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#1 2019-08-29 18:29:00


Would people actually join my mafia, if I started one?

Just as interest, will we reach 13 players joining my game? No matter when, I have a very creative, new and amazing idea for it, and I hope you like it. But will there actually be players signing up for it?

What to expect from me?

I will be completely fair, neutral and only stating facts like 'X died', etc. Of all forum users, I can claim, and claim, to be the most active one, but I'll be - other than in earlier tries - patient, waiting, and hearing. I will give 72 hours for a day, 24 hours for a night at maximum, so everyone can discuss everything as well as possible.

What do I expect?

Just another chance to have a try - and that's all.

What is the idea about?

Currently, I told about the idea only to one person, but I can guarantee, that I've evolved this idea long time ago and it's noob safe. The game will also be partly an RPG experiment, that will still be ending fast and with fun, like any other mafia forum game.

I won't share it open at this time, since I really don't want this to be stolen.

I look forward to seeing every of you there!

#2 2019-08-30 18:36:16

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Re: Would people actually join my mafia, if I started one?

Onjit wrote:

Yeah that must have been it

it had really bizarre things like choosing to ride a bike or catch the train to town or some **** lmao
if you can dig it up I'd love to scroll through it to remember how far off the rails it goes hahaha

i'm assuming this is the one you're talking about … p?id=40469



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