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Mafia 29: The French Revolution MAFIA + JESTER WIN!

MAFIA 29: The French Revolution

Moderator: Kira


Playerlist: (TBD)

-Peace (Replacing JoeyC)
-2B55B5G TNG (Replacing Luka504)
-NorwegianboyEE - Doctor
-Zumza - Villager
-MrJawapa - Jester - Winner
-Eleizibeth - Vanilla Townie
-Bimps (Replacing HeebusBajesus)
-Crybaby - Veteran


Be nice. It's a game.

- Please adhere to the forum rules.
- Do not discuss this game of mafia outside of this thread.
- Day phases will last 72 hours (or until a lynch is achieved).
- Night Phases will last 24 hours.
- During night phase, no talking may be done in the thread.
- Do not quote PM's from the mod at all. Paraphrasing is acceptable.
- If you have any questions about your role, or the game, feel free to PM me.
- You are expected to put a minimum of effort in your posts.
- If you break any of these rules, you may be modkilled or force-replaced.

Voting / Player actions:
- Make your vote clear and visible.
- Don't try to confuse me with your votes.
- A lynch will occur once a majority decision is reached. If no majority is reached by deadline, then the day will go overtime.
- Following a lynch, it is twilight. You may continue to post until I lock the thread and declare it night.
- If nobody dies for 3 consecutive night phases, the town will win.
- If you have a Night Action, you may PM your night action every night.

- You are expected to post at least once every 48 hours. If you haven't posted for 48 hours, I shall prod you. If you do not respond to the prod within 24 hours (either in thread if it's Day, or via PM during the Night) then I will replace you.
- As well, if you require more than three prods, I will force-replace you.

- #2EFFBD is my color. Feel free to use it if you'd like! Just not to impersonate me or to mislead others.
- I may make mistakes - please point out any mistakes gently. Mistakes will be corrected where possible, but sometimes mistakes are made that cannot be reversed. These will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
- If you need to get the mod's attention, either PM me, or bold the text you wish to draw to my attention.
- I reserve the right to alter/remove/add any rules as I see fit. You will, of course, be notified if that happens, however.


Vanilla Town:
-Le Vétéran (Veteran): You are the Veteran, a crazy lunatic that will kill anyone that decides to visit you at night. You can only use your ability 2 times, send me a private message at night time when you decide to use your ability.
-Le Guet (Look-out): You are the Look-out, your ability is to observe a player and see who visited them during a particular night. You can use your role as many times as you want, but you cannot visit the same person twice.
-Le Médecin (Doctor): You are the Doctor, your ability is to protect anyone from dying in a particular night. You are allowed to heal yourself once but you cannot heal the same person twice.
-6 Villageois (Villagers)

Mafia Goon:
-Le Déguiseur (Disguiser): You are the Disguiser. You may disguise as a living target, which makes you appear as that person’s role, should you die that night or the following day.
-Le Concierge (Janitor): You are the Janitor. your ability is to completely erase one’s identity, as such, the murdered’s role and note will not be revealed. You can use your ability 2 times.

Neutral Evil:
-Le Boufon (Jester): You are the Jester! You are obsessed with the guillotine and hope to get lynched at all cost. Upon lynch, you will get the chance to kill anyone that voted for your death.


-3 Mafias
-9 Townies
-1 Neutral

-Win condition for Mafia is to have at least 1 Mafia alive at the end of the game. If 1 town and 1 mafia are alive, then Mafia will automatically win the game.
-Win condition for Town is to have killed all mafia members and the neutral.
-Win condition for Neutral is to get lynched.
-Mafia will have private room they can use at all time, there won't be any Martyr PT.
-The game will be based on a day and night cycle, the timezone used will be GMT +1, Paris.



#2 2019-08-19 14:31:29

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Re: Mafia 29: The French Revolution MAFIA + JESTER WIN!

Rene is right. I know exactly where he keeps the body bags.

Ooga booga


#3 2019-08-19 14:56:11

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Re: Mafia 29: The French Revolution MAFIA + JESTER WIN!

And as of mafia so far all I see that can be done at the moment is state the obvious. Trying to analyze posts when nothing has been done yet is loose proof and not really a reliable foundation on someone.
It sounds lazy and dumb but I think sitting back and waiting till first night hits is what I'm gonna do.
Another part of my decision is because I simply don't know anyone here besides Rene. I don't recognize how different people here act on a daily basis nor how their attitude fluctuates towards certain things.
Therefore I am sitting back.

Ooga booga


#4 2019-08-21 00:48:24

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Re: Mafia 29: The French Revolution MAFIA + JESTER WIN!

This is to Rene since he finds me extremely suspicious (that I'm either mafia or jester)

I mean I can't really convince you
I can't say much
Other than that me changing my play style, which I agree is really sus from an outside perspective, doesn't necessarily mean I'm actually mafia

I promise you lynching me isn't gonna help you
And that's about as much as I can say

Revealing my role to you won't change anything either because even mafia could claim the same thing

I still need to catch up on EE posts too

The main reason I have been inactive as of recent is because I've been staring at page 2 reloading it thinking it was gonna change only to realize I had to click the small numbers on the bottom to go to the next page

That's why I was confused when you guys would state new things that were being said but when I went to check I wouldn't see anything new
So now I have to catch up on posts

That'll have to wait for now though because I'm doing homework

PS: I'm surprised you haven't caught on to what role I could be (based on other discussions as of recent)

You're so focused on me changing my playstyle that you don't recognize signs that clearly show otherwise

But I don't blame you
How I played G2 shows my capability and for that I applaud you for not treating me like I'm oblivious

But really
I have nothing else to say really

Perhaps once I catch up with posts I'll have some input

In fact I might actually change back to my original playstyle; I didn't expect people to have walls of information based on past games, so I could definitely look into that

But like I said I'm busy rn

Ooga booga


#5 2019-08-21 01:01:35

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Re: Mafia 29: The French Revolution MAFIA + JESTER WIN!

It sounds dumb, I know ;-;

I'm on mobile since my computer's been broken for weeks now.
I was still getting used to the format and when there was only 1 page, all I had to do was scroll down and see a new post. At this point I had not seen the page numbers.

Beep and 2B would mention new things that were being said but I wouldn't be seeing them, so I thought I was on the wrong board or something.

Because of this, I asked beep for the link again and it took me to what I now realize was page 2.

For a while it was fine, until 2B and Beep would, again, mention new information that I wasn't seeing

It took me like 2 days to realize that there were small numbers at the bottom of the screen to switch pages, in which I then realized I had been missing a bunch of posts because of my late realization.

Like I said... It's dumb and if you don't believe me then you can ask Beep about me asking for the link again. And there you have it.

Ooga booga



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