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#2 Re: Bots and Programming » [C# Tutorial] How to use InitParse - get all blocks in a world » 2020-10-08 07:33:07

Gosha wrote:

you can use this

Hidden text

Damn, it's working now // Thank you //

#3 Re: Bots and Programming » [C# Tutorial] How to use InitParse - get all blocks in a world » 2020-10-07 18:34:02

Thank you for this very helpful tutorial, Latif ! However when I try to get a block id from a world I've just entered in it returns me 0 whereas when I start putting random blocks it does return me the correct id. I've put the code from Step 4 in the (if m.Type == "init") block though :/

I've tried to make it so it is a switch like step 4 but it doesn't seem to resolve anything at all. Does anybody have some idea on what I've done wrong ? Thank you.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Official 'Look what I got!' topic » 2019-10-25 11:21:26



Honestly, f*** this.

My next time doing another extreme level will probably be never, i can't bear these suicide encouragment minis.

#6 Re: Forum Games » name a fact abotu th enumber posted above » 2019-08-25 14:21:34

Infinity multiplied by something, or even Infinity plus, minus something will still be Infinity.


#7 Re: Game Discussion » How many people are actually excited for EEU? » 2019-08-24 15:29:29

i will do as i'm currently doing with ee, connect 1-2 times every months. But if player base increase, it'll be something else

#8 Re: Forum Discussion » Plenty' O Suggestions » 2019-08-09 20:35:44

This will just bring sh**posting/spamming

#11 Re: Game Discussion » I'd like my fanboy » 2019-03-09 09:58:45

well just ask them when you'll meet either xenonetix and such in game bcs it looks like they are not checking the forum for now. and you should remove the stuff you've made in the other topic lol, no need to get that infuriated

#15 Re: Game Discussion » EE Retention Test » 2018-10-28 16:38:44

I only wrote what these usernames remind me :

Minimootr big spidender
Bob bunny
Aoitesheni forum user
Allie x
Awzzomedude x
123 shared account banned
133 x
EENinja x
Takoman02 x
fovika x
Jak x
Supergamefan1337 x
DKLevels level maker
Boh x
Gta x
kannibalfrost edit smiley
Processor admin
Suncoli x
Vardiitex shared account banned lot energy
Bobyy fanboy
Lop x
Oturan x
Ewoke x
Jaybm x
Haerdy123 shared
Honeybuckles44 x
Jettix shared
0176 x
Bossking x
Puckza x
N1c0227 shared
BritishTea x
Herosbow x
Graystripekokiri x
grove16 x
Jabatheblob1 bot
Abrar11 bot
Deadlord x
koth x
BillyP x
SquadFS x
Birder x
supermen12 x
Tomahawk forum user
stagecrew level maker
Fir3fli3 x
Ganig x
lenn x
Jan12345 x
Gkabyssflorida level maker
Lollyboy x
Teleporthacker1 hacked client
Tobakshi shared
spottydots x
Aslai midi bot ?
Well old user, level maker
Asurch x
andrewp x
Shift x
TheCoolGuy x
Google x
Express50 x
chefbanana x
omri x
Wiktoria x
Toxic x
Kingoftheozone old user
Amitatsmon x
Stubby x
DylanDaSkater lot of energy
calyfornia x
Shyguy x
Pyromanic x
Star x
SmittyW fox smiley
Chewy x
AndreiTan x
laub i see him sometimes in some levels
Polis x
Dazz x
Oldschoolgamer x
Daniel1234 already saw him in some levels, and forum user?
Lump x
Lut1 x
Legend x
Whatter old user, remember playing his boss to code level
222hockey222 x
Legacy x
Watashii x
NaztyRushz x
Treejoe4 x
Kingpooultra x
Thanel admin
Krubby x
Legyo shared account banned
Brawler700 x
Tokebot x
Iamdude shared?
Cow old user
rock3r1337 x
Echo saw his name on old ee trailer
Cyph1e bot
Ryan x
Stagecrew level maker
kmybean x
Kaosslasher x
Toby x
Explozion old user, saw him troll a level with red mineral block in 2011-2012
Vit x
Jojektok x
Cyclone admin
Theditor old user, level maker?
Meredith saw his name on forum
Saintcool old user
Iraka old user
Areus x
Brazil x
lickagoat level maker
Freekillen shared
Spiderman lot of energy
Wezza x
RPGMaster2000 admin
Drock2308 x
coolgamesplayer x
Jkiller21 x
Creative x
MFL ex crew ?
Bobithan mod forum
XjeeX programmer
Linus21 shared?
Zoidy x
Mobon shared account banned
LQL lol
Biggie x
Rayoflight x
Glenn old user
Zacoist x
Terrorcookie level maker
Wormman x
Addi x
smileyxp shared
manurthebest x
Blissinged x
Bot shared
Britishtea x
Koth x
Jaa x
Orheargold shared
fir3fli3 x
Zakleo x
phenomenon x

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits 1st annual reflection » 2018-08-17 13:05:38

i dislike lack of players
want to fix players count
look forward for new players coming

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Whom do you miss? » 2018-06-10 22:00:42

I miss the password of my first account // // // // // //

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