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#1 2017-01-10 16:49:20

Formerly Kefka
From: No
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A cohesive study on DeezButz's presence: anatomy

Hello forum, I would like to share insight on the DeeZbutz anomaly.
See it here:

Part I

In his initial post, DeeZbutz said "Excuse my spam". From this, one can conclude it was using a macro to replace "me" with "my spam". Whenever you'd imagine it stating "me", it said "my spam" instead. This proves the existence of a "my spam" botting company.

Part II

It then began showing patterns likely proving the existence of aliens. See post #16. It was likely signaling a code for an alien that is visiting our forum. I will not reveal the suspect, but do know there is an alien on the forum and DeeZbutz was talking to the alien in hidden alienoglyphic mental pattern speak.

Part III

Post #17 was extremely promising. The four asterisks likely signified the rating of this forum out of five stars. DeeZbutz likely explained to an alien the rating of this forum. There appears to be no pattern in the post.

Part IV

Post #19 signified DeeZbutz's degradation or possible rebuttal of its initial rating. It may either rate it three or five stars, now.

Post V

Post #20 is a very long acronym. The first six letters "RAWRRA" probably mean "Rhens at war rattling red abstainings..." which likely signifies the existence of aliens speaking gibberish. Very exciting news if you ask me.

Post VI

The final entry. Post #21 and #22 is clearly another pattern for the alien. Note the swirly birds flying around a cross. Look closely and eventually you will see it. This symbolizes the alien flying inside of a tornado on the forums somewhere hidden in a URL somewhere, around a crossed-out text.


DeeZbutz is likely an alien who was caught by Different55 and sent to the banned list. I may be wrong but there is a 99% chance all of this information is correct.

Credits: Master1 for doing nothing, Insanity for doing nothing, Hummerz5 for influencing the paper with his banhammer, and me for writing everything out.

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#2 2017-01-10 17:52:10

From: code 1234 plz no troll
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Re: A cohesive study on DeezButz's presence: anatomy

Kefka wrote:

DeeZbutz is likely an alien



#FreeSeizures2015 | 10K PEOPLE DIED EVERYDAY BY HACKERS, ITS FBI OFC. | <3 this guy | thanks to zoey for the painted picture i actually forgot to credit her at first what a shame huh
ayy lmao


#3 2017-01-13 21:11:50

From: State Farm
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Re: A cohesive study on DeezButz's presence: anatomy

Hey, just more useless stuff I do.

Sorry father, I hope this sin  isn't unforgivable.



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