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#1 2019-08-07 16:52:49

From: im rite behind u
Joined: 2016-04-15
Posts: 193

Game-changing ideas for eeu

(X) - number
[X] - Select from
/ - or
// - comment

1. Portal extension

Green portal - move portal

this portal will move you up, down, left or right for (X) blocks. to use this portal u only need to place one of it instead of two // Like normal portals in ee // and it does not have an ID.

UI example:
| Move [Select: up/down/left/right] for (X) Blocks |

Purple portal - go to portal

this portal will make u teleport to a location with X and Y of the world. you also need only one of it and it does not need an ID

UI example:

| Teleport to X: (X1) Y: (X2)          |

2. Other actions

Smiley changer - chages smiley

this action will change your smiley to whatever you pick in the UI, if the person does not have the smiley then their smiley wont change. // Also it wont affect custom smileys like eeu smiley creator thing or whatever where u can put big spender hat on a devil smiley //

UI example:

|Change smiley to: [Smiley picker]|

Custom time gate/door timer // duh //

Variables - has been suggested like thousand times

variables can only store number data

here are actions that change variable data

1) Set action - if a player walks over it, it sets a variable [X] to (X)
2) Add action - if a player walks over it, it adds (X) to variable [X]
4) Multiply action - if a player walks over it, it multiplies variable [X] by (X)
5) Divide action - if a player walks over it, it divides variable [X] by (X)
6) Pick random action - if a player walks over it, it sets the variable [X] to a random number between (X1) and (X2)  // X2 cannot be greater than X1 //

If door - if the requirement is met then it will open

this door will open if something is true, see ui example.

UI example:

| Open if [[Variable [X] [=/>/<] (X)?] / [Smiley ID = (X)?]] is true.  |
                              ^                                                                  ^
                         Variable name                                   If a certain keyboard button is pressed



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