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#2 Re: Forum Games » The Adventure: Black & White Edition » Today 14:56:42

Meanwhile when he was changing the gravity he found a secret portal to escape.

#3 Re: Forum Games » The Adventure: Black & White Edition » Today 14:46:24

So he changed his gravity and avoided the wall

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Label » Today 12:49:57

Do you even know what the heck is random?

#5 Re: Forum Games » The Adventure: Black & White Edition » Today 08:01:41

Hmm, is there any goal to win this game? Should we kill it? If not, that’s boring.
As GD happens, he entered a ball portal and turned into a ball.

#6 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Chat, levels, shop improvement and smiley slots » 2019-01-13 04:48:57

People could just AFK in worlds to gain XP.
Level up to gain worlds? This is absolutely a bad idea. I suggest to only unlock smileys, energy or gems when you level up.

But what I like is the global chat, it’s very efficient and you don’t have to wait a guy to be online so you can chat to him. But maybe the global chat box could be bigger while making that friend list collapse thing smaller since you could just use the scroll bar to see who is playing.

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-12 05:31:09

Sure, LukeM said that they have plenty of evidence, why can’t you show them? If you can’t you’re just protecting Xeno because it seems like you have no evidence atm.

At this time we can just wait the devs to find out who is the original raider, after they find out we can discuss more.

#9 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-11 15:09:01

Says the one who kept argueing

peace wrote:

can this drama stop as it already ahppened and cant be chnaged?

#10 Re: Game Discussion » The Most Impressive Thing You've Done » 2019-01-11 15:08:16

I was going to remake a game which requires animate. Then I realized I can’t even do all the frames.

#12 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-11 13:56:15

When you’re in a campaign world called ‘This is not snow’, idk if you were joking but you sent a broadcast message like *LALA la la la, before that you also sent some broadcast message like *SYSTEM Turewjyg bmbm (I actually forgot what you said but it’s something like that)

#14 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-11 13:42:18

Gosha, is the broadcast message thing the thing that when a staff sends a notification to everyone such as game update notification?
And I’m not blaming you but I think you used something like a broadcast message in “This is not snow”, you sent *LALA la la la la la, or something like that.

If everything is what Luka said, which is Xeno forcing Gosha to confess or Gosha will pay, I will lose all trust to Xeno, and would like to change an owner (after EEU released). I can’t believe Xeno would do something like this, just because he hates a person.

Also, LukeM, why the heck would you blame Gosha when you have no evidence? Are you protecting Xeno or what? I felt so angry that you blamed Gosha when you have no evidence to show that he raided EE. Think before you do any action, blaming Gosha randomly will make me lose some trust to you.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » What constitutes an Everybody Edits "pro"? » 2019-01-11 06:09:14

No Minisaurus. To be pro, you have to spam bmbm to everyone.

#16 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-11 04:18:17

So can we stop this drama until the devs find out who’s the original raider?

#17 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-10 17:11:24

Xeno already got his account back did you even read his reply. Instead, Gosha’s account is still broken.

And you mentioned there’s only 2 devs, think about who is the one who demote Gosha.

#20 Re: Forum Discussion » I hope you are happy » 2019-01-10 16:39:30

Maybe I take the community too seriously too? :think:

#21 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-10 16:26:25

@Peace But he deleted Gosha’s account which is non-sense and Xeno sometimes can be wrong, he’s not right everytime. It doesn’t mean that if he’s the owner of the game he can do anything crazy he want. Yes, he is kind to us, he never pretends, but this time he didn’t even listen to Gosha (and LukeM)’s explaination about the PlayerIO was broken then suddenly became so angry then fired them two then next deleted Gosha’s account. If Xeno don’t trust him it’s fine, but deleting his account is totally unacceptable because that’s useless and he didn’t even think about his own problems then decided to delete his account.

And yes, it’s none of Atilla’s business to delete Xeno’s account, but he did that because he expected Xeno to learn from this but sadly he didn’t, he still thinks that himself is the right one and Gosha is the wrong one, he didn’t even apologize to Gosha for misunderstanding him and deleting his account.

If Xeno is very pro at programming then he’ll just go fix the problem himself, but he’s not, he doesn’t know about programming (or maybe little) but he pretends that he knows everything about it then start to blame Gosha and deleted his account. He’s just thinking he’s right all the time, he even said this to Phinarose: I can’t work with someone who thinks my management style is retarded. This definitely means that he thinks himself is right and he don’t realize his own problems.

Also, he hates Gosha. From that moment when Xeno became the game owner, he finds every possible reason to kick Gosha out of the staff team, now he had a reason and kicked him from the staff team and deleted his account too.

Again, I can’t stop you for blaming Atilla, what I can do for you is just to help him explain. You can choose to not trust me but to trust Xeno, it’s fine. I just hope you can don’t blame everything on Atilla thinking he’s destroying EE. If you think it in another way he’s actually helping Xeno to change, but he won’t.
Not every owner is always right, everyone do mistakes, you also do mistakes, right?

EDIT: And remember that Gosha’s account is still broken but Xeno’s account is already back to normal. Xeno just wanted to destroy his account entirely so Atilla also did the same thing to Xeno. It’s just letting him to feel what Gosha is feeling. But of course, revenging is not good, but again he’s just trying to help but maybe in a wrong way.

(I’m sorry if I’m talking non-sense //

#24 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-10 13:17:13

@Peace What I see isn’t Atilla **** the staff, is he trying to prove the truth and make Xeno apologize. If you don’t know what’s the situation just don’t join this drama.
I think what he only wants is to make Xeno apologize and give back Gosha’s account.

EDIT: Yes, Atilla is part of a community, but don’t forget that you and I are a part of the community too. We are just telling our opinions, if you disagree then just leave him alone. Telling him to stop and forcing him to change his behavior is not your business. Of course, if you’re not gonna listen my opinion it’s fine, I can’t stop you anyway.

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