote:

hahhaha those broken putters memes are just crazy i mean

they sure are mr. bot they sure are

#3 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-09-15 09:59:57

I've been looking for this for years, this is as good of a place as any to put it (2012-2013 I think?)

#4 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-08-15 02:04:17

Dumping whatever I can find, might be one or two bad words


If I find anything else I'll just edit it in

#5 Re: Forum Discussion » Rename "Landfill" to "Recycling Center" » 2021-05-22 14:25:45

don't mind me just playing my part in saving the planet by using reusable text from the recycling center

Cách Đánh Dàn Lô Trượt chính xác[ black magic+919779208027 to kill your ex boyfriend girlfriend Londonblack magic+919779208027 to kill your ex boyfriend girlfriend London Express Docs is an organization specialized in the acquisition of Ielts,toefl and gre chocolate ice-cream with mustard and mayonaise PLEASE RESPOND CYCLONE OR RPGMASTER OR CHRIS

#6 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Off-Topic chat thread » 2021-04-02 00:57:28

rule of anonymous message board:
no need for quality even if the rules say so
now hand over those (Woot)s and reply to this post or your worlds will be deleted in their sleep tonight

#7 Re: Game Discussion » I just wish that we got an EE remaster for HTML5 without changes. » 2021-03-17 00:13:01

I have to agree with N1KF too. Maybe it's just nostalgia goggles, but I dunno if it's possible to capture the same SOUL feel the old 16x16 graphics used. I've been on the side of caution ever since they switched to vector. The flat, shadeless splodge flowers in the aforementioned Twitter teaser really threw me off. EE had a lot of nice gradients and smooth shading in its graphics, and this certain feel to it (especially with more natural blocks) that I just don't feel like vector can emulate well.
I love my Facebook bambino smileys too much I will never let them go and nothing can replace them // // // // //

#9 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: New Decade, New Era, New Changes » 2020-12-30 00:10:50

Satanya wrote:

ooga booga

I will now trust your capabilities. //

#10 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2020-12-27 00:29:49

I'm not ready for flash EE to perish (completely)
hold me

#12 Re: Game Discussion » EE Shutdown » 2020-12-10 22:50:39

Luka504 wrote:

Long ago there used to be an EE client that allowed you to move your camera without moving your smiley, and it was so funny to slide the camera somewhere far away in a free edit world and mess with people's creations without getting caught. It became doubly hilarious if two people were working on something together and then proceeded to blame each other because from their perspective there was no one around who could possibly be trolling them. So many innocent people got kicked because of my antics, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Good times.

I did the exact same thing. You had to utilize the power of the AFK strategy because sometimes the owner would start kicking virtually everyone who was moving. It was also hilarious messing with the owner while they were alone on the map, there's nobody nearby to blame so they go bonkers. Maybe it's a bad thing that most of my fond memories are of drama/trolling but I don't regret anything.

Shoutouts to ruining safe zones in zombie levels

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Curiosity - Google searches for "Everybody Edits" peaks at Apr 2011 » 2020-12-08 22:55:13

looking at the blog seems like no big juicy updates between July and October in 2011 so players go // //
no wonder mrshoe's vacation was a killer if only 2-3 months worth of update drought dropped that much interest

#14 Re: Game Suggestions » Dear Staff, get a lawyer » 2020-12-07 21:46:50

hi I ignored this meaty hellscape topic and I regret it
don't worry, EE is already nearly dead I don't think Nintendo is gonna send Mario to bing bing wahoo us unless they're super desperate or a snitch doesn't stop bothering them
// // // // //

#15 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Minimania's Graphics 2018-20 » 2020-11-29 00:31:06

These always make me sad that the era of soulful 16x16 squares is ending.
mmmm delicious gallium, melts in your mouth just thinking about it

#16 Re: Game Business » EEU Closed Beta Phase 2 & Black Friday 2020! » 2020-11-27 12:12:29

TaskManager wrote:

i tested ee ofline why is it in japanese help

Just install AppLocale problllem solvent //

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » nothing is funny anymore » 2020-11-03 13:42:06

calm down it's just the clown being slowly drawn from the collective flesh of humanity

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » How have y'all changed since coming to EE? » 2020-10-30 23:32:53

I was a very edgy, zealous kid who quickly developed an obsession for EE smileys. Upon reaching high school that obsession developed into graffiting on every surface possible. There'd be coys on kitchen appliances, classroom walls, desks, bathroom doors, whiteboards, the ceiling of the gym lockers, printers would be spitting out a constant stream of crudely drawn coys... etc.

That developed into me attempting to learn how to draw, but hey I won a few thousand $$$$ out of a graphic design course last year so it's pretty good. Other than that I became a bitter old man in the body of a youth, and love watching drama unfold between angry idiots.

#20 Re: Graphics Suggestions » <Not PG-13 Name> Smiley » 2020-10-13 00:08:26

Minisaurus wrote:

Human fluids:

Hidden text

#21 Re: Debates » How thin would be smileys by side view if those were 3D? » 2020-10-08 23:56:15

damn i want that sleek 3D smiley coin // //
that's always how I've imagined them

#22 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Glitch = Bad? » 2020-09-23 08:33:53

The only example of a glitch being made into a feature I can think of is Hoiks in Terraria. They're an unintended feature that was exploited by players and eventually acknowledged as a feature by the devs. IIRC they actually had to make sure they didn't accidentally "fix" Hoik sometimes. The only thing is that it wasn't really made into a feature, so to speak. It just existed, and eventually it was designated the title of feature instead of glitch.

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