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#1 Re: World Creation » 2Bit » 2019-03-14 11:39:15

Nice idea, hope to see it finished!

#2 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-14 11:38:34

End the drama. Let Anatoly win, I’m so **** tired about this stupid drama.

#7 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-12 10:45:10

But, Anatoly, there are no trash replies too.

Also, we are not bullying, we are just giving you advices. If you don’t want to change then okay, I don’t care. Post what you want, no one can stop you.
I also agree that some people bias and hates/bully you, maybe I was one of them, but now I’m not. It’s your decision to change or not.

But please can you not lock topics just because things are not expected? You lock topics because there are no value for discussion, what you’re doing is abusing it.

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-11 12:31:59

It reminds me of a warning I got 3 years ago, and the admin who gave me the warning wrote me a long passage and I remember there’s a line saying “You’re welcome to an opinion.”

I still don’t understand why I got a flaming warning for the opinion I posted, maybe the sentence “Seeing these topics everyday makes me feel sick.” is considered flaming but I don’t really mean to because I know flaming, harassing or bullying someone is bad.

If you think anything I said about Anatoly is rude, I apologize, but I still really think he should not post his personal life in the forums but somewhere else.

My point is that Anatoly’s topics aren’t interesting or fun to see at all, I know that he tried to make his topics interesting but he failed. I think that’s the reason why people start to hate his topics. (I mean the mirrored 2019 is really stupid and not funny at all)

So my advice is, Anatoly should post more useful things as he is not very good at making jokes, and it doesn’t violate the rules too.

EDIT: Also, Anatoly shouldn’t close his topics just because things doesn’t go well, if he made the topic but can’t handle the madness, just find an admin.

#10 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-11 10:52:01

Tbh why Luka is always a bad person in the forum admins’ eyes? He tried to help.

#11 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-11 10:45:50

Well just let Anatoly do whatever he wants and fill this forum with more of his posts and let the forum staff to continue bias Anatoly. This is the only solution to this drama. Whatever we do we can’t stop Anatoly anyway.

Keep silent and don’t care about it. Everything in this forum belongs to Anatoly now.

And bye I’m out of this drama.

#12 Re: Forum Discussion » Anatoly, can you stop? » 2019-03-10 14:33:34

Andymakeer wrote:

funny how no one can discuss this without minimodding but here is my opinion:

The forum is not your 2B, its not your job to say what others can or cannot post.

Oh so you expect those biasing staff to stop Anatoly?
Also, not only me gets annoyed by his post. And I’m not minimodding, again, I’m just expressing my opinion.

EDIT: The forum is not Anatoly’s too. He made too much useless posts. Yes, Luka504 made many too, but at least he stopped.

What Anatoly is doing is making useless topics and doesn’t change, he doesn’t realize his mistakes, even when the community told him to stop.

Well, forum staff, if you’re still gonna bias Anatoly then ban me. Stand from our views not just his views. We feel annoyed, but what you did instead is to block us to express our opinions that we think Anatoly is annoying.

Forums are for discussions not for a single person to spam with useless topics.

#13 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-10 13:59:22

What Anatoly does is:
Someone kills a guy and doesn’t get arrested.
Anatoly: Oh he didn’t get arrested so I can kill people too.
What we do is:
People: Anatoly stop that’s illegal
Anatoly: What? It’s legal, see that murderer, he didn’t get arrested!
EDIT: Luka’s post is making me believe forum admins are definitely biasing Anatoly.

#14 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-10 13:55:56

Was sending a discord dm to Anatoly and my message got automatically deleted. What

#15 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-10 13:49:06

Anatoly wrote:
2B55B5G TNG wrote:

your useless topics

I don't find anything I post useless.

So do you think mirror 2019 is useful?

#16 Re: Forum Discussion » Anatoly, can you stop? » 2019-03-10 13:45:42

Firstly I did not flame or bully you.
Secondly, do you think you will agree me if I PM? Same as other people.
Thirdly, the reason why I said I think the admins are biasing is because I was expressing my opinion while not being rude and not harass you but they see it as flaming.

And why I didn’t know that you shared mirrored 2019 to me??

EDIT: If I’m being rude I would say “**** you please delete your **** posts and quit.”

#17 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-10 13:40:31

I agree that some people for example Luka504, TaskManager create useless topics, they have to be changed too. But if you changed first they can change too. Btw do you realize your useless topics are just giving people chance to make fun of you.

EDIT: For me, the definition of useless posts are
• Stupid posts (mirrored 2019)
• Your personal life posts

#18 Re: Forum Discussion » Anatoly, can you stop? » 2019-03-10 13:36:40

I mean your useless topics. Also the ‘door’ thing you posted, not everyone cares, mirrored 2019 too.

#20 Forum Discussion » Anatoly, can you stop? » 2019-03-10 13:09:26

Replies: 11

I definitely will get another flaming warning and ban for this but I really have to say it.
Literally no one in the forums care about your personal life or whatever.
Maybe you’re trying to make the forums become fun but in our views it’s annoying.
I know that we can ignore your topics but a small amount of people, for example, Peace, will not ignore them.

I really hope that you can think about stop posting your personal/daily life.

Forums is NOT your daily vlog, it’s for everyone to discuss.

I hope it doesn’t reach a point where everyone in the forums hates you.

EDIT: I still don’t hate you but if it keeps continue I’m gonna get super annoyed.

EDIT 2: Btw for the first flaming warning I got I didn’t even try to attack him or what, I just want to express my opinion then I got banned for 1 day. It starts to let me think that the forum admins are biasing Anatoly. But the thing is that his topics are useless, so I express my opinion to let Anatoly stop, but instead the admins thought that’s its flaming. Can a forum admin explain why?

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Hello EE!! » 2019-03-09 10:47:21

No there are 50 worlds. They’re just invisible from lobby.

#22 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Strange notice... » 2019-03-09 10:45:56

I don’t mean to criticize Anatoly but these topics seriously annoys me. Seeing them everyday makes me feel sick. Forums are not for your personal life and it’s not your vlog.

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