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#1 Re: Forum Games » the official mafia rules list » 2019-08-19 16:50:59

Let's let each mafia game set their own rules.

#2 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Y A E E !!! » 2019-08-17 22:19:12

Nebula wrote:
NorwegianboyEE wrote:

Why is this and what does it exist for?

the server title is already obligatory, also that was supposed to replace EE Forums IRC that was owned on kiwiirc

If this would turn into #eeforums v2 I would be happy. #eeforums was good times.

#3 Off Topic Discussion » Y A E E !!! » 2019-08-17 14:34:34

Replies: 5

... is Yet Another Everybody Edits Discord server.

There's a shortage of those, you know. It's not Bedwar and it's not EE (Offical Third-Party)™®. It's the Discord server nobody asked for. Actually I guess like 3 people asked or I wouldn't be doing this.


#6 Re: Game Discussion » Please Bring everybodyedits,com Back Online » 2019-08-12 14:13:40

IMO the hacker is someone petty and way too emotionally attached to and obsessive over a flash game with jumping smiley faces that was on its way out anyway. Plenty of things they could have done with account information and passwords, and all they do is use it to get attention.

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Help me! » 2019-08-11 17:45:39

Onjit wrote:

Believe me, if closing threads wasn't broken, I would have closed this thread long ago

That's still broken?

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Help me! » 2019-08-11 17:44:57

* SYSTEM: Visible set to False.

#12 Re: Forum Discussion » Plenty' O Suggestions » 2019-08-09 21:46:05

Imo that like system takes the bad bits of StackExchange and makes them worse by making them popularity based instead of """merit""" based. No point in restricting arbitrary features, that's SE's weak attempt at trying to avoid moderating, we have staff here who can keep up with the activity. Trust-based systems for giving additional powers has always been a neat idea but for here, again, we have staff who can keep up with the pace of the forums. Also since it's popularity based instead of trust based, you can guarantee the forums would almost instantly fall into anarchy lol.

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Somebody know what happened to "Block Miner"? » 2019-08-09 00:30:27

It stopped being EE's kinsmen when they stopped using the freaky semi realistic disembodied heads as avatars

#14 Re: Game Discussion » upon beating the cake is a lie you get kicked and it got a picture » 2019-08-05 10:53:25

Please keep it on topic, this is not another "dae peace spelling bad" topic

#15 Re: Forum Discussion » If EEU Closed Beta releases, may we have rank Closed Beta Tester? » 2019-08-03 19:16:05

Ehh probably not. We don't have other random patreon rank titles.

#16 Game Discussion » What are like the actual differences between EE and EEU? » 2019-08-03 01:20:21

Replies: 47

Like I know the technical differences, HTML5 vs Flash and all that, getting rid of the cruft that's been build up over the years. But like from game to game what are the differences going to be? I could have sworn there was a topic going into more detail about how EEU was going to work as a game but I can't find anything now.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » upon beating the cake is a lie you get kicked and it got a picture » 2019-07-31 22:55:35

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

Can you put a spoiler saying NSFW warning ._.

Nope NSFW stuff isn't allowed on the forums even with content warnings.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Has EE officially shutdown? » 2019-07-30 10:32:55

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

Chrome does that for all flash files. The message is nearly meaningless.

#21 Re: Forum Discussion » Old forum account » 2019-07-27 23:35:35

Long story short accounts were lost in a fire 4 years ago. I sent you a PM when you signed up, give it a read.

#22 Re: Forum Discussion » closing topics with bottom button is impossible » 2019-07-26 16:45:12

The one in the footer? Right above the RSS link and the Jump to dropdown?

#23 Re: Forum Discussion » The post table and topic table seem to be out of sync! » 2019-07-24 21:32:45

For the moment, just resync'd the tables. Unsure what pushed them out of sync rn

#24 Re: Game Discussion » Thank you for safe, EE Staff! » 2019-07-24 03:37:07

XxAtillaxX wrote:

Uh, not in the same ways that it is now. In the past, you didn't have tons of people's account details being leaked nor a million emails at that.

Odd statement to make. In the past we didn't have 500,000 Meltdown-esque security vulnerabilities oozing out of every Intel processor, either. Intel didn't suddenly start retroactively sucking. Or the forums and all the fun CSRF attacks recently. It's not that the vulnerabilities weren't there, it's just that the first person to look grabbed everyone's attention and everyone started looking after that.

#25 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-07-22 21:58:00

Nebula wrote:
Different55 wrote:

Fixed half-missing CSRF token, people should be allowed to close their own topics again.

that's still not fixed, mate

Looks fixed to me, what topic are you trying to close that isn't working?

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