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#26 2020-01-25 21:38:14


Re: What are your last moments of 2019?


I was half-way through watching IT Chapter 2 (which was awful imo), celebrated the New Year for a few min, and then watched the rest of the movie.

hh muh it chupter twoo muh moovie

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Re: What are your last moments of 2019?

My last moments with 2019-nCoV?
Sitting on a hospital bed and then dying probably.

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#28 2020-04-13 17:08:36

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Re: What are your last moments of 2019?

The best time this year changed me entirely, because each moment has become a joy for me either missed or managed to thrive. Although I had some changes that were mostly attributed to my shortcomings and because of my poor behavior, I did not achieve my own ambitions. Whereas certain items were done by the end of the learning I made the error. For starters, completing certain essential courses such as PD classes and data entry courses.
Improved my relationship as certain people who have recently been my friends are there. Resolved my pessimistic emotions and ignoring other feelings that have been distracting throughout my life.


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