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#1 2019-08-23 00:08:52

From: Petoria
Joined: 2016-03-20
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Everybody Edits Easter Eggs

I'm making this topic for a reminder for people that wanted to get secret items like smileys, badges, try out for secret sounds ingame by yourself. I made all Easter egg videos, so that I would show how actually you need to get it by showing these. I also have removed Easter eggs ones, it was long time ago and it doesn't work anymore. Campaign worlds' secret signs like Prickly prickles in tutorial don't count as Easter egg since it doesn't have sound or secret smiley to get. It was all thanks to people that figured Easter eggs like Vitalijus (golden egg), Pipec (frost dragon), Slabdrill (golden dragon), Joey (EEU music) and others (a lot) that helped everyone by finding the clues and solutions to show! //

Personally, I think that would be all Easter eggs, I'm not sure if there are others that I haven't discovered yet.

Easter Eggs:

Everybody Edits Universe music and Rava's music badge
Golden Dragon
Frost Dragon and Scavenger hunt badge
Golden Egg
Computer NPC
Over 9000 sound

Removed Easter eggs:

Rick Roll

Some Easter eggs are fun, but it can get annoying sometimes like you need people to get it. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


#2 2019-08-23 00:33:26

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Re: Everybody Edits Easter Eggs

cool thumbnails

walleye-yellow-600.png Not you again...


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#3 2019-08-23 15:52:41

Filip2005 is a fiend
From: Braxis
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Re: Everybody Edits Easter Eggs

Thank you for your service, Jorc.

A Wolf found great difficulty in getting at the sheep owing to
the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs.  But one day it found
the skin of a sheep that had been flayed and thrown aside, so it
put it on over its own pelt and strolled down among the sheep.
The Lamb that belonged to the sheep, whose skin the Wolf was
wearing, began to follow the Wolf in the Sheep's clothing; so,
leading the Lamb a little apart, he soon made a meal off her, and
for some time he succeeded in deceiving the sheep, and enjoying
hearty meals.

-Aesop's fables.


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#4 2019-08-23 16:05:03

From: Petoria
Joined: 2016-03-20
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Re: Everybody Edits Easter Eggs

Filip2005 is a fiend wrote:

Thank you for your service, Jorc.

No problem.



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