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#1 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2019-04-10 23:14:32


Oopsie! Turns out we're both really bad at keeping promises. Without further ado, here's what you can expect in the new version of Nobody Edits.

Nobody Edits running on my phone with touch controls.

A new domain! We now own That's easy to remember, right?
Physics are s l o w e r. By popular demand, we've slightly adjusted the physics speed so the game runs more calmly.
Touch controls! Yes! You can now play on mobile without a controller. Is it perfect? No. Is it playable? Totally! Grab your phone and give it a try!
Scroll to switch between blocks. It's like Minecraft, except it's not.
Rotatable spikes Now you can die in all directions!
Void now pushes you back... and more! We've made countless improvements to the game. Check them out in the changelog.


That's it for now!

#2 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2018-04-16 11:34:01

mrjawapa wrote:
Ant-99 wrote:

Thank you for your extensive rundown! Very useful to us.

Oh good, I was hoping you weren't going to lose your **** over my feedback.

We're only humans. You need to remember there's only the two of us. We're both university students with deadlines, an enormous amount of work and schedules with ungodly hours. I'm writing this on the train, for example.

We try to do as much as we can, but nothing is perfect on the first try. Feedback like yours helps us improve.

Jet wrote:

smiley shadow still shows in godmode? is this its shadow?

The shadow is currently included with the base. We'll separate it. Thanks!

You know that feeling when you're playing a tight platforming map, or a minigame, and everyone is crowded in a single spot? You can't see where you're going. Tights jumps are hard. This button sets the transparency of other players so they are less distracting.

Jet wrote:

secrets are a bit hard to see

I've had to squint too. This is expecially problematic on OLED displays. We'll look into this.

Jet wrote:

this font is kinda bad

It should literally be the same font Everybody Edits uses (visitor).

Jet wrote:

this font too

Same as above. The styling isn't perfect however.

Jet wrote:

why would you bring gates and doors back? its much more clean on ee

We'll fix this in the next update.

Jet wrote:

awesome! could there be a smiley changer ingame too?

We don't currently have plans to implement an ingame smiley changer. You can change your smiley by opening your profile in a new tab,  though it won't update in the world you're already in. Yet.

Jet wrote:

my biggest complaint would have to be the physics tbh. as i stated before, ee physics are already really fast and the physics on this game are like twice as fast

To me, the physics in Everybody Edits feel slow now. I understand it's a bit of a transition. You can't expect us however to basically create a carbon copy of everything Everbody Edits does. Nobody Edits wouldn't have a reason to exist.

Jet wrote:

as far as graphics go, i still would rather have completely new content instead of slightly edited versions of already existing ee graphics ( i can help with this, i'm free atm ;o )
here's a refurbished Shiny pack for your troubles

We wanted players to be somewhat familiar with the available blocks first before bolting on any new ones. Also: we don't edit graphics from Everybody Edits. We create them from scratch.
We won't be altering the graphics which are currently in place, but if you've got completely new original content, let us know! We're open to all suggestions!

Jet wrote:

i feel like i've complained a bit too much lol

All good!

Vinyl Melody wrote:

my only problems are that im concerned that you can get lost in the void (prob add restrictions to how far you can go) and that the smiley's movement is a bit too fast
otherwise, this is v good owo

  • We've received several complaints about this. Originally, we thought this would be fun to have as a feature. We've listened to your feedback and the void will be inaccessible in the next update.

  • Concerning the physics, please see my statement above.

Yoiran wrote:

also, is there a chance for being able to play offline? It wouldn't need to save the world tho, just for less lag
I cannot express how happy I am with simply words //

  • Nobody Edits runs asynchronously. If your game is lagging, it is most likely due to your system being low-powered. It doesn't run very well on my ageing phone, for example. If you wanted to emulate an offline environment, you could disconnect your internet after you've loaded a room. The connection will time out, but you'll still be able to build. Any changes you make of course won't be synced with the server.

  • Let us know how your experience is on mobile platforms. They are very hard to test thorougly.

Latif wrote:

3) Break animation when removing blocks. It would be better if it breaks in multiple pieces, just a suggestion.

We'll check this behaviour.

Latif wrote:

5) The water splash effect is really nice. I think it would be better to show the splash effect in every movement.

We'll try to see how far we can push this without it becoming distracting.

Latif wrote:

6) What about adding text colors in signs?

While we haven't discussed this yet, I personally think this would be a tad to much maybe? You'd get a mess of colours really quick. It really depends on how much animo there is for it.

Latif wrote:

1) You can still collect coins after death animation?!
3) After death the camera should be fixed and shouldn't follow the smiley pieces.
4) Lava instantly kills you?
5) No splash effect in mud? //
6) You can go through the border of the world and get lost?
8) Liquids are in decorations?

Noted. Concerning the world border, see my statement above.

Latif wrote:

7) I can't distinguish collected and uncollected coins

This is the first complaint we've received about this. If this is a general problem, we'll certainly look into improving this.

Latif wrote:

9) Add a player list so I can see who's in the world!

In progress!

Latif wrote:

1) What's the coin door with an x on the top left?
2) What's the difference between a blue and yellow portal?

  • A multiple coin door only opens when the current coin count is a multiple of the number you've set, excluding zero.

  • A E S T H E T I C S and nerdy references to old video games

Woomy! That took a while.

#3 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2018-04-14 22:46:51

mrjawapa wrote:

Fullscreen seems useless, since the game is already taking up most of the screen.


mrjawapa wrote:

Change this small blocky font. It's hard to read, a little rough on the eyes.

I agree it's not ideal. I'll look into an alternative.

mrjawapa wrote:

Would make this command /removegod and /removeedit

Sounds more abstract to me too. "Take" implies a more speaker-hearer oriented situation, which isn't really the case here.

mrjawapa wrote:

There should be some kind of padding along the bottom. The blocks are sitting flush with my taskbar.

Totally. I've thought about this during development, but my mind never actually "clicked" to do something about it.

mrjawapa wrote:

what is this, why can't I turn it off

It's the magical performance meter. It graphs performance. You can click it to toggle different stats. Currently you can't turn it off because we use it to quickly inquire for a user's statistics. Once we know our engine is stable, it'll surely be an "opt-in" kinda thing.

mrjawapa wrote:

for a game where you build with blocks, there sure are a lot of rounded edges

Rounded edges have been a source of discussion for us too. Can you believe I've taken the liberty to remove some already? Probably removing them soon.

mrjawapa wrote:

Since the quick access is so large, I feel like there should be more there for me to... y'know... quickly access.

The reason it is this large is to fit as much in the block picker modal as possible. Of course, there is no reason for the quick access to be this measly. Definitely will look into this.

mrjawapa wrote:

Is the search broken, or do I not know how to use it?

It highlights items in your active tab which match your search. We do not (currently) have an "all results" overview (nor tags, for that matter).

mrjawapa wrote:

these look bad:

They were kinda rushed. We didn't know of a better design to make it clear to the player that it is a "multiple" of something. You are of course free to suggest new designs which you consider to be more fit //

mrjawapa wrote:

this feels bloated, but I like that it's not white/black. I'd like to see a player list.

You can request a player list with /list, but I agree it's not a proper alternative. The chat rendering definitely needs more work.

mrjawapa wrote:

the center spike is squared off
It's hard to see the arrow, and tbh they don't look like portals
this kinda looks like the cake in EE
this ball is square
this shadow is too much

Noted. Thanks!

mrjawapa wrote:

the border thing on these windows is cool
Oh ****.... the animation for deleting blocks/dying is cool af. 10/10

Credits to nielsd //

mrjawapa wrote:

if you're going to keep the screen large, I'd move these to the bottom, but leave the minimap on the top.

Originally, they were at the bottom. However, on small screen resolutions the block picker covers pretty much the entire bottom area, so there is no space. Of course, I could put the buttons on top only when there is not enough space at the bottom. I decided against it to keep the lay-out consistent across all devices.

mrjawapa wrote:

bruh... i can use an xbox controller!!??

I've found it works best with a good Nintendo controller. D-pads!

mrjawapa wrote:

customizable UI

Not intentional but definitely a useful side effect of using native DOM for UI.

Thank you for your extensive rundown! Very useful to us.

#4 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2018-04-14 11:51:59

MartenM wrote:

Plays with a steady 60 FPS and has some unique features that would be awesome to see in the REEboot as well.

You saw it here first //

MartenM wrote:

Only thing I could really found was this:

We came across this during testing but didn't think it was a bug. Fixing 'problems' like these causes other problems. Furthermore, we don't aim for feature nor physics parity with present-day Everybody Edits.

Mait wrote:

Is there magic?

There is no magic yet. We have a few ideas however.

#5 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2018-04-13 23:25:54

I seem to be having issues with outgoing traffic. Unfortunately it seems like the problem is beyond my control. I hope everything will be back to normal tomorrow.
EDIT: I have reset my infrastructure. Connection seems to have picked up its pace again. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

#6 Re: Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2018-04-13 22:30:11

Zoey2070 wrote:

Oh Heck

This is really good tbh

Thank you!

Zoey2070 wrote:

One thing I did find is that if you go out of the world and go past the border, it kind of acts as a "no gravity" zone, and it's kinda weird you can even go past the border in the first place.

We included this as a feature. The no gravity world border seems like an excellent place to dump trolls. You could also use it creatively in your maps.

Zoey2070 wrote:

what's the difference between the blue and orange portal? why is there a coin multiple door?

  • Blue and orange portals serve no different function. They are a reference to the Portal video game.

  • Coin multiple doors are actually modulo gates. They only open when your coin count is a multiple of the set number (except 0). An example use of this can be found in Puttakina Race Wars, where Puttakina has used this block to force the player to take a "pit stop" on the 5th lap.

#7 Creative » Nobody Edits: an alternative for mid-2012 EE (not the meme) » 2018-04-13 22:00:10

Replies: 60


No, you are not dreaming. No, this is not a joke. You are looking at a modest and classic HTML5 remake of Everybody Edits: Nobody Edits.

Since July 2017, nielsd and I have been working on a vanilla Javascript^ HTML5 remake of Everybody Edits.
The goal of our project was to create a version of Everybody Edits with new technologies and more importantly: less bloat. No woots. No effects. No builder clubs. Just good old mid-2012 blocks, gravity and portals, with added spice, of course.

Finally, it is here. It works and it is great. A few key points...

Make it modern
Nobody Edits runs the latest and greatest. With HTML5 and WebGL Nobody Edits is ready for the future.
With this comes great performance and spectacular visuals. 60fps. Completely, hand-drawn remade graphics. Connected textures. Transparency effects. New physics. Amazing particles.

Make it widescreen
Nobody Edits supports all kinds of screens. Big screens, small screens, and even 4K!
Paired with a controller you could play from the comfort of your couch on the big screen!

Make it portable
Thanks to modern web technologies Nobody Edits even runs on modern smartphones and tablets.
In for some hook jumps on the way home? Use the touch controls or connect your controller and play wherever you want!*

Make it yours
With the Nobody Edits smiley builder you can personalise how you appear in the game.
A bunny wearing a party hat with sunglasses? A ninja with a top hat? You name it. You build it!

Make it ours
Nobody Edits puts a big emphasis on the community. Send in your own designs and help build along a great game for everyone.

Make it new
There are so many big and small improvements in Nobody Edits we cannot possibly name them all.
Get to know the game yourself and check it out now!


^ Nobody Edits is made entirely from scratch. No HAXE. No TS. No frameworks.
* Game performance varies by device. Internet is required to play. When playing on a mobile network, additional charges may apply.

Vsu3iVv.png wE68KMF.png Fa0gKfT.png

Also, if you own, give us a sign. We'll buy it from you.

#8 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-04-11 23:02:03

Different55 wrote:

You're merged. And you should have enough posts to be allowed to posts links now.

Thanks for your time!

#9 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-04-11 22:51:08

Woo, that's some fancy CSS you've got set up when you're about to double post. As if the police are about to chase me!

I know I'm late to the account merge party, but I'd still like to merge my account to claim ownership of my glorious, grammatically error-prone messages from 2011. I have already posted a message in the merge thread, but it seems dead so I thought I'd just do it again! It worked for this guy above me too. I am Ant-99 and I would like to be merged with... well, Ant-99. The required link to my home world: everybodyedits dot com/games/PWXB3OPYeJbUI. I would make it easier for you and make my link clickable, but the forum software does not allow me to do that. My apologies!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thank you for the restoration of my awkwardness! Appreciate ya!

#10 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2018-03-30 21:34:47

Let's go.

everybodyedits dot com/games/PWXB3OPYeJbUI

Thank you!

I can't post links because I'm "new".

#12 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Easter 2011: Sign your teams up here! » 2015-02-15 00:12:54

I'm signing in :

Team :EAXR Crew
Members : Ant-99, Brecht, Jarnemaenhoudt and Marliesmaenhoudt...
Leader : Ant-99

Last edited by Ant-99 (Apr 2 2011 5:25:32 am)

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Official 'Look what I got!' topic » 2015-02-14 22:29:28

Just got a magic coin of 10. Also my energy is reloaded ! One step further to my Great World !

#15 Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Google Chrome Theme » 2015-02-14 14:35:59

Replies: 26

Hi there, i have some fan stuff here...
This is the Everybody Edits Google Chrome theme !
It looks like this :
Download here !

If the first link doesn't work, the server is down. Try a mirror...

Firefox Theme !

Yup, it took a long time, but i think it was worth the waiting.. right ?
Firefox users   can use the link below :
Finnaly, the EE firefox theme !
You need Personas...

Hope you like it ! //

EDIT: I posted here in the General Discussion because this is not really something that's related to the game.
If it's wrong here i would ask the moderators to move it to Graphic Suggestions.

Last edited by Ant-99 (Nov 30 2012 3:57:44 am)

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Google Chrome Theme » 2015-02-14 14:35:57

Jeffrey wrote:

nice but you didnt make the pic, its the background from the forums //

Yes, i'm still searching for large backgrounds from EE. If someone has some background stuff, PM me.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Google Chrome Theme » 2015-02-14 14:35:50

Thanks, now i'm working on a FF theme ! //
EDIT : Personas is not the right way i think to make a theme. How can you limit a 2500x2500 px picture to 300 kb ? Not... Still trying //

Last edited by Ant-99 (Feb 17 2011 10:42:14 am)

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Google Chrome Theme » 2015-02-14 14:35:41

You can do it manual... In Firefox right press on the background and press : view backgroundpicture or something... Then you can save it to
your hard disk...

EDIT 02/03/'11 : Everybody Edits Theme is now available for Firefox !

Last edited by Ant-99 (Mar 2 2011 6:58:37 am)

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Google Chrome Theme » 2015-02-14 14:35:40

I fixed all of the downloads because many of them were dead.
Have fun with the theme :3

#22 Re: Game Discussion » The 100% true story on HOW I GOT CHAT » 2015-02-14 14:16:07

My story:

Me : Dad, can i have Everybody Edits chat, it's one cent...
Dad : No
Me : >:(

#23 Re: Game Discussion » ~Oficial~ EE Animator Translated » 2015-02-14 10:13:41

I can do dutch. How do i start ?
EDIT : There you go :

Last edited by Ant-99 (Mar 8 2011 10:14:58 am)

#24 Re: Game Discussion » ~Oficial~ EE Animator Translated » 2015-02-14 10:13:34

Do we all get credit ? I don't mind, but i'm just asking...

#25 Re: Game Discussion » ~Oficial~ EE Animator Translated » 2015-02-14 10:13:03

Are they still updating Animator ? I've been a long time since i posted here and the dutch version is still not finished :/

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