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#4 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » 2020-07-30 22:47:45

^it looks like its from first page `2017`

#5 Re: Forum Games » Ducks and Hunters » 2020-07-30 18:21:28

!sign in

Idk if I need to choose my ball now or later, so I'm picking it now.

#7 Re: Bug Reports » ""Official"" Everybody Edits not loading topic » 2020-07-30 18:07:02

peace wrote:

check your favorites

E: To look on your favorited worlds, go to this website: your name here

this tool doesn't work since last security update (around a year ago)

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » EE can´t even handle 300x300 world data (What about EE offline?) » 2020-07-30 17:58:40

Minisaurus wrote:

You are right it helps in certain situations
But there are like thousand of combinations that I would need to make for a "loading screen" that might even use more space in the map than doing it without red portals in the case of "The Grand Grimoire" world
The red portal "limit break" trick is inefficient in this case and might be inefficient for all the most complex maps around EE that uses 300x300 whole area to work

Like I said they cannot be used in all cases (and unfortunately they cannot be used in most cases).

#9 Re: Questions and Answers » EE can´t even handle 300x300 world data (What about EE offline?) » 2020-07-30 17:46:12

World portals can be used to break somewhat this limit.
Unfortunately they cannot be used in all cases, but for parkour it could fit (if used wisely).

It would be dumb if EEO wouldn't be able to break these nonsense limits.

#10 Re: Game Suggestions » add fall damage » 2020-07-30 17:38:53

peace wrote:

damage.. then there hsould be a way to let diffrent hazards do diffrent damage/sec orfixed damage intresting

speed control hazard or speed control portal??

#17 Re: Game Discussion » Actually, language barrier. I become Staff Team. Xeno says. (Nope) » 2020-07-07 23:52:07

2B55B5G TNG wrote:
Edilights wrote:
XxAtillaxX wrote:

**** it why not make her staff, the game is dead anyway

Well Mr. Atilla , this game in your mind (EE) you can consider anything else . But EE Universe can be a true successor for the entire community .
She wants to be something or random person what gave hope in this game . Why we can't put her as translator for EEU?
Why everyone say Everybody Edits is dead if isn't true and players give propaganda to another game?(In a contradiction against toxic players and don't ignore what I say 'Why the term 'Drama' does exist here if it's too ilogic and absurd to explain all of this?' , We can't make a topic of this)

because you need to accept the reality //
i doubt eeu can get more players but we'll see, miracles exist for sure you know

EEU didn't bought ads yet, nor got out of closed beta, so it's it's very probable to get at least moderately huge comunity (aka some between size of comunity in 2014/2016)
of coure it has to get playable enough, get more features, and get released to the public at first.
some players don't belive that it's possible for the game to be released, but i'm sure, that if it'll got released, it'll get at least moderate interest.

#21 Re: Game Discussion » EE vs EEU minimaking » 2020-07-04 18:57:48

Minisaurus wrote:

Reply to your post above,
Imagine going through an one-way platform and suddenly see yourself being teleported to the other side, it would not feel natural and would make you feel most likely controlled at all time by "invisible forces"
Your idea would accomplish only one of the many purposes the one-way portals have adequately (only when the portals are placed in a closed tube in switch systems), and would be rather problematic than helpful for all the other building needs.
Lukem did the same than you did here, and I proved that for many reasons doing so is not ideal and might cause more problems than it solves, if we do like so, is building in the hard way, not efficient for playing neither building, I would rather look for the alternatives that are less messy (Without the need of portals but switches or other type of action tools for the purpose)

The purpose of Death portals is to optimize the usage of the space in the map without being intrusive with the building and the gameplay, it have to be unnoticed by the player in every moment of the gameplay - yeah, my sollutions are intrusive, and making them functional won't change that
It is done by making one of the active portal sides inactive while all others sides remain active (Or more sides could be inactive in case the player place more than one death portal in a side of an active potal)

The main problems I see with your suggestion is:
1. It uses a bit larger area occupied to do the same
2. It teleports you, so you have a high chance to teleport you to a wrong portal, so it require a huge amount of carefulness to not cause major issues while building to not use Important ID more than once otherwise teleporting to the wrong portal is guarteed - not a big problem when you can do the same with simpler things even in EE if you don't list in your mind used ID's
3. It reduces the efficiency of the use of IDS and the usability of the already used IDs - [img]when we have 99999 ID's possible[/img]
4. It teleports you, it causes unpleasant teleporting that makes the player to lose control of the smiley speed and direction, this might cause as well to allow the player to even get into the portal activation accidentally - yeah, block jagging, i've said it :/
5. It uses a large amount of IDs, making it more difficult for the builder to manage the correct IDS - same as 2 and 3, but yeah, for repeatable things it's difficult
(Basically you are teleporting from A to B to C - or even more, teleporting from A to D and then teleporting from B to C, too many teleportings for a simple task)

actually, in that type of mini shown in the video, i would use single line of portals, instead of one point, or change a rotation a bit and add some mid-layer to prevent player from looping, but the problem in video is shown well

i have to agree with you on most points, through current portals doesn't work good for gameplay purposes
still, for systems it's sufficient and i can't see a way i could use them efficientlier in EE nor in EEU

#22 Re: Game Discussion » EE vs EEU minimaking » 2020-07-04 00:05:28

like i said, it's possible to make something that works simmilary in EEU
the only disadvantage of this sollution is that you block-jagging at teleportation, but functionality is the same
in EE it would be impossible to do this in that way, but thankfully EEU allow to do that
If it's not sufficient, just tell me what it's not good for
(srsl i can't see anything that couldn't be replicated in EEU, so show me)

second, but working both ways
fourth and fifth (they're very simmilar)

I see, that death portal as a tool would be useful in edit zones, to deactivate centrain portals, but owner's creativity would have to be at high level to force his players to beat his edit-zone mini in the way he want

Minisaurus wrote:

Many Campaign maps uses death portals
Many of the worlds you have played uses this intended hidden portal feature for various purposes, including switchs systems, minis, puzzles, illusions, reset/check system

when i saw uses in minis, puzzles and illusions, i never saw them in systems (and idk how would it be useful in reset checkpoint system)
and for set switches on/off systems there are easier and smaller to build non portal systems

#23 Re: Game Discussion » EE vs EEU minimaking » 2020-07-02 23:38:03

when i'm in very small amount of given building groups, the comments seems reasonable, but as system maker, i don't find lack of some gliches a big problem
one way portals can be done manually (of course you'll have to block jagging) but it's acceptable to use
lack of death portals (i'm not sure what you meant by that, so i imply it's death of your speed) is not a problem through there's no 'none gravity effect' that would cause it to be useful
for system making (in closed controlled space) it's easy to get used to use portals properly
building systems in new way seems a lot easier through you don't have to prevent you from sliding through a block
of course without boosts it's a lot harder to maintain necessary speed, but when they'll be added, many things will be easier

as old player i learned how to prevent player fromm missing a hole, but new players won't need to do that and that's great

now glitches:
glitches shouldn't make you be able to exploit smth, so if you're able to do that with glitches, it's only map owner's fault
learning how to get rid of glitches on your map shouldn't be necessary
on the other hand, some of the minis i've seen was using them in very creative way - owner leaved an explaination for new players, and everything seemd fine

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