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#7 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-08-14 05:28:41

i somehow found more (absolutely useless) screenshots

but im not gonna send them here now because im supposed to sleep hours ago so I’ll edit this message and give the screenshots when i come back

#9 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-08-02 19:47:52

I have access to my old google account.
More screenshots for you, though some of them have texts because my cringe **** decided that it was a good idea.

apparently there’s still more and I didn’t notice. It’s mainly world completions

campaign stuff:

magic coins:

#10 Re: Game Discussion » I'm curious of EE Art » 2021-08-02 12:17:17




This is what I’ve made.
I mean this obviously isn’t similar to the art you’ve shown, it’s completely different. And it doesn’t look good as well.

But if you’re into weird stuff like this then uhh
Generally I think of the theme first, then I build the minis, then I try to make it look good.
Though my worlds often don’t really have a certain theme throughout the whole level (it’s more like different areas with different themes) because I just like making whatever the hell I want, lol

I guess you wanna consider the layout of the world too, just make the minis first then do the art. Ironically I literally never cared about the layout and just made minis in whatever direction I want (I guess the first image is an exception), but I think it’s still a good idea to do that.

This probably isn’t helpful, and Minimania probably already said everything I wanted to say but good luck

#12 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 50 - Rise of the Phoenixborn Game Thread [VAMP/WITCH WIN] » 2021-07-30 12:29:19

we’re never gonna know the content of all the whispers 😔

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Suggestion: Make EE active again. » 2021-07-29 21:48:05

a remake or I guess a remastered version of EE is in the making

and hi im alive

i miss multiplayer EE tbh

#15 Re: Game Discussion » ⚠️ATTENTION EVERYBODY EDITS VETERANS ⚠️ » 2021-07-26 00:45:01

i joined 2015 so i don’t have screenshots from the early days
though i do have some random screenshots which i can’t give rn because i can’t access it

#20 Re: Forum Games » Mafia Universe Championship 8 Invitation » 2021-06-05 21:44:39

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

Guys i died on night 4, are you proud of me.

i only read the first 15 pages but im proud!!!

#22 Re: Creative » Pride-ify Profile Pictures » 2021-06-02 11:27:46

can you add bi or pan colours to my pfp tyvm

#23 Re: Game Discussion » New game » 2021-05-31 15:25:53

lets goooo we can ditch ee! now

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