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#1 2017-03-18 13:48:21

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Revive featured worlds!

So, remember that thing to the left of the online tab, the only one that anyone ever uses? Yeah the features tab. I.. don't remember what was the last world featured. And the only worlds i ever see on the featured list is probably yo scroll. So here are a few ideas that might help revive the featured tab:

1. Worlds here will be displayed in latest-featured to first-featured, or allow for custom search filters
2. Worlds will always show up here(unless the owner checks the "Don't show in lobby" option) independent of the number of players online. That way players can play featured worlds all the time, and not only worlds which already have someone in them.
3. Feature 5-10 worlds every week, and maybe have a "World of the week" slot, showing the best/most popular world of the week.
4. Maybe reward players for completing a world with energy or even gems depending on the difficulty of the world. Of course, levels that aren't meant to be "beaten" wont reward players. Also, maybe show the reward for beating the level next to its name in the lobby, and give it a custom tag(like the <Mine> and <Open> and <Campaign>).
5. Reward players for beating all of the featured levels of the week  with a set amount of gems(like 10 or 5)? This idea might not be that good, since maybe a featured world isn't beatable/isn't solo playable

So what do you think of these ideas?

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