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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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#1 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Kreacher's Graphics » 2017-12-24 10:45:15

I liked the Sun Smiley and the Bomb Graphics!

#3 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Jet's Graphics Dump » 2017-11-08 21:10:36

Joeyc wrote:

Snowflake is so good //

I think the Snowflake is so good as well! //

#4 Re: Creative » Avatar! » 2017-11-08 21:05:22

1. The smiley you want, gingerbread is not allowed. Doctor
2. The background color you want/picture of background you want. Yellow
3. The name color you want Orange and Red Mix

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