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#2 Re: Debates » will we survivle anoter ice tim if one woudl occur? » 2020-02-06 15:02:25

peace wrote:

and hwo do u think that will work? crops dont grow in like a few hours also are nuclear reactors that safe? and dont the take up liek much space and dont the groudn collapse if we dig too much in it?

well there's already a huge supply of MREs and canned products, crops can be grown in the meantime
and yes, modern nuclear reactors are extremely safe. it is quite literally impossible to have a meltdown with them like the old reactors they had in Japan and Ukraine … tor#Safety
The liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is a heterogeneous MSR design which breeds its U-233 fuel from a fertile blanket of lithium-beryllium fluoride (FLiBe) salts with thorium fluoride. The thorium-232 captures neutrons from the reactor core to become protactinium-233, which decays (27-day half-life) to U-233.

#3 Re: Debates » will we survivle anoter ice tim if one woudl occur? » 2020-02-05 17:36:32

We can live as mole people underground and use nuclear reactors to generate energy. In addition to that, we can harvest our own crops underground with artificial sunlight and/or eat algae pudding.

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Do you honestly think EEU is going to be successful? » 2020-02-01 06:02:41

I certainly hope not. I hope the quality of games goes UP rather than people playing **** rip-offs out of desperation.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » The best action block? » 2020-01-29 01:59:18

trophy. it makes me feel good inside //

#6 Re: Landfill » vote ee » 2020-01-28 04:06:25

i',m vote PW01 it is under rate //

#7 Re: Bots and Programming » ZBot by Zumza » 2020-01-25 06:32:38

Kizuna Ai wrote:

how stalk user;?

This topic was created 5 years ago.

#8 Re: Off Topic Discussion » brattiest thing you did in front of parents but got away with it » 2020-01-23 00:34:02

peace wrote:

can you traanslate that binary thing please

"I asked my parents if i could be unbanned, they were confused and i got away with it."

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Things you might not know about Everybody Edits » 2020-01-19 03:22:01

This is an interesting topic. I'll post some cool facts in here that pretty much nobody knows later once I have the chance.

N1KF wrote:

I don't know if this applies to early decorations.

As far as I'm aware, it doesn't. The backgrounds were added prior to the decorations.

N1KF wrote:

There's an arbitrary amount of smiley positions, so two smileys (whether or not they're moving) that appear to be on the same pixel can be in slightly different positions

Well, not quite arbitrary. It's a 64-bit floating point number (double) and has 14-15 digits of precision, but yeah, you're correct on the overall point.

N1KF wrote:

don't know if it's possible for non-staff members to do this.

When I last played, they could. IIRC the block ID for a collected gold coin is 101.

#10 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What are your last moments of 2019? » 2020-01-17 21:14:19

Tomahawk wrote:

^ Happy new year to you and your body pillow waifu.

awfully rude to refer to your mum like that

#13 Re: Questions and Answers » Looking for my old account » 2020-01-15 19:31:34

capasha wrote:

I'm not a developer or owner of  the game that can scan inside their databases.
But sure, if you disaggre with this way, then tell me how to detect his name.

Well, the only way he can recover his account is to go through Xeno and have it manually converted. AFAIK they disabled the linked connection because their tinfoil hat says it's vulnerable to attacks.

capasha wrote:

I'm sure you hate me. But I don't like you either.

He was replying to my signature, lol.

#14 Re: Creative » I've made a Donald Trump 2016 hype song » 2020-01-15 19:29:34

Tomahawk wrote:

This is not a politics thread. Please move to Debates or /pol/ for futile arguing.

I don't see anyone arguing here.

#15 Re: Questions and Answers » Anyone else not receiving an EEU invite link? » 2020-01-15 19:28:55

Xeno goes through all of the emails and discards any that he deems to be fake. You'll have to manually contact him.

#16 Re: Creative » I've made a Donald Trump 2016 hype song » 2020-01-14 23:01:03

ByteArray wrote:

I think it's probably best for me to avoid going into any specifics to avoid starting anything. I do definitely agree that there are some questionable things going on, so I'm not really sure where I stand right now.

In many ways I just don't care about these things, but I know that doesn't really help to fix the issues with this messed up world.

If anything does start, there's rules on the forum to minimize it. I'm just asking how he has earned your trust, and how he is more trustworthy than other candidates in your view.

#17 Re: Creative » I've made a Donald Trump 2016 hype song » 2020-01-14 21:07:50

ByteArray wrote:

but I probably do trust him slightly more than just about anyone else running at the moment.

I see. You mentioned his contradictions. I am curious as to how you can trust someone who flips sides constantly and does not appear to have any definitive stance on issues. How has he earned your trust more than any other candidate?

#18 Re: Creative » I've made a Donald Trump 2016 hype song » 2020-01-14 15:37:31

ByteArray wrote:

Hey, I know I haven't really been active on here in a while, but I thought I should share my recent project with those whom it may interest!

Obviously not everyone here supports Trump, and that's just fine. This song is for those of us who do.

So give it a listen and let me know what you think!

If you enjoy it, please do what you can to spread the hype! //

do you still support trump?

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What do you think about cats? » 2020-01-14 15:33:39

personally i think cats can have a little salami as a treat

#20 Re: Questions and Answers » Looking for my old account » 2020-01-14 15:29:58

capasha wrote:

I can help you if you pm me the last name too.

As you can see in dnGrep there is too many of the name you use.

>using database leaks to help recover accounts


#21 Re: Game Suggestions » gun in eeu » 2019-12-27 23:37:11

will we be allowed to have automatic guns or just semi-automatics? can we spend jewels to get bump stocks?

#22 Re: Forum Business » Official Christmas Watch Thread » 2019-12-27 23:32:52

its still christmas in my heart and soul

#24 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What is your favourite alcoholic drink? » 2019-12-13 03:59:28

Tomahawk wrote:

Yup. Drinking without getting drunk is a waste of money.

This is the mentality of those who drink Bud Light.

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