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Mafia 27: PurgatorEE [Game Starts 7~8 PM EST]

Welcome to Mafia 27  --- PurgatorEE

Moderator: HeyNK

Game state: Pregame
Status: [ 14 / 15 Confirmed ]

All flavour and smileys are solely for our combined enjoyment and have no effect on gameplay.

Starring...    Trytu    Kirby    Onjit    ZeldaXD    sxrrealism    NorwegianboyEE    Processor    Caleb101    Zoey2070   2B55B5G TNG   mutantdevle   Kira   Crybaby   mrjawapa   TaskManager

Stuck in PurgatorEE (Alive)
Invited to EEU (Heaven)
Kicked out of the World (Hell)
Game Rules:
Game Rules
setup details
Sample Role PMs:

Vanilla Townie


Mafia Goon



Wooted by: (5)

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Re: Mafia 27: PurgatorEE [Game Starts 7~8 PM EST]


Moved to Landfill.

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