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#1 Questions and Answers » Looking for some help with a level. » 2016-04-19 17:31:16

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My pallete world is very outdated. Would appreciate some help and information on creating a new one. Thanks. P.S. I miss you honeybuckels44.


#3 Bug Reports » help... my game will not load past the load screen... » 2015-03-26 16:26:51

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Erm my game will not load past the load screen it just sits there i cleared my cache tried different browsers to no avail any help??

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Who do you think will win the loading screen contest? » 2015-03-12 22:45:52

What about us??

TEAM: "The Return"
Pyromaniac, Solonggulle, Planecool

I think our level is eggcellent.

#7 Re: Forum Discussion » Wtf?? My sig won't work... » 2015-03-11 22:15:11

then why can i not see it?? or anyones sigs??

edit i had sigs turned off in settings facepalm ;(

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » Wtf?? My sig won't work... » 2015-03-11 21:59:42

MY sig is most certainly not working and neither is yours...

#9 Forum Discussion » Wtf?? My sig won't work... » 2015-03-11 21:28:33

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My Sig won;t work...
* CYPH1E > YOU: [I'm] half bot pig man bear.

My home.

and neither will my avatar.


no i mean this is the post theirs no sig underneath my post and my avatar seems to be too big??

#13 Re: Worlds » Enter the Eye » 2015-03-09 21:59:57

this level one of the best ever made in ee

#14 Re: Worlds » Protect The Salad » 2015-03-06 14:36:10

I like it ;P It was fun!!!

#15 Re: World Creation » Controlled Chaos Collaboration (OPEN AGAIN!!!) » 2015-03-04 02:56:57

In-game username planecool
Time zone midwest wisconsin usa
Preferred hours after school 3:30-5:30
Promise to me with a cherry on top that you read and understood the rules yep ;P

#17 Re: Worlds » this is not snow » 2015-03-03 21:34:26

nice level ;P i love it 9/10 hard minis but fun i got like halfway though before i had to go ;P

#18 Re: World Creation » Controlled Chaos Collaboration (OPEN AGAIN!!!) » 2015-02-28 21:56:35

Definitely will be watching this its a great idea add me in ;P planecool

#19 Worlds » Clouds And Jumps by Arber2 and Planecool » 2015-02-28 21:47:45

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This level was made by arber2 and me. It features some easy mini games and some decently good art. The goal is to get to the castle or chest in the cloud. Good Luck and Have fun!!


Planecool and Arber2

#20 Re: Forum Business » Account merge requests » 2015-02-21 22:24:17



#22 Re: World Creation » JaWapa's Color Palette » 2015-02-20 00:15:50

totaly shamesly copyed for my own level and gave credit to you

#23 Re: Game Business » Official Everybody Edits Loading Screen Contest! » 2015-02-19 03:11:35

The Return


#24 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:49:10

There's like no more major updates

#25 Re: Game Business » Update Discussion » 2015-02-15 01:45:28

yah, but its hard to jeep up with all the updates even if you are beta like me...i also have no time to get more portals

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