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Everybody Edits review

Over the years, Everybody Edits has gradually changed from a simple toy to a rather complex game with multiple assets and mix-and-matching between decorations and blocks. This allows for minimap art and in-game art. The seamless transition between editing and playing levels is excellent, allowing a ton of versatility between levels.

The uniqueness of the action blocks such as music blocks, gravity, effects gives editing a lovely flavor that replicates platforming classics. This is a fantastic blend that players can hone their creative skills and even advance in their game-making career.

Playing levels is the second half of Everybody Edits. There is an incredible amount of levels made in the game that players can explore through. There are different game modes as well, and some levels are able to have players affect other players through keys, switches, and others.

The art and design of the items in Everybody Edits are charming to the eye. One criticism is the graphics are too small--fortunately the upcoming Everybody Edits reboot will solve this issue.

Overall, Everybody Edits is a memorable canvas covered in a varied universe open to players of all.




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