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Do you think I could just leave this part blank and it'd be okay? We're just going to replace the whole thing with a header image anyway, right?

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#1 Re: Creative » Pride-ify Profile Pictures » 2019-06-05 22:15:36

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

Hmm... i like everything except that one of her arms is blue. So i won't use it.
But if you fix it i will.



#2 Re: Forum Discussion » Community Formatting Guide » 2019-05-24 12:41:17

MWstudios wrote:

I tried every HTML tag in BBcode and found two more tags:
Del, another form of S
Em, another form of I

Yeah, I knew of those tags. But we decided to keep only one alias to prevent potential confusion in the future, those being the ones shown in the BBCode editor.

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » Community Formatting Guide » 2019-05-23 13:33:01


Added Horizontal Rules, which I didn't know could be used in these forums until now.

#4 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Off-Topic chat thread » 2019-05-17 15:50:06


PiotrGrochowski is reported for reporting too many users.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Account recovery » 2019-05-17 12:36:05

peace wrote:

you can pm xenonnetix on the forusms or lukem enonetix is the owner of th egame an dlukem is a very good admin/developer other developrers ar emor ebusy wiht EEO/EEU i guess

If you're going to suggest messaging staff members, at least dare to type their names properly. sigh

The game owner is Xenonetix, if you're willing to contact them to have your account transferred or linked.

#7 Re: Creative » HG's Experimental Avatar and Signature Creation Topic » 2019-05-06 22:58:42


I'm very well aware that I have 4 pending sets, but I'll have to close this topic in favor of a big project I plan on bringing at the end of this year, or beginning of next year. I can't give more details.

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Nontopic Worthy Game Discussion » 2019-05-06 21:14:25

mikelolsuperman wrote:

Credits to Coinage

You mean C  mini-ppr.pnginage

I remember having used that glitch for one obstacle in a old series level.

#9 Re: Bug Reports » switching tabs (like froums reading) makes my shift stickied » 2019-05-04 15:19:21

peace wrote:
HG wrote:

That's a old Flash issue that can't really be fixed, as far as I'm aware.

but i think it only happened since rebinding

It doesn't have anything to do with the keybinding system at all.

If you lose focus on any Flash instance while holding a key that key is held until you press and release it again while focusing the client.

#10 Re: Bug Reports » switching tabs (like froums reading) makes my shift stickied » 2019-05-04 15:16:56


That's a old Flash issue that can't really be fixed, as far as I'm aware.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » EE Memes » 2019-04-20 04:02:02


The length of the Xenotenuse is equal to the square root of the sum of the Patreon donators.


#14 Re: Game Discussion » My recognition and responsibility for hacking the game » 2019-04-17 13:56:33


Please. Comparing a data breach to a homicide is stupid.

#15 Re: Forum Discussion » Community Formatting Guide » 2019-04-15 14:14:01

Tomahawk wrote:

I don’t think you’ve explained how to embed a gif.

Added exclusively for you. //

peace wrote:

alos you didn tlist  taht you cna opn list inside itslef to make susb lists

Added. Also took the chance to improve the example code to allow users to write lists in a cleaner way.

Anatoly wrote:

And STICKY this please!!!

This topic doesn't really need to be sticky. We already have a link to it below the text editor.


#16 Re: Forum Discussion » Community Formatting Guide » 2019-04-14 17:45:55

Koya wrote:

Probably not wise to add your email unless you enjoy spam

I do enjoy spam. Also, it's not my business email.

Koya wrote:

also why aren't emails automatically snipped?

Honestly that would be a great addition.

#17 Re: Forum Discussion » Community Formatting Guide » 2019-04-14 17:37:15


I've updated this guide once again to allow new users to search for what they need even more easily.

  • Each main category has a description, this should allow users to go where they have to go, instead of having to explore each category.

  • A lot of empty space has been removed from the Basic Formatting category, while still looking clear.

  • The Text Blocks and Embeds categories have had their content separated into spoilers.

#18 Re: Bug Reports » Minimap Transparency » 2019-04-14 15:45:41

PiotrGrochowski wrote:
HG wrote:

Uhh you probably screenshot this at a frame when the vertical cursor was invisible, if I put the text box out of focus it becomes the exact opposite — 1% which is the exact opposite of what I want

I haven't touched that setting ever since it was implemented, I've always had it set to 0%.

Most likely I was able to set it to 0% before the saving system was modified, which is why I have no problem. Doesn't change the fact that this is a really silly bug report.

#19 Re: Bug Reports » Minimap Transparency » 2019-04-14 15:20:20


shaking my head at all of you


#20 Re: Forum Games » Edit the world » 2019-04-14 13:37:12


I'm placing a air block at (21,21)

#23 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Thought experiment. » 2019-04-12 14:35:05

peace wrote:

i think its th ebest to ask god if we shoudl press the button or not he knows if weve **** up th eplanet enough or not

Why would we have to ask Chris Lamb whether we should press the button?

#24 Re: Forum Games » press the button yes or no? » 2019-04-11 15:02:16



The button would convert Everybody Edits into a real planet, the only people to ever exist are Everybody Edits players.
The whole world is led by president Chris Lamb.
You will finally be able to fly across the world with God Mode, and build things easily exactly how you wanted, but you'll have to beg for new blocks and pay $250/month to support the world to allow that to happen.

Would you press the button?

#25 Re: Game Discussion » hey did we get hacked again? » 2019-04-07 14:32:21


Changing your password will prevent you from logging in through any other devices until you update your login information. You only stay logged in from another device if you already have an active connection to the game while changing password, unfortunately, because of how PlayerIO manages connections.

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